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New Entries! May 21, 2020

"You don't grow on a secure path. In order to grow, you have to be there at the edge of uncertainty."

~ Francis Mallman ~


May 21, 2020


I have been consciously preparing for change since January of this year. A major change in my life reflected by the outside paradigm has been reflected inside my own paradigm, of course. The RESET.


The major change I was ready for was giving up my spiritual career which no longer felt in alignment. I applied for a few jobs at local hardware stores because I like manual labour and power tools, and because I grew up on a farm, I am very comfortable in that environment and I am abnormally physically strong (also because I am a super-hybrid galactic human). ;) But I did not get hired as the world went wonky just then.


I then said, intended, and tuned my frequency to: "I am open to abundance in all forms."


Guess what? The Universe listened. ;)


In the last month, I have received abundance in all forms:


1) $400 off my rent, unsolicited by me;


2) Free tire changeover, compliments of my son's dad;


3) Free bag of organic peppers, because I waited patiently for a price check;


4) Free car detailing because the Universe saw fit to give me an opportunity to speak my truth with grace and ease after a tire shop employee sideswiped my car. (Plus, I'll get a really good deal on winter tires in the fall);


5) Grocery gift cards equalling $300 in free food;


6) Generosity of an open home given by friends when I need hugs and people "time." Thank you, Blair and Summer. And generosity of regular influxes of healing, humor and love from Brian. Thank you! I love you all big.


One gift of the Universe is not more valuable to me than the other, even though I am deeply grateful for all. What is valuable is the confidence in me/my Unified Self that when you Trust and ask, you do indeed receive and manifest all of your needs being met. It truly is magical to me and has raised my vibration significantly.


As we spiral up the Ascension column, we continue to master aspects of our lives, and then we learn and expand even more in areas like abundance. We expand to the point of a 5D (and beyond) paradigm where all are equal, Mama Earth is our provider, where we create sustainable, eco-friendly products and communities, and exchanges for services are paid in what abundance we already have. (Commerce is old news, folks).


It's just one big circle of Unlimited everything. As each expands their awareness and knowing of who they are, each creates this space and makes room for everything and for everyone. As you make room for one thing, you make room for all things.


Do you see how we are doing this together?! Try this in your own reality and please share how you have seen abundance in your own creation -- for you have created EVERYTHING for you. Pay no attention to what you have already created (if it's something like debt), but focus your intention on freedom now.


One Love,

Kalia Diya

unlimited abundace.jpg

May 20, 2020


no longer having the need for anyone to do
"The Work" for you.


This is where we're at.



Feeling strange these days? Feeling like a ship lost at sea? Maybe you are one who has already landed on the 5D beach (lucky you), but for those who are assimilating to a new way of life, here's a hug, some reassurance that we're in this together and tips on how to trust the higher plan.

* Demolition makes expansion for new (Earth) construction.

* Meaninglessness makes expansion for truth.

* "Nothing" (that makes sense) makes expansion for freedom.

* Outer disclosure is in truth INNER disclosure, and as each becomes a free agent, then that free agent frees another to become a free agent, until we're ALL free.


You are already everything, but to merge with your higher consciousness, all must be lost/left behind.

Baby, we've got this.

One Love,
Kalia Diya

PS.. to raise your vibe and your knowing that you can make the "future" shine so bright:

Music credit: Fear of Tigers "I can make the pain disappear."


Photo captured in the Calgary skies May 8, 2020

The Phoenix represents #transformation, #strength and #renewal. It represents something new that has been born from something that has been destroyed.

Trust the process that's currently happening across the globe. Seek your truth and you shall find it. The Phoenix rises.

We can accept and forgive what is without giving away our power or consent through agreement. We can stand for the light without a fight. We can be unafraid to be who we are and boldly step out of the shadows to shine. #unitedwestand

The Awakened Ones are here to hold stability through love and non-resistance, and through powerful frequencies of #truth that is broadcasting through our voices and our hearts. And in being so, we assist all others to see the truth.

There's a lot more to this global picture, and it takes time to create a masterpiece. (Be patient).

Rise, Phoenix! Rise from the ashes, dear world! We love you, Humanity.


One Love,
Kalia Diya

@kaliadiya_visionary - Instagram


phoenix rising calgary pic.jpg
let your light shine.jpg

May 4, 2020


See both the dark and the light. Give Love to both the dark and the light because both were created by Source to bring you Home.

The (illusion of) battles are not won with resistance, but with love. For with love, there is nothing to argue, nothing to fight, nothing to change, nothing to protest. Love is the highest frequency that automatically changes everything. And sometimes love is silent until it is truly seen.

Love has won, and Love is One.


PS... We're doing amazing work. Stay in your heart and quiet the mind. Patiently watch the world transform before you. You'll see.


April 30, 2020

"With our info-saturated 4D spiritual world, it's easy to think we know everything. Knowing & Being NOTHING is the most direct path to Source within."

~ Kalia Diya ~

masc fem diagram.jpg

April 29, 2020




Before I share anything else, masculine and feminine energies are NOT about gender or genitalia. It is about the polarity between the yin and the yang, even the dark and the light. It is an expression of Source as Self, a duality we have here come to experience many times.


We as a collective are currently experiencing a calling out and a re-balance of the old patriarchal masculine energies in the world, which is entertaining to watch. Humans are being freed in a way that was never thought possible. We are seeing women being placed in positions of power and authority carrying those positions with confidence and grace. We are seeing men already in positions of authority embody the more intuitive ways of leadership. We are seeing a balance be restored to the Universe. And this is the balance of the masculine and feminine energies now coming into harmony, because when harmony is present, the highest good for all automatically is created.


In this lifetime, I chose to incarnate as a woman. I have been an aggressive male in other lifetimes, so this time I came to balance out some karma and remember what it is like to be compassionate. I also chose in this lifetime to experience over and over the shunning, the silencing, and the disrespect and control that the patriarchal masculine imbalance loves to exert over such soft energy. I have expressed a compliant, compassionate feminine energy that the more dark, aggressive masculine energy loves to control, exploit and even make fun of. I realized this imbalance within myself long ago, which translated to being invisible and essentially not speaking my truth (self-love). I began slowly de-programming and resetting this imbalance in myself. It is still a work in progress.


Many people have a perfect balance of the masculine and feminine within, regardless of the gender they carry. You will know of such people because you like being around them, and you feel safe with them, and you will notice they have boundaries and confidence while being compassionate and loving at the same time regardless of their gender. I am grateful for those in my life who embody this Pure Source expression of complete harmony.


YOUR TAKEAWAY from this, if it resonates with you, is to be aware of your own masculine/feminine balance within. You change the world by changing you. If you want to see a change in the world, you begin with YOU. Be aware of your own imbalances/balances in your energetic field. Do not judge it, resist it, fight it or protest the patriarchal “old” masculine. Simply bring it into balance within, love it and call it out within you. Do not scorn, belittle, judge or seek to control the compliant “old” feminine. Love it and honor it within you.


As you well know, as each of us becomes the embodiment of pure Love, we amplify and embody that for ALL.


We MUST take responsibility for all of our Creation(s).


Sovereignty, after all, is simply the core metric of your relationship with your Source Self. Be your Sovereign Self right now by being the embodiment of the perfect harmony of masculine and feminine WITHIN.


This is as we were created to be.


One Love,

Kalia Diya

April 19, 2020




Last week I shared a post entitled “I AM THE RESURRECTION & THE LIFE.” This may have seemed like the traditional Easter energy with words from Jesus of the Bible. However, it was of a different energy, a continued emergence of the Christ Consciousness, shared at the behest of my Higher Self.


Resurrection is Love arising.


There is now a Resurrection of Freedom codes and of Equality, not just for Earth, but for ALL.


There is now a Resurrection of a leaving behind of everything outdated and everything/body no longer resonant so only love can reside and arise.


There is now a Resurrection of a knowing that Nothing goes through the eye of the Ascension needle but love.


This Resurrection is a sign of our new Trust going forward, our new reality of a global consciousness awakening, coming out of our collective tomb with Light on our faces and Love in our heart.


We are indeed the Resurrection.


Anything we no longer need (which is nothing) is left behind in the tomb. And the tomb will be there for as long as any soul needs it. There is no rush to “resurrect” on certain times or dates.


Love is found in the tomb. Love is found everywhere, in life and in the death of shedding all old belief systems, programming, thought patterns and realities.


Love is even found in that which brings forth fear and anger. Love is in all, for it is through all that love can transcend, both the light and the dark. One must experience both to truly appreciate that love is not a concept, but a reality.


Recently, I have come to such a quiet place of stillness, a deep silence, letting go of EVERYTHING (again). I love it here. I have messages weeks old, unanswered. I have rarely engaged in any conversation with anyone lately. I have no mission but love and to embody that both to myself and within myself.


I have let go of all my own outdated ways of living and doing. My Higher Self showed me that I was still holding on to outdated ways of thought, which instantly translates to holding on to an energy that no longer works. This manifested as a sharp pain in my right wrist as I was aware of this energy leaving my field.


I have let go of relationships: to people, to money, to belief systems, to my spiritual career, to my need to do and be seen.


I no longer jump at my old ingrained need to help others, and to even respond. I answer the call when it is pure love, not driven by anything else. I am not a savior, a martyr, a hero, any longer. I will no longer embody that. I will only embody love in the unique way I came here to be.


I see my Self as Source, and it doesn’t matter how I or others see me, how I or others perceive me or have labelled me. I KNOW MY SELF AS SOURCE.


I have let go of what I thought was my reality and I am embracing what is happening right now. I see my self as Source, not as a helpless human dependent upon the whim of an uncaring God.


I have let go of deeply ingrained religious distortions, caused by severe religious abuse in this lifetime. I see my self as Source, not as the little child being controlled by an angry God.


I have let go of the horrendous trauma I and others have experienced on this planet in many lifetimes. I see my self as Source, not as a soul abandoned in hell by an indifferent God.


As we love ourselves and our circumstances, we change the world. For it is then that we see all as One, and then that we see our selves as Source.


Creation is intention and action, not some magical happenstance.


We are 1% physical, and 99% spiritual (or that which you cannot see). Remember this.


When things seem impossible, you are only looking at the 1%. Remind yourself to look within at the 100% Source Self you are, and then you can shift into knowing your Self as Source. Therefore, you become the I AM Possible.


Let it Go. Let it become Love. Everything becomes simple and easy when it’s pure Love. There’s nothing to carry but Love any more. We've been reset.


This is freedom.


One Love,

Kalia Diya