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December 31, 2019


About a year ago, someone paid for a short, channeled message for me from Pamela Aralyn. Pamela was on point about everything, including who my guides are. One of my main guides, Anna (grandmother of Jesus/Yeshua), gave a message for me. She said, “You are on the precipice of Universal Change.” Little did I know what that really meant at the time, and that it would include my breast cancer experience. This year certainly has been one of huge Universal changes!

Feel free to comment below how this year has been for you. What changes have you experienced?

I have been stripped of my identity.

I have lost close friends, and I have gained new ones.

I have lost my illusions.

I have been slashed wide open without anesthetic and without warning, and I have screamed and raged and cried. Every single tear was counted and loved.

I have been asked to surrender and give up everything – people, places, money, career, expectations, and truths that I once held dear.

I have given up everything I thought to be real and everything that I was unconsciously clinging to.

I have been emptied. Stripped bare.

I have experienced far more silence than I have heard answers, and this has empowered me, for the answers always are within if I am quiet enough to listen.

I have learned that my mind, although brilliant (so it says 😊), is not my “engine” but that my heart is the most brilliant power source of anything and everything.

I have conquered what could be a human’s greatest fear, and I have recoded and alchemized that fear into a useful creation energy.

I have learned who is really and truly beside me on this journey, and who truly loves me unconditionally. Thank you.

I have come through incredibly lonely, terrifying and dark times. Yet I AM still here.

I have learned to be very patient and how to truly be in nothingness, in the moment.

I have learned that there is no time other than the moment I am experiencing now, therefore, no fear is necessary. EVER.

I have learned when it is appropriate to be bold and appropriate to be silent.

I have learned the pristine, crystalline beauty of stillness.

I have learned to revel in the glory of each sunset and sunrise, each cloud and each raindrop.

I have learned that I am a most determined and innovative person.

I have learned that my rebel personality can be used to serve me well, and not to hide from that.

I have learned that the medical system, although well-intentioned, is not always “right” and to not give one shred of power to any diagnoses or expected outcomes.

I have learned that honesty and directness is better for everyone, including honesty with myself.

I have learned how to truly love myself, in every sense of the word.

I have learned that I am worthy, that I am enough, and that I always was.

I have learned that my dark side is my teacher, and not to be afraid of it, and to make friends with it, for it is from Source just as my light side is.

I have learned that if I disrespect myself, I am also disrespecting others.

I have learned how to completely nourish my body physically and I have learned an incredible amount of wisdom on how the physical vessel operates at its optimum levels.

I have learned that the greatest challenges and attacks often come from those closest to us.

I have learned that my daily energetic practice is just as important than my daily physical practices.

I have learned that intention is everything. Without intention, creation doesn’t spark into life, no matter the words spoken, invoked or thought.

I have learned how to command any space I walk into and transform it into the Kingdom of Light in accordance with the highest cosmic law allowed.

I have learned to be comfortable with any emotion and how to truly let go of it so not one shred of any low vibration emotion is left in my physical body, and to transform that emotion into creative power.

I have learned that my body listens to everything I say, think, feel and put into it. My body is an extremely intelligent being. I honor it now and always.

I have learned that everything is sacred, even poop – for it is the elimination of what no longer serves me.

I have learned that my intuition and listening to my own body is my greatest “doctor.”

I have learned the incredible shifting power of gratitude and joy.

I have learned that wholly honoring my needs first enables me to honor the needs of others in a balanced and wholesome energy.

I have learned what balance and neutrality really feels like. They make things flow much easier.

I have learned to appreciate the smallest and seemingly most insignificant things, for they often are the most magical things.

I have learned that when you lose something, you appreciate it more, and you also appreciate everything and everyone else a lot more.

I have learned to take nothing for granted, especially the gift of life here.

I have seen my spirit leave my body, and I have felt how that feels to be completely disconnected from my physical body, weightless, without worry, but with full consciousness.

I have experienced the death of everything, and the rebirth of all things new and amazing.

I have seen, felt and known the purpose of walking through hell so that I can truly know what the incredible gift of life is. Creator has experienced all through me, and I have experienced all through Creator.

I have found love inside of me, and have found love reflected in all things, you included, and that this love is the most amazing experience ever to be had. Nothing else matters but love.

I have found that the love given to me, outside of me, is the reflection of love inside of me, for me.

I AM made new.

I AM liberated, free.

I AM more alive than I have ever been.

I AM an alchemist, a creator, a MAGIcian, an angel. I AM all things. I KNOW this now.

I AM empty, yet so full. I lack no thing. I have access to everything I need in every moment, and all of my needs are met right now.

I AM truly abundant now that I have been emptied, for there is more room now for the abundance of the Universe and the Love of Source, instead of lack taking up that space and energy.

I AM ready for my highest purpose NOW.

I stand greatly humbled, in deep gratitude for all my experiences this linear year, my face is lifted to the Light of Source, without expectation, but with a certainty of the higher directive of my mission.

I AM here, now. It has not been easy, nor has it been quick. But it is easy when I allow it to BE, when I let it flow, let it be, without contriving anything, without expecting anything.

I AM standing in my Almighty I AM presence here before you, seeing you in yours.

I AM in service to all and to Love. I proclaim this NOW.


I thank my precious little boy, Liam, for constantly keeping me here when I wanted so badly to leave. I love you eternally, rogue Dragon Warrior of Light. I thank my daughters for being my biggest support and my inspiration to embrace my creative side to balance the pain and sorrow. I love you both eternally.

I love you eternally, oh my own soul, for you are Pure Source Light incarnate.

May the blessing of Creator ever be upon you who are reading this, and may you open wide your heart to that love that surpasses all understanding. May you be held tenderly, and may you hold yourself and others tenderly as you walk through light and darkness. May intention and kindness be the keys that unlock your highest potential as your Source Self.

Nothing but LOVE is possible anymore. Align yourself to that Love NOW, and watch your reality become MAGIcal.

THANK YOU for walking with me on this crazy, unpredictable, rewarding journey back to ourselves and to the fullest and most brilliant connection to the quantum Source experience we call life.

Happy new everything, and Happy New Year! 2020 is already… (insert feelings here, not words)!

Together we are Love. Love are we together.

I AM LOVE, LOVE AM I, and I love you infinitely.

Kalia Diya

“Let your Light Go/Glow”



When was the last time your patience was tested and you felt that the heavens were brass?


Let's start with emotions. Your emotions are your guides. Your guides are your emotions. It's okay to be in an emotion, and by all means, allow it to surface. But it is imperative not to sit there in fear and begin to believe the story within your dream.


What you must do with these emotions is to identify why your guides are showing you that e-motion, then take action on that.




Take a look at your beliefs, ask if that belief serves your highest purpose. A good question to ask is, "Is my emotion fear-based or love-based?" If it is fear-based, let it go. As you let it go, you let go of the density within you that would keep you in that looping pattern. Your guides can only assist you in the next step as long as you take action on the latest guidance you've received. (Your guides never leave you, even if you feel there is no communication happening).


Now where we often get derailed is in the space between the epiphany/action and the silence that comes after the epiphany, the silence that comes after taking action. If we don't master this void energy, we don't move forward, and then we have to take the test again.




Practice getting comfortable with the space between the epiphany and the physical materialization of that. This empty space is 'THE VOID,' the black creation energy where the new is manifested. This is the Alpha Energy. The materialization you wish for may take days,months, or even years. We are here to master many things, patience being one of them. Don't give up. You've come so far.


Once you surrender to the silence and become comfortable with it, no matter how long the silence lasts, the answer will materialize. The manifestation, the materialization was already there as the Omega Energy, as the beginning is the end is the beginning, the infinite loop of Creation. The manifestation may not come in the way, the timing, or through the person you desire, but it is already there WITHIN.


KNOW that the higher plan for you will be/is being revealed in your physical reality, and is being played out by YOU. YOU are the creator of your reality. Enjoy that process. Observe it. Learn from it.


While you are in the void of Creation, the zero point, be comfortable living your life, still creating, and being in peace and joy while you are in that silent space, the void of creation. Keep it simple and allow all to be.

Šī¸ Kalia Diya 2019


Share freely, but please include original post and maintain the integrity of the message by leaving it as it is.

September 12, 2019




Observing all without judgment.


Showing kindness to those who are vulnerable.


Listening without saying a word.


Having boundaries.


Doing random acts of kindness anonymously.


Letting the other express themselves without immediate judgment of their wording.


Petting every dog you meet on the street.


Not giving any advice ever unless you've had exactly same experience.


Not discrediting yourself to please others.


Knowing when to be silent, and knowing when to simply say "okay."


Smelling a flower.


Not showcasing your own intelligence.


Being honest with who you are when no one is looking.


Remembering to say "thank you."


Escorting a spider out of your house.


Knowing with your HEART and not your mind.


Having compassion for those in a rough spot.


Not judging someone by the illness they carry.


Smiling at a stranger.


Not expecting anything in return.


Knowing your own worth.


Standing still in the rain.


Remembering that life on Earth is precious and that you came here for emotional rehab and that you're not better or worse than anyone else.






Šī¸ Kalia Diya 2019


Share freely, but please include original post and maintain the integrity of the message by leaving it as it is.









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"If I cannot yet speak my truth, I will not dishonor myself with meaningless words spoken in the place of truth. Silence is more useful than inauthenticity."

~ Kalia Diya ~|

PS... In other words, if speaking your truth is difficult for you, keep practicing, keep taking baby steps. Love yourself where you are at. You are releasing deep, old programming with each word of truth that comes out of your heart and through your voice. Every time you practice speaking your truth in love it gets easier and easier. Every time you speak your truth in love, more of your own power returns to you.

Do not fill the silence with "fluff."

As long as you take responsibility for your actions and words, and do not place blame or judgment upon others, then you can live fearlessly in your truth. How others respond to your truth does not matter. Living, breathing, being your truth is true freedom.

We are here not as slaves to ourselves or others, or even as slaves to our own thought patterns . We are here as sovereign beings, and we are equal to kings and queens.

Own it!! Be the Lion!! Rooooaaarrrr!!

One Love ❤



"How to Discern what Resonates with You"

This subject has been in my awareness for quite some time, since the beginning of this year actually. After having some wonderful conversations with my friend, Kathryn, I am inspired to put this message out there.


First of all, let's look at social media. I used to like posts and messages just because, at some point, that messenger's messages resonated with me. My liking of posts just became an automatic response. I stopped checking in with my inner knowing, my inner feeling. Then I became aware that I was doing this, and started doing checks again. Now I only respond to a social media message if it truly resonates with me, and I am rarely on social media other than for short periods of time (when I feel like it). I have had many lessons, many teachers, who have shown me my own truth, whether it be through resonance of frequencies or through a knowing of "that doesn't resonate with me." I like to keep things simple now, by my connection to Source.

I am not passing judgment on the messenger or the message by my choice of liking or not liking the message. It's like going through a drive-thru. You know what you want, and you order that. If you get a pickle on your hamburger, and you didn't order pickles, you just get rid of the damn pickle. You are not obligated to eat that pickle just because it showed up. How you respond to that pickle may show you a clue about how you handle the pickle predicament. But it's just a pickle. Not essential to life. So don't give that pickle power. Just make a decision about it and move on.

As I said, I keep it simple now because my whole experience with the cancer diagnosis has really shown me that the only thing that matters is my relationship with Creator and my relationship with myself. Everything starts WITHIN. While I still "follow" a few, I know that I can receive what I need in that moment through my own connection to Source/Creator. When I channel a message for someone, I am not reading a handbook, or being coached by anyone. It simply comes from Source and from the soul who has consented to a message.

Many souls have incarnated as public Wayshowers -- those who come here to deliver specific messages within their mission. We are all Wayshowers to some degree or another. No one is above another, yet some are undoubtedly given the platform and the opportunity to guide others through their own unique frequency. This does not mean anything other than that public figure/soul is walking within their mission and/or the experience they came here to have. It does not mean they are automatically labeled "good" or "bad."

But the question is: how much power do you give that Wayshower that you follow? Do you depend on a daily message every day to keep you on track? Do you hang onto their every word? Remember, there is no right or wrong here. Follow and love as many people as you like. But the moment you stop going within to listen, to receive, to feel, to find your own channel of guidance from Source, you become a follower. Don't be a sheep! We don't need a message from the Galactics or the very dashing and powerful Archangel Michael to keep us informed, although it is fun to hear from them and always very helpful. Channeled messages boosts our belief that we are not alone, and that we are all connected. But we don't "need" them to connect us to Source. We are automatically connected through our own hearts. Period. This is how we were created.

I personally respect and love a few prominent Wayshowers, and I receive a lot of love and guidance from their messages. But before I blindly follow, I ask. I question. I FEEL the message. This takes practice, and it's good practice because it hones your own intuition. If the message feels, right, then receive it. If it doesn't, move on.


It's time to step up and be your own guide. We are here together, doing this thing called life. And we need each other. I am not suggesting you move to an unknown island, and cut everyone off, and live a solitary life. We are here to help each other; we thrive off of relationships. It is how we are created. But what I am putting out there is a message for your own empowerment, to help integrate your own innate sovereignty (we are in a period of embodiment of our Divine Selves, and this message is good practice to open up that flow of embodiment). Integrating your own sovereignty happens by going within, finding your truth, and leaving what doesn't resonate as truth with you. I might say that 2 + 2 = 5, but you say, "No! 2 + 2 = 4." We can agree to come up with a different answer, and that is okay. But we have given each other the opportunity to expand, whether it be through simply knowing your own truth, or learning something new from that person.

But the moment you blindly follow someone or some belief, you open yourself up for distortion and confusion. Do you follow out of duty, or a feeling of obligation? Or are you keenly interested in what that person has to say? I personally don't keep track of who likes my posts, or how many times they like them. So if you stop liking me or following me, that's okay. I'm neutral. And I probably won't even notice.

Like the message or love it if it resonates with you. If not, move on. Create something else to keep you satisfied. Don't let boredom rule your life. Don't become complacent, and then months later find yourself in a place you don't want to be in because you find you've been duped or that the current has carried you down a different stream.

There is still a lot of spiritual bullshit happening (and there has always been), as Creator created both light and darkness for an experience. Don't be afraid of the dark; it is our teacher, too. But be aware not to give the dark power. (This is an in-depth subject which will probably be addressed by me at some point: how to face the shadow side). While the light is prevailing, and many, many great things are changing and evolving, there is still the energy out there that would distort the truth, and create very subtle infiltration if you are not wise to it.

Keep your own energy clean. Know your own energy. And then you will know what stinks/resonates and what doesn't.


Be bold. Have boundaries. Have the courage not to be liked. I have learned some hard lessons with this one, but I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to become more and more authentic, and more and more courageous in speaking my truth. Many of us were so repressed, and our automatic response was to keep the peace and not rock the boat.

If you find yourself a follower, and you naturally like that, that is okay. I am not saying not to follow anyone. Just honor yourself and pause, take a moment to check how it FEELS, regardless of what pretty words were used, and then take it or leave it. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck, no matter what costume that duck may have put on to portray another image.

The most complex of all spiritual bullshit and false love light is so subtle and so insidious that it is very difficult to detect. The dark is not stupid -- there are still some very sophisticated and highly intelligent frequencies/beings out there who have a mission to keep us from our sovereignty. Those aspects/beings who want to siphon energy are usually controlling an aspect (or a few aspects) of that human, and that human may not even be aware that they are being controlled, but at some point, they have given permission or opened a door for that infiltration. They may have started out clean, but at some point, distortion set in. Not all Wayshowers switch teams, but it does happen.  Do NOT be in the frequency of fear, but be aware. The more of us that hold the simple light of love, the less power that sophisticated intelligence receives, and the more we are disconnected from the old 3D matrix.

Having boundaries isn't easy when you're standing next to someone you respect or may have respected at some point. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or to be "wrong." But the disservice to yourself occurs when you compromise your own safety, your own inner knowing, just to appease the one next to you. This is when you call "bullshit." You don't have to do it publicly, and I am definitely not suggesting to liberally and freely call others names or label them a false prophet, etc. Just KNOW in your own heart that you don't need to put up with that any more. And then move on. You will find your tribe. We all have a tribe, even though it takes a few tries to find them, they are there. There are no mistakes -- only experiences. What have you learned through your experiences?


This is why it is important to give feedback, and to keep each other accountable. I do checks with my friends about certain energies or reports floating through the astral radio waves. But my first instinct is always my truth. It is that flash of knowing before your linear mind engages. Once you train the mind to work with the heart, the response to knowing becomes automatic, and you are not wrestling with finding an answer. YOU JUST KNOW. So don't give up. Practice recognizing that "first flash." It is your HEART that is telling you, guiding you, and leading you to your truth. We ALL have that built in.

So cheer up, my loves. This isn't a doom and gloom report.

It is just a loving reminder to be aware that all that glitters is not gold. The truth is never convoluted. It doesn't point fingers, or judge. The truth is simple, and you start by feeling it (and sometimes the truth hurts). Your beautiful physical vessel has been made in such an incredible way that your very physical body will respond to truth or falsehood. Tune in to that method of awareness. This is largely how you feel. You know that response you get to something that makes you shiver, whether it be fingernails on a chalkboard or a gag response to a stench? That is your body saying, "NO! I don't like that." So practice listening and paying attention to your physical body's responses.

The more you call bullshit and have boundaries, the more light will shine. You don't have to love everything just because it is in front of you. We are all creating a world where peace and love and harmony prevail. But if we condone the false love light matrix by being silent, then we are creating that false reality more than one of freedom and enjoyment of the life we came here to experience. This is why it is imperative to stay neutral and to stay in love while having boundaries. There is no judgment, just a quiet knowing of who you are and what works for you.

Yes, we are reflections of each other, but just because someone suggests that they are a mirror to you if you are provoked by their energy and words, and then they suggest you need to look inside and do inner work or that karma is playing a hand, does not mean that that is your truth in that moment. There is a lesson in there, no doubt. But if someone were to call me a hyena, I would laugh and say, "I am me." This is where you merge the ego with the higher mind. The ego would wildly protest, "How dare you call me a hyena? I am no such thing." But the neutrality of not needing a label or an identity is freeing. They may see me as a wild carnivore, and that is okay. I know me and I am confident in that regardless of who says what. And people love to share their opinions. ;) And I am not a hyena, by the way.


Know your truth, speak it, and live it. Do not hold onto a belief or a person because of fear. If you let go of fear of being recognized or validated, then (more of) your tribe will appear, your own truth will shine, and you will find the abundance of the life in this Universe. And you will also find out more about yourself, and you will be pleasantly surprised! You are a deep, wonderful, amazing creation and no one can take that from you. This is why so many of the messages I write or channel lately say, "Be YOU."

It is time to step up and to recognize and own your truth and to be YOU. The world needs you. No more sheep! (Sheep are soft and cuddly and gentle, though).  BE the powerful YOU that you came here to remember and be. Be sassy, be funny, be solemn, be whatever you are. You are perfect.

As always, take what resonates, and leave what doesn't.

I love you. We are doing this together.

~ Kalia ~

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If someone says something that upsets you, what's your next step?


1. Block them?

2. Lash out at them?

3. Mutter unkind words under your breath?

4. Gossip about them?

5. Sulk and stew because you think it's directed at you?

6. Analyze every word until you think you've got their motive all figured out?


Those options above are the long road to freedom, because the Universe is just going to serve you that same bitter dish over and over until you surrender to the truth (truth: we are all one: 'I AM THAT') no matter how caustic their words may have been.


The truth is: you've created that reality to come into your life and that soul is a guide and teacher to shine the light on those parts of you that desire to be free of all judgement and beliefs that aren't aligned to your own truth.


Try this option next time:


7. Gratitude & Neutrality & Love - thank the source of the words (internally or externally) for being an important teacher who came into your life at exactly the right time to show you your own reflection in their eyes.


If what they said doesn't resonate, leave it behind. If there's a shred of truth in what they expressed, then integrate that truth, but leave behind the energy of the hurt, betrayal, or angst. EVERYTHING is an opportunity for expansion.


You are MASTERS of your own Universe!! Acting like a petulant child will only delay your own growth.


It takes practice to do this, so be kind to yourself and others. But option #7 is well worth it!!


Much love,

Kalia 💗


PS.. I've resisted #7 more often than not, but the more I choose #7, the easier it gets!


Try it in rush-hour traffic next time. You are that jerk who you see cutting people off in front of you (I AM THAT I AM), and being neutral towards them means you're loving YOU. Not convinced yet? Do it next time the Universe gives you the opportunity. 💗


May 25, 2019




The human experience is not for the faint of heart. No matter what you are feeling right now, it is okay to feel whatever you are feeling. Things may be great, or things may be not so great right now. It is important to honor your feelings and identify them, so you can aptly get to the heart of why you are feeling that particular emotion, then transform it into something of use and something that vibrates of joy. If you're happy, spread the happiness around. If you're not happy, do something that makes you happy RIGHT NOW. Celebrate YOU.


We are made of stars.


This is a proven scientific fact called quantum entanglement. What does this mean exactly? It means that we are made up of the very particles that stars are made of. This is the oneness of the Universe we live in. This quantum entanglement gives us proof that we are all things and have access to all things. Do the stars worry about creating enough light to amplify the darkness? NO. They just shine. So don't you worry about your light. It just shines. Let your soul shine in the particular frequency and vibration that only you carry. All the stars/souls around you may be sparkling a pink light, but your light may be green. Does this make it "right" or "wrong"? NO. There is no right or wrong just being YOU. Just be YOU. Find what makes you happy and shine your light even if you are the only one doing it. Own it. BE it.


We are made of scars.


We get hurt and we have scars to prove it (Sometimes the scars don't show on our physical bodies, of course). Does this make our lives, our experiences right or wrong? Again, the answer is NO. Our scars simply show that we have had a particular experience, and to remind us to be aware not to attach to any of the trauma associated with the scar. Look at your own transformation! No one else could do it like you do it. You are amazing. You have come through so much. You are learning about yourself, and finding the beauty of your own soul. And you have helped others, knowingly or unknowingly, by coming through that challenge and transforming it into a metamorphic evolution. Own it. BE it. BE YOU.




You can change the "why is this happening?" to "It is happening, and what can create with this experience?" Be the alchemist of your life. YOU get to choose. We are not helpless beings subject to fate, although it may seem like it sometimes. We create our own experiences so we can have soul expansion. Sometimes those experiences are fun, and sometimes they are definitely not fun. But they are all experiences, and aren't you glad for the person you are today? I know I am. I am grateful. Without my experiences I would've had a boring life. Instead, I get to watch the sitcom of my own life, and it's pretty hilarious sometimes.


If you gotta laugh at life, then laugh at it. Watch what changes come from laughter. It might surprise you.


Find your joy. Do and be what you love.


One Love,


~ Kalia Diya ~


Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner

New Earth Wands

February 24, 2019




Today I have seen a few messages about silence. Many times I have observed souls, including my own, who are uncomfortable with times of stillness, silence and nothingness. And then I have known others who use silence as an escape from reality.


The true essence of stillness is a place that opens your heart to the great cosmic consciousness of knowing and of peace.


We often feel lost during these times where it feels as though no energy is moving. We become testy and fearful, and sometimes even angry because it feels like we are in a dark room with no light. We start to wonder what is going on. We begin to be involved in our thoughts rather than simply observing them. We start to buy into a story that maybe something is wrong with us, or perhaps that we are suffering the consequence of a wrong decision, or buy into the story that we are being left behind. And then our vibration dips even lower because we are waiting for some perfect, future condition instead of accepting our NOW moment.


During these times of nothingness, we may also feel alone and left out. We often try to make things happen by initiating conversations and obligating others with the task of recognition to gain confirmation of what we are feeling . And we want to somehow justify the reason for our emptiness, or are seeking confirmation of our own true knowing of what is going on. We feel perhaps that we can't acknowledge our state on our own because it is too scary to look at by ourselves. But truly it is because we have not yet fully believed in our own divinity.


When you KNOW that you hold the spark of Creator Mother/Father God, you do not have to search elsewhere for confirmation. This takes practice and trust but this knowing is freely available to every single soul.


Now there is nothing wrong or bad about reaching out to others. We need each other and we need our soul tribes and it is powerful to share our experiences together so we can help each other help even more souls beyond our circles. And there is nothing wrong or bad about feeling down. There is nothing wrong about being in a state of nothingness.


But the quickest way to your own truth is to fully embrace your state of nothingness. For it is in that very state that growth occurs, whether you feel it or not, and it is where you can truly embrace your own readiness. And it is the state where all the universal wonders can begin to come into your awareness.


Why these times of nothingness and stillness occur is at the behest of our own Higher Selves for our own growth. It is to push us out of our comfort zone, out of the safe nest we like to huddle in.


We can create from nothingness so brilliantly, for it is when things naturally arise that our soul knows that is an experience worth having.


Will you be the eternal seeker, or will you embrace your Oneness in silence and stillness with the Universal Wisdom?


Love and Blessings,

Kalia Diya

February 16, 2019







Authentically me. Authentically you. What does this mean exactly?

I get real in this video without any swanky spiritual spins. I share openly about having human needs, honoring my own needs, and not being in denial about those needs because of fear or lack or because of some spiritual belief that I am not allowed to be human.

We are in this together, so let's hold a space of authenticity for each other without judgement of ourselves or others. Keeping it real!

Love you! ❤

~ Kalia Diya ~



February 15, 2019


We are in the midst of another huge planetary shift right now.


I was just shown that another layer of old and very fiery density (thank you, Dragons!!) was quickly emitted from the surface of Gaia and was then instantaneously dissolved into pure photonic light straight into Source. In its place, a new layer of Golden Light settled around the surface of our beloved planet.


The collective has been experiencing the intensity through release in various forms. And this planetary release will play out in visible change across the globe. And the change is good, so don't fall into any fear traps.


What we can do to further our trajectory into a harmonious new level is to remain calm, trust in the Divine plan, honor our physical bodies, and be present for each other and for Gaia.


While it may feel uncomfortable, this too shall pass.


Holding hands together and love to all! ❤


~ Kalia ~

© 2018  Kalia Diya