In these times of great change, stay in stillness and responsible creation, amplifying love to all.

Kalia Diya

Visionary, Intuitive, Metaphysical Practitioner,

& Master Wand Maker

Kalia is a certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Intuitive/Channel and Master Wand Maker.  She also serves as a Galactic Shaman, Energy Healer and Aligner, Activator, Gridworker, Lightworker and Love conduit. Her work is multidimensional.

Kalia is also a mother, artist and musician. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

As everything is being reset, including Kalia's own reality, she is currently only offering the free channeled messages and her intuitive writings as a gift for all.

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    Kalia is in gratitude for love appreciations for  the channeled messages she provides for all as a free service.

    Any amount is greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

    © 2020  Kalia Diya

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