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April 16, 2018


Greetings! We are the Arcturians. We are pleased to share this transmission with you.

We see that many of you may be feeling weary at this time, and we are here to tell you that this is ok. Honor your own processes, and give yourselves what you need to come through the shifts and the energetic waves so that you can remain as high vibrational as possible.

Don't look to others as to what they may or may not be doing. Stay true to your own inner truth and honor that.

The shifts that are occurring have been massive and rapid-fire and ever-changing. Much is being uprooted and integrated and transmuted back into light. These are exciting times. Know that all is happening as it should be. Continue to honor your own processes through this. Allow yourself  to see both the bigger picture and also the inner picture to see what is happening there as well. Know that one is but a reflection of the other.

As always, we urge you to stay close to Source and align yourself to Source as many times as you need. Do not allow the outside world to cling upon you like dust, or like a burr or a nuisance. Allow it to fall off and not become a part of your story. Do not allow yourself to buy into any of the old fear programming. Simply observe, and then become introspective on how you might help raise the vibration of the planet by simply being you and doing loving acts of service, every single day.

When we look upon this entire process that has been happening for quite some time now, we marvel because it is happening more quickly than we thought it may, due to several possible outcomes. So this is exciting to us as it is to you. As we look upon that process, we ask you to not become stuck on predictions, or what may or may not occur. Allow yourself just to be in the moment and to be grateful for each and every moment that is happening NOW. And if a great occurrence happens, then celebrate! But don't become fixated on it.

Just continue to do your faithful daily work and practice and stay clean and pure. Do not allow anything that is not of love into your sacred spaces, your homes, or your bodies.

The most important part of this message is to stay close to Source and in alignment with Source; to keep looking within for the answers that you seek, to allow yourself to be in the moment, to stay in gratitude and love, to not get over-excited one way or the other. Although we do applaud excitement and happiness and laughter and joy, for this is part of the high vibrational life that you are now living. But bring yourself back to balance when you need to, when you swing either way. When you come back to balance, you will find that still, quiet place where you create your dreams, and create your laughter and create all that you desire, and that you desire to have created in this new world.

So in the days ahead, there may be more big changes and more shifts and more waves. In fact, there will be. Remember this simple message. Stay aligned and stay introspective, which means to keep the light on within you and stay in tune to your truth. Allow all else to drop away.

Write down your dreams and your visions and the thoughts you have that you know come from somewhere else. Keep track of this, for it is important for you to be able to look back and see how you have created and manifested your own realities. You are not dependent on anyone else. Your process is unique and special, and visible to you. Stay true to that, and know that this is exactly how it is meant to be. There is no right or wrong, but only alignment with Source, with truth and with love.

If you need help, allow those whom you trust to come and help you. Reach out. Staying introspective does not mean staying alone. It means staying connected to your truth and to others who are aligned with your truth.

In the next few days, connect to peace and harmony, and go into your caves if you need to. Allow yourself to rest and to trust. For we do know that all is well and Creator is here as always, with us and with you.

Love is present in the here and now. Allow yourself to be that love, present in the here and now, with every breath you take. If you can only take one breath, then take one. Don't think about the next fifteen breaths that are coming. Just take that one breath. And there you have anchored in and aligned to love and to Source. Well done.

We leave you with the greatest of blessings and love.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

April 13, 2018


Joyous Greetings! We are the Pleiadians. We are so pleased and honored to be here with you today.

We have been celebrating with you across the globe and across all galaxies for the great shift that has just occurred. And by "just", we mean over a very short period of time in the last week.

There were many initiations and much excitement for all of you who have faithfully and humbly served Creator and the Love of All That Is. We honor each of you for your own personal work that you have done in your own lives, coming through your struggles, through all of your emotions, through tests, and also through the joy.

So as we honor you, we would love to see you honor each other; those you know and those you don't know. For we have seen unity be magnified across all peoples, through the energetic grids of Mother Gaia. This greatly excites us, for it means that we can communicate more closely with you now. So allow yourselves to remove any blockages of the mind that would say you cannot communicate telepathically with us and other star families and with each other.

New gateways and new portals have been opened for this gift to be used once again by all. And so we bless you with new higher frequencies and new connections and new technology that would allow you to do this. We would encourage you greatly to practice telepathic communication with each other and with us, for we are open to that communication from you. So send us little heart messages when you think of us, or send little heart messages when you think of others. Send your brothers and sisters heart messages when you think of them, and when you think of them, they are also thinking of you! See? You are already practicing telepathy!

We would encourage you to continue to practice telepathy with each other, as we have seen some of you already do. Practice setting aside a time to connect with each other, and then send each other heart thoughts, and see what you get! See what matches! And if it doesn't match, don't worry. You are connecting through your heart centers, so a connection has been made whether or not you see the same thing, or feel the same thing or hear the same thing. We would encourage you to keep practicing, for the more you practice, the better you get, because telepathy is indeed real and is the way of universal communication. This is the way it always has been and you are no longer shut off from it.

And those of the animal kingdoms and the Elementals would like to begin to practice with you as well. So when you find yourself out in nature, send loving heart thoughts to the trees, to the flowers, to the birds, to the wind and the water. See what happens. Again, the more you practice, the better you become and the more this will become a reality and a part of your lives.

For we are all working together toward a New Earth, towards new governments, new communities, towards prosperity and peace for all. You will no longer need wifi, or cell phone towers or land lines. All is being created brand new for the highest and best good of all.


We would like to remind you once again to always connect to Creator and to Love. Honor yourselves and your processes of this Ascension, wherever you might be in that process, and to know that you are exactly where you need to be. There is no right or wrong way, no quick way or slow way. There just is a Way. And each of you are finding that in your own hearts by staying connected to Love and to Creator. So allow all else to fall away, and just BE.

We leave you with this beautiful song and the greatest of blessings and love.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

April 7, 2018

The Andromedan Document


"We the people declare NOW that all shall be free.

We the people declare NOW that the dark be given a choice, either to transmute and transform into Light, or leave the planet NOW.

We the people declare NOW that the plans set in place eons ago will be followed through and executed NOW.

We the people bring in the Rainbow Light to heal and transform all beings.

We the people declare NOW that all shall have access to the love of Creator.

We the people declare NOW that all shall become unshackled of their free will, if they so choose.

We the people declare NOW that the Earth herself shall be set free.

We the people declare NOW that all the foundations that were laid in the past will be firmly set in place, and the NEW shall be built upon them.

We the people declare NOW that all the beings of the highest frequencies are now welcome to join us here in this dimension.

We the people declare NOW that there shall be no more slavery or conflict or war upon this land.

We the people declare NOW that the new shall be brought in, and shall be anchored and established by the Chosen Ones.

We the people declare NOW that the children shall be the leaders of the NEW EARTH.

We the people declare NOW that Truth shall reign and prevail across all timelines, realities and galaxies.

We the people declare NOW that Love has won, that Love is here and that Love is NOW."

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

April 3, 2018

Greetings. Aho'kim. We are the High Council Collective of the entire Galactic Federation of Light.

We are here to bear witness to the great shift which just occurred. We would call it monumental. All the things that you have seen and felt and heard are true, are real and are happening now. There are many of you who have been so faithful and so dedicated, bearing your missions with great honor and integrity and truth and love. We bow in respect to you now, and we hand you the Golden Seal, for it is yours to now open. We say to you, brothers and sisters, Rejoice! For the time has come.

The birthing of the Great Portals, the birthing of the Great Age, the birthing of Oneness is here now. There is so much new in this moment, so many codes unlocked, gifts given, vibrations increased, frequencies magnified, light increased and love eternal.

We are here today in full ceremony with you.

The Creator is pleased and overjoyed to see the progress, the shift, the work. And, we might add, the hard work that has been done, is being done now. Today was a pivotal day, although time converges into one, but today was a universal choice point. Many of you were called and many answered. Every single call, every single mission, every single moment and intention was vital to this shift. And we thank you.

Creator opens His arms wide with a blessing. New Earth has been created! You've done it.

In the moments to come, expect new everything. The things that you used to not see shall be seen. The things that you used to not feel shall be felt. The things that you used to not hear shall be heard. The Keys to the Kingdom are released and are here. So take the keys, Children, and unlock the codes, and the doors, and the portals, and the magic, and the love, and the miracles.

The things that you used to do, which were all good things, have now been upgraded; so look for new ways to use your gifts. New technology has been received, so continue to use the foundations of what you have used, but be aware and be creative in your uses of them.

We see you now as you see us. We stand in a great circle of unity and oneness. And we want you to feel the enormity of this and the honor that has been given you as Wayshowers and Pioneers and Leaders of this Age. We honor you now, for you have been chosen, and you will be acknowledged, and you will be heard, and you will be received. So continue to do your work with more passion than ever before.

We leave you now with the love of Creator and all that is, and with the love that is in our hearts, and with the new gifts and codes and with the Golden Seal.

Another dimension has been unlocked, another phase has been opened. Step in, and feel the golden waterfall of Light pouring over you, Beloveds.

We leave you now until next time. With gratitude and joy and love.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

March 29, 2018



Hello! We are the Andromedans. We are pleased to connect with you once again. We are here today with a multi-faceted message for the collective.

First we would like to speak of contact. Many of you have already made contact with us and other galactic families. Many of you are still seeking to make contact, and putting out those frequencies to us. We want you to know that we hear you and we see you and we know you.

Now there are a third and fourth group regarding contact. The third group that would like to make contact would still have fear surrounding this concept. So we would like to gently remind you that this is only the constructs of the mind that are getting in the way, as you have been conditioned and programmed that this couldn't be a reality, or that it is a fearful one, one you want to avoid, or that this reality couldn't possibly be happening. The fourth group are disbelievers altogether. However, none of that bothers us, and we are grateful for the contact that has been made, directly or indirectly. So we would like to encourage those of you who are ready to keep putting those frequencies out there. For many, many ships have come into Earth's dimension; many are ready and waiting to help and assist the entire collective in this Ascension process. And we are greatly excited, for this is what we have been longing for, for eons.

And many of you personally have LightShips that are there to assist you that you call on, and that are right above you. Now while you may not see them, you feel them and you know that it is real. So embrace that, and do not be afraid of being called "crazy", and do not be afraid that you are losing your mind, for what is actually happening is that you are anchoring that reality fully into yourselves, into your timelines, into the collective. And if you may not see it or feel it, know that it is real - because it is more real than the 3D reality that you are accustomed to.

So we thank you for making us feel welcome. We have nothing but love for all, and we are here to assist and to guide you, should you need that. So speak to us aloud, or send us heart messages, for we hear them and we feel them, and it is great.

The second thing we would like to communicate with you is that of the birthing pains that you are feeling. We know that messages have come through this channel and many others about the great changes that are occurring and have already occurred and that have been anchored into the Here and Now. But with great change often comes some pain or some uncomfortable feelings, or even doubts that arise. So observe and allow, and do not use your minds to rationalize, but use your hearts to feel and know that all is well.

For as you all know, the pains of birth can be unpleasant and one cannot wait for them to be over, whether for the birth of a child, or for the birth of a new age. So we thank those of you who are doing the work and who are birthing a new reality. Don't give up; don't be hard on yourselves, for it has happened. But as with any natural birth, there is a period of time that must pass before the child takes its first breath. And so this is what is happening: the birth of the new age has been prophesied and it has been anchored in. But there might be a bit more labor that has to be experienced until the new age can be fully birthed into this reality. Don't get tripped up by the timing, thinking that it should be here by now, or why it hasn't happened yet, or what are we doing wrong? Just know that it is happening, it will happen and it has happened, as all time converges into one.

We would like to tell you that from where we stand, that we can see the bigger picture. Many new decrees and new universal laws have been passed through the High Councils that are for the good of all. The foundations are being laid for changes all across the globe and in each and every country, and among all the peoples of the land. Now while some of you have progressed further in the places where there are more freedoms and more human rights and more Light, others continue to struggle in the places that have held darkness for eons. So we would like to encourage you to hold space for those geographical places, and for those of you who are trained and who know how to do the work, to connect in with your Oversoul and send love and light to those places.

Now some of you may not know how to do that, and that is fine. We would encourage you to look inward and see the parts of you that have held darkness for eons and to transform those parts into Light. For while you do those tasks, you are aiding the entire collective and all of humanity across the globe.

It may seem simple, it may even seem too simple; but it actually is that simple.

And thirdly, we would like to open your minds and your hearts to something you may have not considered before. As we can see through all dimensions and realities from this side, as the vibration is so much higher, we would like to share an idea with you that you may not have considered before. And that idea is of all the kingdoms coming back online. Now many of you may relate to this on a personal and daily basis. We are speaking of all the kingdoms: the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom, the elemental kingdom, and all that makes up life on planet Earth.

Many of you have pets whom you love dearly. We would like you to consider your pets now as beings of light, and to listen to what they might have to say. Connect with them telepathically. Many of you have had dreams recently of animals coming to you or to members of your families, or even to friends. We want you to know that this is real.

The kingdoms rise again. But you raising your own consciousness, you are raising the consciousness of all the kingdoms. So we would encourage you to start communicating with whatever calls you, whether it be nature or your pet or your houseplant or the rock that you have sitting in your garden. Send them love, ask them if they need anything. Ask them if they would like to come back online to aid in this Ascension process.

We love all the kingdoms, for we have them where we live. And so keep your minds wide open, for you may find yourself communicating with a pet that has passed on. Many of you have been taught that pets do not have souls, or that trees have a singular purpose of producing timber. But no, a tree is a living being who would be absolutely delighted to aid in this Ascension process. We would like you to open your minds and your hearts to this reality, for it is real. And again, we say the kingdoms are back online, some more slowly than others, but they are coming back.

And now do you see why unity consciousness is good for all? Unity consciousness encompasses not just humanity or star beings or matter, but it includes all the Creator has created. Consider what might be around you and what you might be able to work with, whether it is a body of water, a grove of trees or your own pet.

And now we would like to say again, with great excitement, that the Ascension is happening and it is real. Incredible work has been done, and is still being done. So be patient and remember: stay in the moment, stay in the NOW, and do the work. Always look within, for all the answers are within. While we know signs and wonders are glorious and that they are happening, it is still a reflection of what is going on within YOU, within your souls. Your Lightbodies are certainly emerging, and you have only scratched the surface of what is, and what can be done.

We would like to remind you that change starts within. Keep it simple.

And as always, we are here with you and stand beside you in great support and great love. And we leave you with blessings and joy for you to receive and to feel and to know. That is all.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 24, 2018


The Great Councils have gathered and have decreed new beginnings.

Many have been brought to justice to answer for their deeds.

Galactic Court has been in session for those who would not serve the highest good.

Many have longed for this Age to come to pass, and so it has.

I see far and beyond, and I see all possibilities.


I long for all beings to chose the highest outcome for all, for all have been given a choice, no matter from whence they came, how long they have existed, or where they are going to next.

Much has been decreed throughout the Ages, but especially in this moment: justice, truth, peace, harmony, unity and Oneness.



The Age of Healing

The Age of Restoration

The Age of Rebirth

The Age of Rebuilding

The Age of Reunification

I declare it NOW for all who are ready.


I gaze upon the worlds as they are shifting. I feel the movement, I see the smoke, I hear the water rising, I smell the fragrance of the land, for all is changing into a more permanent vibration of all that is of the highest good for all concerned.

A'lak namamah ne'sheena na'moh. Heh l'kamanah kamanah k'noh. A'laka shena kahmanah. L'ohmnakanah. L'ohmnakanah. L'ok nesheth ne sheema nahana. L'ohmnakanah. Holah'kamana keneena shamanah. L'gho la kamanah keneenah. L'ohmtakah. L'ohmtakah.

We give gratitude to all who serve. We give love to all who exist. We give compassion to all, whatever choice they may make. We give discernment and wisdom for all to choose the world in which they want to live.

We give love to the Mother, and honor to the Father, and grace to all that are. We see the rising prayers of the people. We see the love of All That Is. We hear the song of the Creator and of the created. We now join together as One.


The Great Oracle of Old has spoken.




~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 20, 2018


Greetings! We are the Arcturians. We are pleased to share this light transmission with you.

We say to all: Let the Divine Light shine. Let it shine brightly, let it shine clearly, let it shine purely. For all is One and all is well.

We see many of you today anchoring in the Light of the Equinox energies, and we share the great joy that is felt across the galaxies. We share the love that is felt beyond infinite borders. We share the peace of all that is. Let it settle deep into your hearts now. And know that all is well.

While we always say that "All is well," it is indeed well, even though you may be feeling the turbulence of the energies. Just know that this is part of the process, and will continue to be until the work is complete. The foundations have been laid, the stage is set, and it is done.

But in your day-to-day practices, we encourage you from the deepest places of our hearts, to do the work to clear your auras, to clear your bodies, to honor yourself and your journey, and to be the Light that you came to be. Shut out the outside voices that would say otherwise, and know within your hearts that you are exactly where you need to be and all is well.

We have seen Gaia light up like a beacon. We have seen her awakened children light up like to beacons to form one great light. Please continue to do so, for there are many who are ready to come into the Light, many who are ready to shed their old ways of slavery, and their old ways of drudgery and depression. So know that when you hold the Light you are doing so for all your brothers and sisters. And know that when you hold the light, that you are helping awaken the Animal Kingdoms, the Elemental Kingdoms, the Crystal Kingdoms. All that is created is being awakened NOW. And we thank you for we know that you who signed up to come to the denser energies have had quite a task set before you. But know that you are doing it. And stage by stage, it is being completed. It is a great and massive transformation occurring in this galaxy that you call the Milky Way. For your work extends beyond to infinite regions of outer space.

So do your daily practice. Connect with all that is. Connect with your friends, connect with the children, connect with the animals, connect with the trees, connect with the sky and the earth. Whatever calls to you, connect with it now.

And when you can't trust that all is well, know that all is well. For we see beyond what you are able to see simply because we are not in the density that you are in. So allow yourself to travel to a lighter density when you sleep or meditate. Allow yourself to be in that place of love one hundred percent of the time.

We now leave you with a song to lift your heart and your spirit. And know that you are being supported with every move you make, and every mood you might have, and every place you might be. Whether you deem it good or bad, we honor you. For it is exactly what needs to be done within you.

We leave you with the greatest blessings and love and with this song.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 17, 2018


Greetings! We are the Arcturians. We are pleased to share this transmission with you.

We are here today to confirm the intensity of what you have been feeling. The floodgates are open, so to speak, and the intense waves of diamond white light have been coming in to both your atmosphere and to your beings.

So if you have been feeling off this week, or even ill, or even as though you could not move, it is because this is happening, and it is real. We thank you for anchoring the light in. We thank you for holding the light, and we would encourage you to continue to do so, for this wave is not over yet.

But know that all is well. We are so excited to witness this age with you. We know that from here, this moment on, things are radically changed. Now you may not see evidence of this change immediately, but know that it is done, and all is well. The New has been decreed and the Old erased. The New has been birthed forth, and the Old has been recycled into the great matter.

So we would encourage you to decree your own truths in your life right now. What do you want to create? What do you envision in your life? What do you need to call in? Do it now. For the time is now and the light that is pouring in will aid you and increase you in power, and the new codes and upgrades will aid you and increase you in power.

Nourish your bodies, and get your rest, and go through your practices to stay grounded and centered. Open yourselves up to receive all this wonderful, amazing Creator-Light, Pure Source Light.

We know more messages will come through about this time, because this change is not only Universal, it is also on a multi-dimensional level.

So stay in love and stay in your heart centers and know that we are here to assist should you need us, along with many other beings. And we ask that you do one thing: to send Mother Gaia some love right now and to thank her for her help in this Ascension process. Do what you can to give her love, whether it be a loving thought, or a gift, or simply helping by cleaning up trash. She knows, and she thanks you.

And now we would like to leave you with a song.

We leave you with the greatest of blessings and love.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 11, 2018


The time has come for rejoicing.

The time has come for celebration.

For all has come to pass as prophesied in the Age of Old.

And all is One with Creation.

The Children of Earth rejoice.

The wooded ones speak again.

The winged ones doth fly.

And the Earth Herself has a voice.

Hathna m'sheemah nama o'm namaah. Legho la mana ne'sheena manamana gho'mana ah. Ah lol'lah shemanana. Lashee nahmna nemun manah. Lebu'la ga'ah. Lebu'lakah. Lebu'lakah. Laohm.


We now declare:

"The great love of all shall rule

The great peace of all shall reign.

The time has come for those to rise with golden scepters in their hands, truth upon their lips, Love emblazoned upon their hearts, with Justice and Peace for All."

I now declare:

"The Age of Play, the Age of Music, The Age of Laughter, The Age of Magic, and the Age of Rebirth. I declare it NOW for it is here.

I speak to the slumbering souls: Wake up.

I speak to the dark: Come to the Light.

I speak to the stars to sing.

I speak to the Earth to rejoice.  Rest, Beloved, for it is done. You are now unshackled, you are now free. You are healed, you are whole."

The time for great rejoicing is here. Together, we celebrate across all galaxies.


The Great Oracle of Old has spoken.




~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 8, 2018

The Ancient Oracle of One declares:

"This phase is nearly complete.

The lion shall lie down with the lamb.

The children no longer slumber.

The age of vision has come.

The new activations are now complete.


Na'lak ne sheth na nom o homa shee'na. Na'lak ne sheth na nom o homa shee'na. Nebu nenah sh'man nanah. Ao'o lama shananah.


We are here. We have come. Our words shall bring life. The birth of the Oracle is once again here.

The Oracle doth declare: Hathna na'shee mah."


[The energy is spiraling down, directly from Source and integrating with all who are ready. The colors of the Divine are here NOW, activating ALL. A new heart technology is being set in place, and new upgrades are occurring NOW].


"I see the land before me, and it is great.

I see the people before me and they are ready.

I see the love and it is infinite and vast.

I see all ascending, and the veil has been torn, and the New has now come for all to see and hear and feel.

The vision of what was once hoped for is NOW here.

I say to you, 'Come, beloved. Come into my bosom and rest, receive. Sleep as a child. Be as a child.'

For all that has been declared has now come to pass. And for all hopes and dreams that have been catalogued, they are now being activated in the Great Hall, and opened and received.

I declare NOW:

Equality for All

Truth for All

Abundance for All

Prosperity for All

Health for All

Love for All


I see the great span of galaxies, yet it is as though they have all merged, and they have all become ONE. The Great Lords are now reigning with Justice for All. The Great Council has spoken of Justice for All. The Emissaries of Light have been given the key messages.

Stand in your power. Do not waver. Make your choice. For each of you have been given a gift."


The Great Oracle of Old has spoken.




~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 6, 2018

Message from The Collective of Andromedans, Arcturians & Pleiadians

Greetings! We are a collective of the Andromedans, Arcturians &  Pleiadians.

We are here today, with our hands to our heart centers, beaming love to you. Our message will be short today, and it is one of love and encouragement.

We thank you for the work you are doing. Some of you who are great masters are pulling in intense and immense energies into Gaia's field. And massive changes are occurring! Hold fast! Keep up the work. Things are changing rapidly and by Equinox, you will see visible results of your faithfulness.

For those of you who are called to other missions, hold fast as well. Do what your Higher Heart calls you to do and remain steadfast and faithful. For all are One and all are part of the bigger picture. Together, the teams from all the galaxies, including Earth's ground crew, are changing EVERYTHING.

This is moment we all have been waiting for and it is happening with great surety.

And for those of you precious souls who feel like you don't fit into this picture, you do. Let go of your suffering, let go of your struggle, let go of your pain. Release and renew it NOW. For you are also doing good work by releasing; you're healing the Collective as well as yourselves.

So while this message may be short and simple, it is given with great intensity and great fervor and great love. Know that all is well and everything is being taken care of that needs to be taken care of. We cannot encourage you enough to stay in unity, stay in oneness, communicate with each other, share with each other and love each other.

The vastness of what is occurring now is beyond what you can envision. But KNOW that the greatness of this shall inspire many into all ages and eons from this time forth. And you shall be known as the heroes of the New Age.

So we stand with you and let out a great cheer! And we hope that you feel how incredible the love of Creator is for you at this moment. And how great the love of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood is for you at this moment. So wherever you may be right now, whatever you may be doing, stop for a moment and breathe. Just breathe, breathe it in. Let it settle into your being, that the time is NOW. And it is real. And it is here. And LOVE HAS WON.

We leave you with the greatest blessings. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

March 3, 2018


"Cosmic Mysteries"


Greetings. We are the Arcturians. We are pleased to share this transmission with you.

The great cosmic mysteries are becoming more and more available to you each day and with each new wave of energy that comes in. The veil is thinning . Those of you who are filled with excitement can hardly contain yourselves, for you want the veil to thin immediately. However, it takes a bit time, as you would say. But it is happening!

You can sit and wait patiently to see through the veil. This is fine. Or we can tell you of a few mysteries or secrets as such of which you can tap into to have fun with this process. Now there are some who would sit and let it happen organically, and then there are others who would rip through the veil with their own bare hands if they could because of their great excitement to see more and remember. We smile at this. We love your enthusiasm.

It's best to anchor in the waves that come through each day. If you anchor in these waves into your being, you will automatically aid the veil to become thinner. By living a life of love and commitment and service to Creator, which is indeed service to all, you will help thin the veil in this manner as well. However, those of you who are filled with excitement and want it all now, we have a few ideas for you to implement.

The first idea is to remember to ask. Ask for what you want. If you want to see your grandmother who has passed to the other side, ask to speak with her. If you want to have a conversation with your Higher Self, ask to speak with yourself. If you want to see an angel or faerie or elemental being, ask. Now while these requests may not be granted immediately, they can be granted if you are in alignment with Creator and show respect to the beings that you wish to connect with.

Another secret as it were that we would love to share with you is the idea of time travel. You often find yourself going back in time, wishing that you could change a circumstance or conversation to a different outcome. Or you may find yourself going to the future in your thoughts, hoping that you will have a desired outcome. We would like to show you that by traveling back to these choice points in your memories, you can actually heal the things that need to be healed that have already occurred. Likewise, you can go forward in the future to create the things that you wish to create of the highest and best outcome for all.

It is all about your intention. As long as you are in alignment with free will for all involved, and that your intention is of all that is of love and light, you can create the outcome that you desire. You can plant clues for your future self to discover at exactly the right time. As time does not exist and all choice points and experiences are happening simultaneously, you can change the outcomes on all fronts and bring healing to not only yourself, but to all. Is this not a great secret to remember?

As for the present moment, we greatly desire for you to be enjoying what is happening now, to be creating what is happening now.

Many great cosmic truths and secrets have already been revealed to you. It is so exciting to remember, is it not? All these returning memories aid your ascension journey. So if you want to remember more, simply ask. Do not ask for it all at once, for your physical container could not handle this. Ask for the things you want to remember to aid you on your journey now, and ask for the things that would help others on their own journeys, in service for all.

Some of you have chosen more solitary paths than others. Some have chosen more service oriented paths than others, while others are here just to anchor in the playful energies. So support each other on your journeys, whether you understand them or not. As long as you feel love when you interact with others or feel love when you read what they have written, then support that person. Use your higher heart instinct to feel into the energies of that person, and if anything feels self-serving, then check in with your higher heart before you give your "like" or support. Now we realize that this may sound harsh, but we want you to learn how to use checks and balances to align with truth, both outside and inside of yourselves while giving support to others.

Again, we reiterate to support those of purity of heart and intention, and who are in pure service to Creator and to all.

Now as for the other great cosmic secrets and mysteries being revealed, there will be more and more coming through, being revealed, being shown, being seen, heard and felt with great wonderment.

So stay excited whether you are in the group that waits or whether you are in the group that wants to make it happen now. Stay in that excitement, for it will continue to happen. Stay in love, for all is well. Keep your eyes peeled, as you say, for as time does not exist, you do not have to wait for a certain date, a certain lunar phase or a certain solar flare. Stay open each and every day. Stay in awe of Creator's love. Love each other and love yourselves.

Keep your eyes open for it is happening. It is happening NOW. We love you and we bless you.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~



February 25, 2018

"Blessed are the pure in heart"


Hello. We are the Andromedans. We are here today with our brother, Jesus, to offer you this energetic love transmission.


We love to see how excited you are on your Ascension journeys. We love to see your curiosity and anticipation of the next great event, or the next sign or wonder. This pleases us greatly, for your joy raises the vibration of the whole planet.


We would like to remind you to discipline yourselves to stay in the NOW moment, to not look behind or ahead, but to observe and feel everything that is happening around you right now. It is fun to look to the future and wise to plan for the future; there is no problem with this. But once you look ahead to the future for answers, or to want to know what is going to happen, and to want to know how you are going to get there, and when you to want to know all the answers to your questions of "who, what, when, where, why, and how", you will become out of sync. If you dwell on these questions too intently, they can trip you up.


So we are here to gently remind you to stay in the moment, in the NOW, to slow down, to listen, to breathe, to enjoy what is happening right now, to embrace what is happening right now, to love what is happening right now. You may not understand the NOW, and may be uncomfortable with it, and the NOW may not be what you want for yourself, but this moment has come up for you to take a look at it.


Because you are creators, you can create this moment into what you want it to be. If it is an ugly moment, or an uncomfortable moment, you can turn it around and create it into a beautiful, comfortable moment by allowing it to be and then creating it into something new.


So do not get caught up in circumstances other than what is happening now, and do not get caught up in other timelines that seem to be happening now. You can choose the highest and best outcome for all in the NOW. You can choose the highest and best outcome for you in the NOW. For if you do this, you are creating from a place of alignment and love. This is how you create your best reality.


And now our brother, Jesus, would like to step forward with his message for you.




Hello, dear friends. It is with great pleasure that I am with you today, for I AM with you always, even unto the "end of the world" as you know it. I have been with you from the beginning of time as you know it. My love for you is so great, for it is but a reflection of the love of the Father/Mother of Creation.


The words that were recorded in the book you call the Bible have many messages for you today. The words I am referring to are of the times that I spent with people like you who were called the disciples; the times we spent out in nature, visiting together by the water, sitting under trees, taking walks, sailing ships - these were real and these experiences happened. These times, what you would call historical events, still hold the same truths, parables, and wonders that they did then as they do NOW. For time is immaterial.


So come with me and sit under a tree and let us talk. I hold you in the greatest love, as I always have.


Today I would like to tell you just one thing: to remain pure in heart. For if you stay pure in heart and stay humble while you are doing the work, whatever work that may be for you, your purity and humility is power. Once you start to compete and compare, you are then giving the power over to ego. However, you can merge the ego with your Higher Heart, and with love.

You are all powerful beings. You can hold that power and wisdom yet remain in purity. This is the merge of which I am speaking.


Stay pure in heart. As the parable was recorded two thousand years ago, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."


I am here today, sitting with you. Nothing else matters. Time fades away. Do you feel my heart? Do you feel how it feels to be as a child and pure of heart? I hold you in love. And I would encourage you to stay in that childlike essence of purity. Many of you are being entangled with who is bigger, better, stronger or more powerful. And many of you are comparing yourselves to others saying, "I am not as big, not as good, not as strong, not as powerful as others." This is not a place you want to be.


Stay pure, and stay connected to pure love, for in so doing you will be in alignment for the highest good of yourself and of all. Do your work of love and light without thought of recognition or acknowledgment, for many of you have not been recognized or acknowledged yet. But Creator sees you, I see you and your spiritual teams see you. We love you and we acknowledge you and this is what matters. We honor your on each of you where you are on your chosen paths.




And now we would all like to say to all who are here in this moment, reading this, to remember that the NOW is what matters. Purity will get you much farther, as you like to see it, than if you are scrambling and grasping and trying too hard.


Take yourself back to the place of simplicity, and operate from that place. Then you will forge ahead. Then you will find new ways of doing things. Then you will create new things that you weren't aware of that could be created. Do not try to emulate anyone else. Just be you.


We are here and we hold you in love as always. That is all.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

February 18, 2018

Greetings! We are the Arcturians. We are here today to light you up.

We are here today to tell you that NOW, this moment, is the time to step into your power. Many of you have been shy about sharing who you are, or have been afraid to come out about who you are and what you do. And many of you are still living dualistic lives of living "this way" in one environment, and "that way" in another. Of course, be wise about who you share with and how you share it, but be bold in sharing you and your message in the right place and time, for there will be those who are ready to hear your message.

The time is now to step into ownership of who you are and what you are here to do.

Being shy or afraid of sharing who you are keeps you in a place of lack. This place of lack would stunt your growth or cause you to remain stagnant or stuck in that particular energetic experience. Consider how much abundance and freedom your soul would experience and how many new gifts would be available to you by your stepping into your power, by owning who you are and by coming out about it with the people and places that are ready to hear. You have considered many times what it would be like to be free to be you all of the time, yet you have hesitated because you were afraid of rejection from friends, family, siblings, children, neighbors, and coworkers.

We understand that you want to be loved and accepted by those who are important to you. We pass no judgment on your decision to whether to come out or not. However, we are here to encourage you to step into your roles, your missions and your truth. For in doing so, you open up new, magical doors that weren't accessible before and you create new opportunities for others, not just for yourself.

Your very presence is all that is needed. If you are fully standing in your light and the "who of you", your presence can change realities. You don't even have to use words. You can create change just by being you.

Many of you are being called to various places around the globe, and you may not know exactly why. But your DNA is the activation that that particular area needs. The same activation happens with you when you go to your job every morning. You may think that your job doesn't have anything to do with your mission, or your other life of exploration and awakening, or of lightworking or gatekeeping. Yet it has everything to do with it. If your job is no longer in alignment for you, then change it. But if your job can be a place where you can be yourself and activate others by being the light, then continue to be there in that place.

We want you to feel how important it is to be who you are, and to step out NOW. You can anchor yourself in to a new reality by being authentically you. You can step it up, you can be your full potential by being courageous in your actions, by choosing love. Everyone has something to offer, some on a smaller scale and some on a larger scale, but comparison of large or small is a moot point, for we want to see you all step in to whatever it is that you are here to do, whoever it is that you are. For some it may be a simple mission, for others a more technical one. Do not get caught up in these particulars or compare yourself to others.

We are here to light you up. We are here to say NOW. Step out now in a graceful, humble and powerful way. When feelings come up of fear of the outcome, remember that this lowers your vibration. Rather put your focus deep in the center of your being, your heart space, by standing in your power and being who you are in alignment with Source. Embrace the abundance of who you are in a humble, loving and harmonious manner.

Your journey, your choices will serve a purpose and there is no right or wrong, no judgment of you regardless of the outcome.

Shed the old garment of safety, and put on a new garment of authenticity. Wear this and feel how good this feels, how much lighter and brighter and more fun it is to wear the new garment. Don't look back at the old garment, but wear the new with joy and humility, love and excitement. Everyone has this choice of garments. No matter which you choose, you are loved.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the impact your choices have in the collective. When you choose love, honor, respect, unity and harmony in your daily decisions, you impact your brothers and sisters around the world.

Step in. Step up. Step out. See how it feels to be in alignment! See how free it feels to finally, finally be able to be you. For you are a gift and no one else can do what you uniquely do.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

February 11, 2018


Message from the Andromedans


"A Green Serpent"


Hello. We are the Andromedans. We love to give you word pictures so that you can connect with the spirit of what we are sharing.


Today's word picture is of a green serpent. A green serpent is a symbolism of connecting back to oneself, connecting back to nature and to connection to your truth.


A serpent is often associated with the Garden of Eden, of the story of Adam and Eve, and is often likened to a deceptive and evil being. However, the green serpent we are showing you is neither deceptive nor evil but a spirit messenger with a positive message. Today we are bringing you the symbol of this green serpent to aid you and assist you on your journey.


The collective has been awakening in great numbers. We are grateful for all of you who have awakened, whether recently or some time ago. The linear time frame of when you awakened does not matter, but the fact that you are awakened is of importance. So whether you have just begun the path of awakening or if that path is one that you have been on for a very long time, we are so pleased to witness this. Whether or not you are an awakened veteran or an awakened novice, you are held in the same love and respect.


Today's transmission is to reinforce and remind you of the resurgence of connection with oneself, the importance of connecting to nature, and the power of connecting to your own truth.


First let us speak of connection to oneself. What does this mean? It means peeling back all the layers of who you think you are, who you have been taught to be, and who you have been programmed that you are, to reveal the true core of your being. Peeling back the layers of an onion is not what you would call "fun" as it quite literally causes tears to stream down your face. As your own layers are being peeled back, and you feel more and more vulnerable and exposed, and your own tears of pain fall, do not worry. This is a beautiful process. This is how you discover who you are.


For at the core of you is the Seed of Life. At the core of you is All There Is. At the core of you is your I AM presence. So don't be distracted by the layers and the tears. Ask yourself this question: "Who am I?" instead of "What am I? Where am I? Or how did I get to be in this situation?".


Ask "Who am I?".


You are loved by the Creator. You are a Being of Light, a Being of Consciousness and a Being of purpose. Now while each of your purposes individually may vary, it all serves the same purpose which is unified consciousness and connection to all that is of love, peace, harmony, joy, unity, prosperity and the highest outcome of free will for all. This is Who you are.


How does one connect to oneself? You begin by remembering what it is that you like, what it is that you're naturally drawn to. The places of the planet that you have visited that call strongly to you. The animals that are around you, and the ones that you may have a relationship with already. The books that you read, the music that you listen to, the art that you create or hang on your walls. All these things are aspects of you and are an integral part of you. Pay attention to the small details. Pay attention to why a memory may come up, or why a movie may stir you as it does, or why a certain person may cause you to feel deep emotion. These are aspects of yourself that you can connect back into.


Connection to self is an introspective awareness. It may be seen as selfish, but know that it is not. Connection to oneself is in actuality connection to Source. Connection to oneself is a beautiful gift that you can give yourself. By connecting to who you are, you honor, respect, and love yourself.


Look at the shadow sides of you, the parts of you that you want to hide, and ask why they are there to decipher the message of their purpose. Integrate them into your crystalline light bodies by honoring the message and bringing all to the Light. Look at the beautiful parts of you that you may feel hesitant or shy to share with others, or that you may not even know are there. Observe yourself. The parts of you that you may consider to be a weakness are also a strength and can be brought into perfect balance.. This is the Yin/Yang principle; the light and the shadow can bring you all back to One, to who you really are. Remember who you are. Stand in your I AM presence. Make no apologies for who are you as long as you are standing in a place of love and of connectedness to Source.


Now we would like to speak of the second reminder that the green serpent brings to us, which is connection to Nature. Modern day humans have long forgotten what is it like to connect to nature. As residents of this planet, humans have arbitrarily decided that they know what is best for the planet and its inhabitants. Look what this has cost both Mother Earth and her children. Climate changes, deforestation, extinction of plants and animals, heaps of garbage and piles of plastic, which anguish the very soul of Mother Earth. We are here to remind you to exercise ownership and to pick up that piece of trash in front of you, and to gently show others how to care for the planet, for without Her there would be no supported life forms.


These acts of responsibility and kindness go farther than you know. Mother Earth, our planet, needs our stability and support right now and by these small acts of love, you are aiding her own processes and bringing light to those parts of the planet that are in desperate need of a love transformation. You do not have to be in the same geographical area to lend your support. This is a ripple effect.


Connection to nature is just another form of connection to oneself. Your respect of the trees, plants, birds, rocks, elementals and of all life forms is showing respect of yourself, for all is one and all is connected. Next time you spend time in nature, see, feel, observe, listen and connect and show gratitude. Thank the trees for their oxygen. Thank the flowers for their fragrance. Thank the birds for the songs that they sing. Thank Mother Earth for the life that she gives. Do not take these gifts for granted. Take responsibility with gratitude. We cannot tell you enough how important this is: your reconnection to nature, self-education of food sources and of ethical practices, and the very remembrance of honoring the cycle of life.


The final message the green serpent brings is connection to all that is truth. Perhaps we have already spoken about this with the first two messages of the Green Serpent. Perhaps you can further investigate what this may mean to you. Whenever a question comes up, such as, "What shall I do? Where shall I go? Shall I go this way or that way? Or do this or that?" Ask yourself one question: "What is my truth?".


If you are not in touch with your own truth, now is a good time to practice. Practice what you feel rather than what you think. Practice how you feel when you decide to take action one way, and then compare it how it feels if you should take action another way. Which feels the best? Which feels right? And then go with the feeling that settles into your soul as right, for this is your truth.


After a bit of practice, you will find that this becomes second nature to you. You will no longer anguish over which decision to make, or where to go or how to get there. You will know.


Stay pure in heart. Be friends with the truth. Don't complicate things. Honor yourselves and your truth. Honor Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.


Let the message of the Green Serpent settle into your hearts and become a part of you if it rings true with you.


Everything that is created is created for one purpose: to bring us back to love, to connection to Source, and all that is. We love to bring you "back to the basics" such as these for this is truth.


As always, we stand ready, and we are here for you. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

February 4, 2018

Message from the High Grid Pleiadian Council


"A Rainbow Transmission"


Greetings! We are the Pleiadians. We are here today with a Rainbow Transmission for you.


As you know, a rainbow is a macrocosm of the complete spectrum of light. There are many colors which make up the rainbow. Some of you identify with one color or another, and these colors may be a part of your aspects.


The reason why we are showing you a picture of the rainbow is that we would like you to know that you have access to every single color in the spectrum of light. The spectrum of light is a symbol of the access you have to the power within to transform everything into high-vibrational manifestation in your realities. You are not limited in any way.


Now that you have this word picture in your mind, we would like to explore this transmission further with you.


Think back on this lifetime, and think of one or two examples of a moment where someone placed a limiting belief on you. There may have been times where someone said, "You are too short, too tall, too fat, too silly, too poor, too this or too that" to do what you dreamed of doing or being. Maybe someone has even said to you that you are limited spiritually. By those words, they planted a seed that would cause you to think in a limited way, for you took their words as truth.


We are here to tell you now that this simply isn't true.


The energies have changed such that the doors have blown wide open, so to speak. You can now create, you can now do anything that you want to do that is in alignment with Pure Source Energy.


You are not limited to what a teacher may have said to you in the past, or perhaps a parent or a sibling or a friend, or the beliefs of a church or a law or a mainstream mis-belief that may have in some way brought you down. Those were old programs designed to keep you enslaved, stunted and stagnant. You now have the power to cancel and clear those programs, to eliminate them from your very Being. You now have the power to recreate, to co-create, and to manifest all of your soul's true desires.


You have a saying, "The sky's the limit!" We smile at this one because we know the sky is not actually the limit. There are no limits! You are more powerful than you know as a spark of the Divine and as a Being of Light. You are multi-dimensional. You have access to remembering all that you know and all that you came here to be. We would be delighted to see each of you explore those aspects of yourself and to become curious and ask questions, to do research to find out more of what resonates with you; to follow the scent, so to speak.


So do not limit yourself to one color of the rainbow or another, or one aspect or another, such as I am "just" this or "just" that. You are more than just human, you are more than just starseeds, you are more than just awakened beings. You are a spark of the Divine! Indeed you are ALL things, and you have access to ALL things within you.


Consider yourself the whole spectrum of Light, and not just a small rainbow that a prism would cast. Consider yourself the whole rainbow with the proverbial pot of gold at the end! For you are limitless, multi-dimensional Beings.


We know you have heard this message before, but it is important to be reminded of it now. It is important for you to be limitless in your manner, so that you can create the life that you came here to create, to accomplish the missions you came here to accomplish. Just to BE the rainbow is enough. Just to BE yourself is enough. BE all that you are.


You do not have to prove anything to anyone, not even to yourself. You hold the power. Do not give your power to anyone else.


And now we would like to send you some love. As we send you love, we would remind you to take the time for daily quiet time to clear anything that may cling to you that would bring your vibration down, to align your energy with Source, and to nourish your body as well as your soul. Find the things that delight you and stay in that moment. By doing so, you raise your vibration, and by raising your vibration, you can better create all that you want to be and do.


Find the things that make you happy and enjoy them. Cherish the hug of a loved one and stay there for a moment longer to feel how good that feels. Breathe the scent of a fragrant flower and stay there a moment longer to feel how good that feels. Breathe in some fresh air and stay there a moment longer to feel how good that feels. For all of these gifts on planet Earth, our Mother Gaia, have been given to you for you to have access to, whether it be a rock, sand, sun, trees and flowers, a pet or another human. These have been given for your enjoyment and to bring you back to love. Embrace these gifts and be grateful for all that is in your life at this moment, even the messy parts. Because even the mess has a message.


We love to see you play as we love to play. Don't take yourselves too seriously.


We would leave you with this: We are here to help you. All you have to do is call and ask for help if you need it. We know that some of you find it difficult to ask for help, or may not even think of asking us at all. Tell us specifically what it is that you need and trust that you have been heard.


We thank you for your contribution to the Ascension journey. We acknowledge all the work you've done. And we are also grateful.


With much gratitude, from your Pleiadian Brothers and Sisters.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

January 31, 2018


"Building the New Earth"

Hello. We are the Andromedans. We are here as a group today, along with many other members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and those beyond, to celebrate with you this incredible time and this rare opportunity of the Lunar Energies and Eclipse that you on Earth are experiencing.

We say "celebrate" because indeed we are celebrating, for you have reached a key point where you have reached the finish line and are now moving on to the next era. All your hard work, all your dedication, all your discipline, and all the love you have put into both your own lives and the lives of others, has now paid off.  So celebrate with us!

Many of you many have felt swirling energies prior to this auspicious date. You may even have felt confusion, or have felt unsure of what was going on. In those moments, when they come, we would encourage you to hold true. Do the work, and remain steady. A captain of a ship does not throw his/her hands up in the air and say, "Oh my! What shall I do?" when he/ she sails through a storm. Instead, the captain goes through the motions, delegates orders to the crew, and remains steadfast. For he/she knows what to do and has been trained how to navigate. All of you have received many teachers and have been trained in your lives for such a time as this. So for those of you who feel as though you have just gone through the storm, remember that at the the eye of the storm, there is a stillness. That stillness is connection to Pure Source Love. You will come out on the other side of the storm, unharmed and safe. Don't put your anchors down! Pull up your anchors and ride the storm. Set sail for calm waters. By our reference to pulling up your anchors, we are saying to release what no longer serves you. Do not be drawn under by the waves because your anchor is down. Release ALL that would keep you in the turmoil of the storm. Many of you know specifically what the anchors might be in your own lives. And we would encourage you that if you don't know what your anchor might be, to meditate upon that, to listen to your Higher Self, and to write things down when the answers come. Then release the old and create the new!

There are no mistakes and you are all supported no matter which choice you make in each moment, so be kind to yourselves.

Now for those of you who have come through this time with ease and grace, we congratulate you. This does not make you better than those of your collective who have struggled. We say to you that you have reached a point where you can see beyond circumstances, and this is a wonderful gift. So continue to hold steadfast for yourselves and the collective. We all aid each other. This is not just an individual process , although individually you each make a difference by your unique gifts and missions. When you work on your unique paths, you aid the collective, of which we have spoken before.

So we would like to encourage all of you to keep creating, keep note of your dreams, your goals, and keep note of any visions and synchronicities. Be aware! There are no accidents. Every single little sign is a sign from Spirit, and a sign from the reality that you are creating. So pay attention, and be grateful, for all is well and all is coming to fruition.

Now we would like to speak of New Earth. Many of you anticipate this greatly. We feel the longing in your hearts. We understand, for we know that you have come through some very dark times.  You have always been supported and will continue to be supported. We would like to tell you to not worry about the details of New Earth, such as, "How will we get there?"; "When will it happen?"'; "Will my loved ones come with me?"

YOU have the power to create New Earth within you, and with every single thought, decision, word, intention or vibration that you may have.

We would like you think on that for a moment. Think of the powerful impact you have on your own reality! When you wake up in the morning, is your first thought of lack or is your first thought of abundance? Do you feel rushed to get out the door? Or do you take 5 or 10 extra minutes in the morning to wake up slowly, connect in to Source, set your intentions for the day, and then get out of bed with a smile on your face. All these things are important in creating New Earth. Your decisions during the day are vital, even the ones made moment by moment , such as whether or not to remain peaceful at work, at home, or wherever you may be.

With every decision that is made of love, harmony, peace, joy and abundance, you are now building one more step closer to New Earth. Every act of kindness, every  word of love, every cheerful smile, every hand outstretched to a stranger is building New Earth.

Even your acts of kindness toward nature, Mother Gaia, the animal kingdoms, the elemental kingdoms, and the mineral kingdoms are vital in building a New Earth.

Do not claim that you do not have the power within. Within each of you lies the power to create a New Earth that is blissful, harmonic, and beautiful.

So take note of your  vibration, your thoughts, your actions, your words. Even though they may not all be pure, congratulate yourselves on the ones that are pure, and the ones where indeed you have made a difference. Focus on the positive you have done, rather than the positive you have not done. Guilt or regret will bring your vibration down. However, thinking on the positive things you have done will bring your vibration up because you have made those choices from a place of love.

We thank you now for all of you that are unsung heroes who are disciplined and faithful in your daily practices, for all of you who do those random acts of kindness, for all of you who are dedicated in raising your vibrations higher and higher, for all of you who are helping every  single person around you, and every single person on the planet, to bring them to the Light.

We love you and as always we are here with you. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~


January  24, 2018

"Matters of the Heart"

Hello! We are the Andromedans. This is Sandrhi of the same Light Crew that has been contacting you in the past few weeks.

The Andromedans are known to be masters of scientific endeavors. This is true. We have created such technology that would leave you speechless. However, today we wish to speak of matters of the heart.

The heart in itself is of the greatest technology. It is no accident that the heart is placed at the center of your chest, the center of your being. The heart carries technologies that are yet to be discovered. The heart connects to energy more quickly than does the brain. The heart receives the energetic impulses first. Therefore, if your heart chakra is blocked, a lot of these impulses will be lost, the energetic intuitive imprints that you would otherwise receive will be lost.

So we would encourage you to keep your heart centers clear, keep them open, keep your hearts pure.

What does this mean in day-to-day life? Your medical doctors would encourage you to eat a clean diet so that you do not get cholesterol. What we would like to show you  today is something similar.  Your heart can get clogged with negative emotions, old patterns of negative belief systems, hurts caused by others, self-sabotage, and so on.

So we would like to point out to you that whenever you receive a transmission or frequency that is negative which would like to settle in your heart and clog its energetic field and passageways, that instead of letting it settle, transmute that frequency into pure crystalline, diamond white light. Clear out those passageways of your energetic heart. Keep them clean and keep them pure!

When someone says an unkind word to you, and that message would like to settle in your heart chakra, visualize those words turning into pure crystalline, diamond light energy flowing into your veins, transmuting negative into positive, shadow into light.

Whenever you have a negative thought about another person, situation or circumstance, this would also like to travel to your heart center to clog it up, and to make it harder for your heart to function. So we would encourage you also to transmute yet again that negative thought that would travel there to settle in to become spiritual cholesterol. As you catch yourself with these thoughts, transmute them into pure crystalline, diamond light energy and transform your whole being with Light. Even if you have to repeat to yourself, "I let it go", this transmission is now LOVE. Please do so, for not only are you aiding yourself, you are also aiding those who are a mirror of you. And you are aiding the entire collective.

And so now, do you see how easy it is to transform your life? And to take those things that would have clogged your heart up and then turn into something new and beautiful, magical and healing. For your spiritual hearts now have a chance to be far more healthy and far more effective, and to beat with a purer beat.

So in a way, this message of the heart is scientific. We are showing you how to keep your heart pure and clean by transmutation, by a certain alchemy of energy. This in itself could be considered technology. The energy is being rerouted from grounding into your being as a negative force and is being rewired into a positive force that strengthens your heart field. So you see the picture we are showing you?

And now we would like to say to take care of yourselves, to honor your journey, and to not judge yourselves or each other. If you need to step back from someone, do so. If you need to take a few days to rest, by all means, do so. If you need to change just one thing to aid yourself, please do so. Do not get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done, or all you think you need to do, for there is nowhere you need to be right now, except here; receiving love, receiving the light transmission, receiving healing.

So in the next few days, take the time to rest and to nurture yourself, for much is changing still. Much is being purged and much is transforming. So stay pure in heart, stay connected to Source.

And as we like to say here, "Don't forget to play!" For when you play, you create that inner childlike wonder, which is where all magic begins.

We leave you now with a quote from Tennyson:

"My strength is as the strength of ten, because my heart is pure." ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

We wish you the greatest blessings. Open your hearts to receive those blessings. We love you and we are here for you. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~


"Hello! We are the Andromedans. We have landed here today to assist you, for we know you are ready, and we are here to help. We have seen great progress and great miracles among you. And we know that you are ready to band together in circles, and your groups and communities and come together as a whole, which is greater than a part. We are here to assist you with that.

In the days ahead, there may be great turmoil on other planes. But do not worry, we know you will be sure and steadfast, for you have ascended to far greater realms than you even know.

And so we are here to congratulate you and support you on your path. We are here to say that you are ready. We are here to give you gifts, to each of you individually (you will know), and for the collective we give you harmony like never before. You will see and hear of things that make you dance with joy. In fact, music will be a big part of your growth together.

We are here to tell you that the rainbow bridge is intact and you can now walk across it with your loved ones when you are ready.

We know that you can see the New Earth now with its vibrant colors and its blissful harmonies and its purities and its love. And we are so excited for you, for you are now remembering what that feels like. And we are also excited for you, for we know that you know NOW that that is the way it has always been.

And we are here to thank you for your part in this Ascension, for you are helping other planets and other beings ascend also.

We would like to encourage you to look beyond and to not get stuck in the old ways, for the old ways are now completely gone and the NEW way lies in front of you. You may not know what step to take, but just take a step. You may not see the bigger picture, but we do and we know that all is well.

So keep believing! Keep practicing. Keep supporting each other. For we are here, along with all the other galactic friends to celebrate with you, to aid you, and assist you and support you.

Our excitement cannot be contained for we have seen what lies ahead and we have seen all the possibilities that were once undreamed of, unheard of, forgotten.

In the days ahead, you will come out of your cocoon and be butterflies. The last year was cocooning and growing, preparing for the life ahead. And this year you shall emerge more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

We love you. We are proud of you. And we are here with hands outstretched to embrace you, for we are all a family. And we are ONE. That is all."


At the end of the transmission, a word was given: "Samanthra". According to Google, Samanthra is "The Southern Harmony & Musical Companion" by William Walker (New York Hastings House, 1835). The partial text of the musical is as follows:

"Isaiah the prophet has written of old how God's earthly kingdom shall come/
Instead of the thorn tree the fir tree shall grow; the wolf shall lie down with the lamb/
The mountains and hills shall break forth into song, the peoples be led forth in peace/
For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the seas."

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~