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November 12, 2019


Dear Ones,

It is I, Archangel Michael. And as always I AM so pleased to be here with you, standing beside you in every moment. My desire for you today, in this now moment, is to sweep aside all the cobwebs of the mind, all the external energies, and all the things that would distract you from receiving the energy of love in this message.

I am not asking you to try. I am just asking you to sit. To be. To be present. And your mind may collect the data, and may categorize it, and may file it away for later use. But your heart knows. And your heart always remembers the frequency of love. Your heart knows how to give and receive this frequency.

Let yourself be in a space now to give and receive while you integrate this message.

I know, having observed all of you Light Beings over many eons, what an important mission it is to embrace humanity. And I also know that it can be a very challenging one as well as an extremely rewarding one. And so I, and my heavenly counterparts, along with The One I AM Creator, honor you now for choosing this task -- the task of humanness, the embracing of humanity.

I speak collectively now on behalf of all those who are with you in all moments. And our desire is for you to see yourself as we see you. Depending on your genetic makeup and your particular frequency that you carry, you may find this difficult to see yourself as Pure Source Energy. Now some of you don't find this difficult at all. However, the message still fits for all. And we would desire for you to see yourself in your wholeness, in your beauty, in your splendor, in your power, in your sovereignty. There is a reason why this message keeps coming again and again and again. It is the way for you to embrace your multi-dimensional self, your God-self. and the beautiful co-creator that you are.

For if you can love yourself fully in all the moments of angst, depression, anxiety, jealousy, panic, and all the things that you would label negative, we do not see it as such. We see it as you shedding the skin of your old self and coming forth completely new. So in those moments where you have difficulty to see the beauty of you, take yourself to a different place where you can observe yourself and see the wholeness of you. Visualize it if you cannot see it. Take a step back and look at yourself as you would look fondly upon a child or an animal. You would not judge a child or an animal or any other living being for being who they are, for being their authentic self. You would say, "Oh, they are learning how to walk." Or "Oh, they are learning how to have manners" and so on.

So in all moments, observe yourself, and love yourself, laugh at yourself and hug yourself, and embrace yourself, for YOU are a gift to this world.

We have recently watched the powerful gateway of the 11/11 portal open wide. And we want you to know that no matter what you felt on that day, it has been done. And all have an opportunity to step through into the new. All have an opportunity to wear the Christed robes, and the Christed energy that is available. So don't think you blew it. You did not. Everyone, always, at all points in time, as time does not exist, has access to these beautiful 11/11 gateway energies.

The next few weeks are pertinent for all of you, each on your own path. Some of you may be experiencing grace and ease and flow, while others of you may be, once again, shedding the old, recognizing what keeps you stuck in a loop, in a magnetic pull toward the old. But I invite you to take my sword of truth, my blue electric sword, and hold it in your hands. And cut those cords, cut those energetic timelines, and cut those constructs of time, and cut that magnetism, and hold that sword up high. And connect it to The One I AM Creator, and connect it to your heart. And then you will connect to the new, whatever that means for you.

You can observe what relationship no longer serves you, what job no longer serves you, what paradigm you wish to exit from. And you can choose in any moment, for it is always available to you -- to step through that portal. You may feel that it is only an energetic step, but all of you, all of you in all dimensions are stepping through this same portal, should you wish to do so, in accordance to the free will that Creator has given.

I urge you to write things down. Record your dreams, record your thought patterns. Record the memories that come up, and then take a look at them, for we are bringing them to you. We are opening the Akashic Records for you at this time so that you can take the blue sword of truth, the Source Light within you and say "I am done. Now I AM open for the new. I will rewrite what needs to be rewritten. I will embrace what is for my highest purpose. I will move forward in this moment, and in the next and the next."

All of these things are coming for a review on purpose. So you may be thinking you haven't thought of for ten or fifteen years. That is a subtle sign for you to momentarily go back in time, revisit that memory is what you are actually doing, and in your heart seek closure for that time and that place, that person and that experience. Forgive yourself if needed, forgive others if needed, and then lift your face to the shining light of the Sun, the glory of God, The One I AM Creator, and in that moment know that it is done, and that you have masterfully disconnected from the old timelines, the old paradigms, the old memories, and you are stepping into the new portal.

Some of you may wonder, "Could it be that easy?" And the answer is, "Yes, it is." With each choice, with each thought, with each intention, you create the new. You may have to rewind and go back and do it again, or do it multiple times. That does not matter. What matters is that you are doing it and that you are BEING it. And that you are stepping into your sovereignty with each thing that comes up that would challenge you.

We are observing that many of you are becoming masters of this. You are doing this with more ease and flow, without judgment of yourself or others. And we applaud you and we honor you for that.

This ascension process may seem complicated, it may seem challenging, it may seem difficult, and you may have lost interest in it -- it may no longer resonate with you. However, what remains the same, no matter what label you put on it, is that all of creation is awakening to the knowing of quantum entanglement, the ONEness of All That Is, that there is more than is seen to the naked, physical eye. That there is more. There is purpose. That there is pleasure and pain to be experienced, joy and sorrow, but it is all part of the experience. And we are so delighted to see more and more souls in every moment awaken to this knowing.

Do not worry, once again, about what you see externally in the world around you. Gaia herself is constantly changing. And we invite you to connect with your beautiful Mother. When you get overwhelmed about what is going on around you, take a moment and connect with her. Speak out loud to her if you wish, or send her a loving intention. This will help ground and balance you, and will help you align with her energies, which will keep you in a stable and calm energetic state. And if you are feeling good, please connect with her anyway, for she longs to connect with you and to be a part of your soul's journey. For she is one with you as you are with her.

Now, while I invite you to fully embrace your humanity and play and have fun, and enjoy your experience her, I also invite you to be aware and to keep your heart centers open and free so that you can receive all the things that are unseen and unheard. For everything shifts in every moment. Everything is being taken care of, collectively speaking, on the planet. (And we may speak more about this later). But it has come to a point where the Light far surpasses those forces who would wish to keep you in the dark. So never fret about that. And if you wish to be useful in this (ascension) process, uphold the light, uphold the love, practice kindness and compassion, and generosity and community. For with each soul that does this, it creates a node point that connects to the next soul, who is doing that, which creates the entire Human Grid across the planet, which also connects to the grid of Gaia, which  of course, is connected to Source.

This is how you do it. It is not complicated.

So next time you may feel like 'throwing in the towel,' take a deep breath, embrace that electric blue Sword of Truth, hold it in your heart, turn your face toward the Sun, Breathe, and say "I AM."And you will be reset. It is a simple practice.

Know I AM standing here beside you always, as are many, many other beings of the highest order of Light. We love to communicate with you.  You do not need a channel or a go-between to communicate with us. So simply open your heart's frequency to us, and know that you will give and receive freely whether your linear mind is aware of it or not.

And remember, all is One. And Love is the key to every portal, and every gateway, and every new beginning. And you, my Dear Ones, are now in the most auspicious new beginning of all. And I leave you with great joy.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

(c) 2019

September 9, 2019


"Dear Children,

We send you our love and our support. For we know many are experiencing different levels of consciousness, different levels of emotion, and different levels of reality at this time. And we want to remind you that no matter what level of reality or consciousness or emotion you are feeling at this time, there is no right or wrong in that.

We have seen many avoid their realities with distractions, and we have seen many run with their thoughts and create story with the narrative of sadness, with the narrative of loss, and with the narrative of even confusion. And we would like to speak to those who are in that place at this time. And the things we are speaking of are not an abstract concept, but they are very real.

How you can connect with that feeling of unconditional love is through your Heart centers. If everything is filtered through your heart, then everything becomes easy. The 'trying' is what is exhausting you. The trying and working and striving is what is stagnating you.

So choose now in this moment, and in every other moment that comes into your awareness, to filter everything through your heart. For your heart center, your heart chakra, is the biggest of all the meridian points and the energetic fields in the body that you carry. And even if you do not understand this concept, we urge you to give it a try with everything that comes in your path.

And we would like you to practice this with yourself first. Don't try to be the hero and apply it to every area of your life all of the time (unless you are ready to do so, then by all means please do that), but practice this dropping into your heart center with unconditional love for yourself first. For there you will find the mastery. For if you have self-love, completely unconditional love for yourself in this moment, in all aspects of your life, regarding your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, your spiritual body, and all of that which makes you you, then you will find the mastery therein.

For love is not trying or doing. Love is just BEing. And do you not see how this takes the pressure off? By caring for you, and getting fresh, healthy food, pure water, exercise, meditation, and discipline in those areas, that will bring you freedom in other areas. So practice it today, this day, this moment, this now. Practice that unconditional love for you. And when you catch a thought going through your mind that would set you off, or when you find your mind running a story or a narrative that isn't of the highest light or of unconditional love, then just drop that thought into your heart, and there it will be transmuted into unconditional love.

For unconditional love does not take work, it does not take 'rules,' it does not cause stress. Unconditional love just IS. And in that love you will find moments of sweet surrender where you realize and you KNOW that just being you is perfect. For knowing is different than believing.

So we invite you now to KNOW that you are unconditional love, and that you deserve unconditional love. And then when you begin to vibrate that frequency of unconditional love towards yourself, you will see how it has a ripple effect into every other reality, every other relationship, every other scenario that you find yourself in.

Now we know that spiritual growth, ascension, and awakening is not an easy task. And we applaud you for your bravery to come here to be the wayshowers, the forerunners of this new era.

So we urge you not to be distracted, not to keep yourself busy with things that would keep you from dropping into your heart centers. Whenever you find yourself wanting to be soothed, or wanting to be distracted, or wanting to avoid or escape, this is where the discipline comes in. This is where you say, "No. I choose to face my reality NOW." This is where you say, "I choose to place ALL of my realities, all of my thoughts, all of my scenarios into that beautiful, golden orb that is your heart center.

We urge you not to give up. We urge you not to become disillusioned. We urge you not to become discouraged. Just simply reset when you feel that is happening to you, and allow that sweet surrender to be the force that propels you forward. And do not compare yourself to others. They may be feeling bliss, you may not.

It is time to spread your wings! And spreading your wings takes practice. And even those of us who have wings, we had to learn, too. We had to practice, we had to fall. We got up and we tried again. So we urge you to keep spreading your wings, and see the power of them, the breadth of them, and the illumination of them.  For the wings of you are real, the wings of your spirit are mighty, and the wings of your heart are transcendent and cosmic and unbelievable.

We urge you to see yourself as we see you. You are all that is. You are not just one thing; you are many things. But the core of you is unconditional love. So surrender to that sweet love now in this moment. And take a deep breath, and know that you are supported, and you are loved, and you are perfect, and you are beautiful.

And we stand beside you always, and we wish to hear when you need our help, for we will be there. For [you] as humans, we need your permission to come help you, so don't forget to communicate with us, and we will help you.

We leave you with the unconditional love from our hearts. Allow it to beam into your hearts right now in this moment.

That is all."

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

© Kalia Diya 2019

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August 11, 2019


"The Ancient Oracle of One Declares:

I sit with Infinite Creator in the Void, where is Nothing, and there is Everything. I see All That Is, and I see the infinite wonder of Its frequency.

I know that all of divine HUmanity is awakening, hearing the call of Love and responding within each of their heart centers, and this brings me joy.

I see all of divine HUmanity releasing themselves from the Dream, and awakening into the knowing of the Infinite Beings that they are.

I see all of divine HUmanity releasing beliefs, releasing old paradigms, releasing timelines, and releasing fear, and stepping in to the pure crystal, diamond Light of Source.

I see the Earth rising to meet the Heavens, and the merge of Oneness there is grand.

I see the Sea Beings communicating with the Sky Beings. I see the Earth Beings communicating with the Stars. And I see HUmanity communicating with all Beings that exist across all dimensions, Universes, and realities and it is also grand.

I see the Elders of the Land walking upon it once more, with a high frequency, aiding and assisting Gaia in her own Ascension path.

I see the trees joining hands with each other singing a great song across the Multi-Verses.

I see the Angels encircling the Planet, holding the space of Peace, Harmony, and Unity for All, for All is One.

And the Oneness in this moment is more real than any of the HUman five senses.

I see all of divine HUmanity embracing their consciousness beyond those five senses, and realizing that they truly are connected in every moment.

Infinite Creator is within, and shines within, and smiles within, and laughs within, and plays within. And I wish for all of divine HUmanity to know this.

I wish for all of divine HUmanity to know this within their hearts, and to know that they are living, breathing, walking proof of the miracle of Life.

(Light Language)

I NOW DECLARE: Peace, Harmony and Love across all timelines, realities, and dimensions.

I NOW DECLARE: the merge of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within.

I NOW DECLARE: that the scales fall off the eyes of those who are yet to see.

I NOW DECLARE: that the lips of those who are to speak be unsealed and be anointed with the power of Love.

I NOW DECLARE: that the ears of those who cannot hear be opened, and that they hear the most divine music ever heard, across the Universe.

I NOW DECLARE: the taste of those who tasted the bitterness of life will now taste the sweetness of Love and Harmony and Restoration and Regeneration NOW.

I NOW DECLARE: that the touch of Infinite Creator be felt by ALL who have chosen to come at this time.

I NOW DECLARE: that All is Love and All is One.



It is Done.


Channeled by Kalia Diya

PS. You will notice the call of the crow and the sound of raindrops as you listen to the voice recording of this message that was recorded outside in a sacred place.

June 25, 2019


'Rooted in Love'

"Dear Children,

We are here together, as we always have been. I am you, and you are me, and we are ONE.

I invite you now to connect to your root chakra, that chakra that is based at the bottom. The earthy chakra, the one of your foundation, the one of your security, your basic needs. Connect to that now, and imagine it spinning, spinning lightly clockwise. And imagine the core of you meeting the core of me, and we are one pillar of Light. So we send each other love this way.

Many of you may have felt uprooted in your root chakra. Perhaps you've lost a job or relationship, or you are concerned about your housing, or basic needs. This can be alarming, but it is happening for a reason, so allow it to be. And take moments of stillness and listen to the messages. And I ask you to trust, because we are doing this together. And all will stabilize and balance in perfect timing as it always does.

I will always be here for you. I will always nurture you, and I will always care for you, and always love you.

What we can do together is stay rooted in one another and take care of each other. And by you choosing Light, and choosing awareness, and choosing the Awakening, the Ascension process, you are helping me in the Ascension process as well. And all the Beings that live on this planet, including myself, are extremely grateful for every act of Love that you show, every piece of trash that you pick up, every garden that you tend to, every bee that you feed, every animal that you nurture, or child (that you nurture).

So while things may feel unstable, they are indeed, quite stable. For the new earth timelines have been anchored in, and all is well.

To put it in perspective, think of the age that I AM, your Mother Earth. I am very, very old. And so all these changes take time, the time that you are used to. Yet everything happens concurrently, and everything happens on a grand scale. For we are all quantumly entangled. And as you grow and release the bondages of the past, and the old ways of thinking and the programming, so I am released.

So let us help each other. As you help me, I will help you. It is unconditional, of course. So I encourage you to spend time in nature, grounding. Spend time with self-care. Do not over-analyze anything, just observe and flow and allow it to be. For it is intense at the moment, and will continue to be. But just breathe, and allow.

Be grateful for all things, and stay rooted in love. For love is the key, love is the answer, and love is the way. And I love you, my dear Children.

That is all."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya  ~

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June 20, 2019


For those of you who aren't familiar with the Elohim Energy, I see these Beings as very high dimensional light bodies. They have little form or shape. They are simply pillars of Light. They are directly connected to Source Energy, and secondarily the Lyran energy, which is first-Creator energy. I simply connect to that frequency to receive the message. Their energy is of pure Source Love, without judgment, an all-knowing, all-being state of ancient wisdom and grace. It is like having a grandfather or grandmother who is always there for you, who holds you in their lap, sharing the wisdom of creation and transferring that love energy to us. If you wish to connect to that, take a breath in and out, intend to receive the frequency, and so it shall be.

"Walk in Love, Dear Ones, walk in Love.

For when you exist in the constant state of Love, there is no worry, there is no fear, there is fight, and there is no need for justice. Do you not see? When you are in this constant state of Love, there is nothing to 'work out,' nothing that needs to be strived for, nothing that needs to be fixed. For your automatic response is that of Love. There is no analyzing, no game-playing, and no fighting.

Imagine yourself now in a group of people, and there is noise around you, and everyone seems to be talking at once. Yet one person in particular stands out to you. And that person begins to annoy you with their gestures, and with their mannerisms, and with the volume with which they are speaking. Now you can shift that to become The Observer, and to see that person as a part of you -- that person that just wants to be loved and seen and acknowledged. And by you silently acknowledging them, you are acknowledging that part within you that reflects them.

So you see why there is no need to strive or be, and when you are in a state of Love, there is no right or wrong. Love just IS. Love does not have to conjure anything up. Love does not have to play games, Love does not manipulate, Love does not vie for power. Love just IS.

Now we know you have been hearing this message for a long time, but it remains eternally true. And if you cannot be in a state of Love toward everyone, then practice that state of neutrality and watch that transform into Love.

We know you are going through an important time with the Solstice Gateway, and it is wide open, Beloveds. All you have to do is set your intention to choose to step through. There is specific timing or place or way you have to do this. Just hold the intention in your heart that you want to continue on your journey to Oneness with Creator and to Oneness with Love, and to Harmony with your fellow humans.

Do not look outside yourself for messages of hope, messages of prediction, or messages of guidance. Look within. You could be the only soul incarnated on the planet, and you could do this all by yourself. Now it is very important to be here together, and to share together, and do things together, but KNOW that YOU are everything. You are all things, and you are Love.

So set your intention to be that in every moment. And if you can't, then in the next moment, set your intention to be that in every moment. You are not on trial, you are not being judged, and you are not being cast aside -- if you feel that you aren't doing something right.

Love yourselves exactly where you are, with all your ups and down, with all your idiosyncrasies, and with the very beautiful, complex YOU -- the whole of you. Be authentically you. And therein lies your path.

There is no need to plan or to worry. For by you being authentically you, everything will automatically unfold if you are in alignment to Love, and if you do everything -- every action, every word, every thought of Love, will automatically create and transform and unfold and reveal the path before you.

Walk in Love, Dear Ones, walk in Love.

That is all."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

June 14, 2019


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Channeled June 12, 2019



I stand here with you now. I am all things, as you are. I stand beside you with my electric blue sword of truth, power, and protection. This frequency is available to you at any time. All you have to do is intend to connect with that frequency and bring that into your reality, and it shall be instantly manifested.

We love you. And we want you to know that you are never alone, and we are always beside you.

The frequency of Grace is being brought into this transmission. Breathe it in deeply into the center of your being, and allow that frequency of Grace to permeate every single cell of your body. And then allow that frequency to flow out of the core of your being into your aura and all of your bodies, all of your aspects, and into the entirety of you.

This frequency of Grace will bring a peace and a calm to your hearts. For as the words were spoken of old, "Let not your heart be troubled." And we invite you to rest now. For I AM here with a host of angels, holding this space for every single soul who wishes to connect to that.

You can bring Grace into your life starting with neutrality, which means not getting upset when someone sets you off your center, or if you receive bad news, or if you are just simply down or perhaps in a state of boredom. Bring Grace into whatever state you are in. Bring it in now and breathe it in. For this Grace is a purification energy. It can transmute all that is there pressing in upon you. This Grace can calm your mind and soothe your soul. And it is very simple. We know the linear mind likes to make things complicated, and the world you live in has set up everything complicated.

But really, what matters and what works for you is always simple. That is the breathe, that is the Love, that is the Grace of all Creation. And it is yours! It is your divine birthright, and you can access it at any moment. And if you find yourself forgetting, don't worry. You can do it instantaneously, and it can shift everything. You can instantly change your reality by breathing in Grace. It only takes a moment, and you can do it wherever you are, no matter where you are, no matter who is around you, no matter how much noise or chaos is around you -- you can be the calm in the eye of the storm. And by you holding that frequency, you magnify that, and multiply it and manifest it throughout the entire Universe.

Know this Beloveds. Breathe it and BE it. See it and feel it. For all things, All That Is, originates in your hearts. So tap into this Grace to calm the mind, to calm the body, to calm the atmosphere.

And now that I, and my angelic counterparts, are always here. We always surround you. We always protect you.

And we would urge you to stand in your power at all times. Now we know that the word 'fight' brings up a lot of emotion. We are not asking you to fight. We are asking you to stand calmly with Grace in the eye of that storm. You have the right to speak what it is that you wish into your reality. And if you feel you are being harassed or upset by an outside influence, then you stand in your power and you command it to be gone. You stand in your power and you allow that fire in your belly to flow forth out of your intentions, out of your words, out of your hearts, and you stand and you decree what it is that you want in that moment.  This is not fighting, this is BEing, and this is standing in your power.

So know that you are fully equipped with all the tools that you need. And we know that these little reminders from time to time are extremely powerful for you, because we understand that it is easy to forget. It is easy to forget where you've placed your tools. Then you wander around looking for them, because nothing is working. And you are intent on finding that tool that you've lost. How you find the tools of Grace and Power is by being calm. Tap into your heart and immediately you will find these tools there. Do not let anyone, anything or any being throw you off of your power, of your sovereignty, and of your divine birthright.

You are Love incarnate. You are Grace incarnate. You are Power incarnate, and do not ever forget that. And if you cannot believe it or see it or feel it at this point, I will stand here and hold that space for you until it manifests into your reality. And that is why I say, "I stand beside you always."

And the Love of Source is ever with you. It never leaves you. Source Creator desires to have a relationship with you. And remember to always say, "I love you" to Source. For as you say "I love you," you open up your heart, you open up your crown, you open up all your power centers to receive directly that Source Love, that infinite Grace and wonder that you are made of.

Open yourself up now.

I love you. That is all."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

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June 4, 2019


"Greetings, dear Children of Gaia!

We are representatives of the Galactic Confederation of Light, and we come from all points across the galaxy and beyond. We form a unified group of the whole. We come from many places, and you all are considered our family, for we are all connected.

We would like you to stop and take a moment and look at your physical body. Just stop and take a look at it, and send it love, for it is made in the very image of God. Every single one of you who is receiving this message now is made in the image of God. And we want you pause and take a moment and look at yourselves, that vessel which you see in front of you, and know that you are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, and you are cosmic beings that have been created. No one is created by accident. All are part of the grand plan. And we want you to know how beautiful you are, and that is why we have asked you to look upon your own image and rest in that, and know that every single part of you is absolutely perfect and beautiful.

And we thank you for being the brave ones, the courageous ones, the bold ones, to incarnate upon your beautiful planet, Gaia. And we want you to know beyond all shadow of a doubt that you are fully connected to us, to All Things, and to Source at all times. There is never a moment where you are not connected. So you can walk the Earth, live your lives, with that knowing that you are connected at all times. Whether you feel it or not, it still remains a fact: it is the Truth. And you are that living, breathing proof of Truth. So allow that to settle into your hearts now for a moment, and breathe in that knowing: that you are Whole and you are perfect, and you are all a fractal of the God Source.

We have heard the request for a message for all of you who star-gaze, skywatch, and dream of cosmic wonders. And we are here to confirm that we have heard you, we see you, and we know you. And it is real. And we thank you from the bottom of our very hearts, from the whole essence of our being, that you believe and that you know. In spite of all you have been taught your whole life, in spite of all the untruths, the propaganda, and the staging that has been done, we are so delighted that you are fully awakened, and that you are aware and that you KNOW of your connectedness to ONEness once again.

And so we honor you. And every time we see you looking out into the cosmos, we see you and we reflect that love right back to you. So know that what you see is real. And keep looking, for you shall find more and you shall see more.

We also urge you to not place too much merit upon time. For time warps and bends and twists, and sometimes it is slippery, and it is an elusive energy. Why we are speaking of this is because we do not want you to fixate on any particular date or time or momentous occasion, although those can be important. But we would like you to stay in the moment, and be in the wonder as a child is when that child sees a treasure for the first time. Stay in the wonderment of it. Do not analyze it. Simply FEEL it. And hold it in your heart. For that is the oneness and the connectedness of which we are speaking in this message.

So continue to look to the skies, look to the stars, look to the Sun. But mostly importantly, look WITHIN for you will find us there. For we are in your hearts. So attune the frequency of your hearts to love, and there you will find us. And know that we are real. And many of you shall look upon our faces. Every single soul will at some point in your journey, whether it is on this side of the veil, or the side you find yourselves on, but it will happen. It is an absolute reality. It is not an illusion, it is not a fable or a fairy tale. It is real.

We honor you, and we thank you for looking to the skies and capturing pictures of us and other beings, frequencies and energy. For that is what you are seeing -- it is all energy, frequency and vibration. And those are specific frequencies being beamed down to you, which you are reflecting back to us. And it brings us great joy to communicate with you like this. So we thank you for your faith and your trust and your belief. And we continue to support you, as always, and we build up that faith and love and trust that you carry towards us. And it is being beamed back at you without exception, across the entire planet in every moment.

That Love frequency that is being broadcasted across the Universe is available to each and every single soul incarnated on the Planet without exception. For we know that gender, race, religion, financial status, and education, truly does not matter. Those are all experiences that each has come to experience, but what truly matters, and what you carry with you across the veil,  is your soul and your love and your essence. So do not fret about the small things, and do not focus on the lack. But focus on the abundance that you have. And part of that abundance is your connection to Source and All That Is, and your connection to us.

So we leave you now with that frequency and that energy. And know that we thank you, we honor you, and we love you. And we are always here.

That is all."

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

May 14, 2019


Greetings from the Elven Kingdom to all of Humanity:

It is I, Konakii, of the Elven Kingdom. I AM a multi-dimension being, as you are. And I reside within Inner Earth, and the sixth dimension, as well as other dimensions. And I am here today with an important message of encouragement for all of Humanity.

Know you that you dear ones have found yourself in an illusion for thousands of years. And now YOU have broken free of that. And so allow yourself to be patient and take the time to allow that new reality to sink in, and to become the one that you see and interact with, and hear and feel and speak to. For we hear you when you speak to us. The trees hear you, the faeries hear you, and all the Elementals hear you. But we, the Elven Kingdom, love to be with you once again.

There are many myths and stories about us. Some of them are true and some are untrue. But we have always been here, assisting Gaia and Humanity. And this time is no exception. And we are here now in strong support of you, working closely beside you and with you. And we are even in your hearts. You can find us there. And you can find us in your nature walks, and you can find us in whatever landscape that happens to be around you, for we are there. We are closely tied to Mother Gaia, so whenever you connect to Her, we are always sitting beside Her, supporting Her and you.

We are here to help bring back the Ancient Knowledge, to help the crystals rise from the Earth once again, and to build the glorious crystal kingdoms and the crystal cities that have been spoken of. And we are here to assist with all of the awakening process. And we ride in the heavens, and we ride on the land, and we ride in the land. We are to be found in many places. But know we assist those of you who work with Mother Gaia closely. And we honor you, and we want you to know that we love to work with you.

For your hearts are golden bells that ring out with the frequencies that you each carry.  Your hearts are golden bells that ring out across the cosmos, and we hear every bell, and every note of music that is yours. And we rejoice, for it is a beautiful sound.

And we encourage you to keep your heart singing, and to keep it joyful, to keep that song alive. Do not allow it to be crushed by any one, by anything, by any belief, by any democracy, and by any thing that is not of the highest vibration of love.

So when you see, hear, or feel something that would upset you, transmute it immediately. Transform it into the heart song. And this heart song joins with all of creation, and it strengthens the grid that makes up the consciousness, the conscious cosmic Christ wonder.

So consciously choose in every moment to allow your heart to sing, and imagine it going out from your heart as sound waves -- out into the ethers. And know that it is so. You are doing it. For your visualization is a powerful creation process. You do not need to see or hear or feel or know for it to be happening. But your intention is the most powerful creation process that you have, and your visualization goes right along with that intention. The two work hand-in-hand.

We are know you are walking a path of trust and faith, and you may not see or feel or hear us. But we are here, just as everything seen or unseen is present. And so you can create your own reality around you with your heart song, with your intention, with your visualization at all times. And know that you are creating a bigger impact than you could ever know.

So keep the trust, keep the faith. And keep doing what you are doing, for it is working. And one day, we shall look upon each other's faces once again.

We leave you with love. That is all.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

May 14, 2019


Dear Children,

I AM Love. You are Love. We are Love. We are One.

I invite you now to sit with me and allow yourself to be enveloped in a blanket of pure Source Love, with soft white, gold, greens and purples. Allow this energy, this frequency to completely wrap you, to hold you, to shield you, to carry you, if that is what you wish. For this frequency is available to all at all times without exception.

So I invite you to sit and allow yourself to be held in such a way while I give you a message.

I, too, was challenged during my incarnations on this planet. And there were many challenges for me as there are for you. But I invite you now to lay them to rest and become as a child who sits in its mother's lap. A child who has no external worries or fears, no external trepidation, doubt or anxiety. For does not a child rest in its mother's arms, in those arms of unconditional love?

I invite you to rest now. No matter where you are on your journey, I AM always here holding this space and this frequency for all.

And so if you are feeling a challenge right now or feeling like you are stuck, in stasis, not moving, then I invite you to come to this place. And if you are feeling that boundless love, that eternal bliss, I invite you also to come sit in this place with me. For all of you are perfectly placed doing your work in your own perfect way. And you are all in synchronicity with the Divine Plan. I know this, and I ask you to trust in this. For no matter what seems to be going on, what reality you find yourself in, you can simply correct it by resting in those arms of Love. And it is good to rest there, even when you are feeling happy and joyful. And it is good to rest there when you are feeling doubt and fear.

It is always open, this frequency, and it is available to you. And this frequency envelopes your entire planet at this time. For Mother Earth, the Elementals, and the animal kingdoms are all working together to raise the frequency of humanity and of the cosmos. And so if you do not feel the Beings around you, do not worry, for their frequency is changing with yours. And it may take a moment to find the new frequency and match with that, but ALL IS ONE, and all is well.

And in those moments when you feel you can't connect, you are still connected. And in those moments, when you do connect, then create with that connection. Create with joy and peace, compassion, and always of love.

We are all here with you now. We are watching and we are assisting and we are supporting. And we are  celebrating. These are times of intensity and times of wonder; times of great cosmic change. And you will never look back and you will always go forward. And you will find more and more of you along the way until you become the whole and complete embodiment of your Unified Self. And so it is and so it shall be.

Know that you are fully supported and loved at all times. And it is your Divine Birthright to feel that support, to know that support, and to BE that support to others. Step into your empowerment. Step into YOU, into your own oneness with All That Is and your own oneness with Source and creation NOW.

It is time, my children, it is time. Trust. And KNOW that you are that, I am that, and we are ONE.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

May 3, 2019



"Dear One,

Stop what you are doing now in this moment, and listen. You will hear the song of the Universe, which is your very own soul's song. You may not feel the song in your heart at the moment, but that does not mean it is not there. For what is happening is that your soul is always singing. Your higher consciousness is ALWAYS connected to Source. Now there may be aspects of you that do not feel that joy or that connectedness, but it is always there.

We are here today to remind you of that, and to know that you are connected at all times. In spite of the human emotions, or feelings, or circumstances you might be seeing, observing, hearing, feeling -- that is all your experience. But your soul is always connected.

How do you remain balanced in times where you feel that everything is falling apart? How do you remain balanced when everything around you seems to be difficult or challenging? You stop. Consciously stop yourself in that moment, and listen and feel and see. For that filter that you can apply to your life of simplicity and oneness is an extremely powerful tool that you have been given and one that you have always carried. And we are here to remind you that you have access to that at ALL TIMES: that knowingness, that oneness, that peace, that gratitude, love and connectedness which comes from Source.

And the quantum entanglement of which you are all a part, that connectedness and that oneness to All That Is, is yours and it is YOU.

So take this with you today, that no matter how you're feeling, no matter what you are seeing around you, no matter what you are hearing around you, YOU are connected, ALWAYS.

There is never any separation between you and Love, between you and Creator, between you and your soul family. You are always connected. You are made of the same fabric of the Universe that everything in the Universe is constructed of.

Be gentle with yourselves and others. Love yourselves and others. And always, always be aware of and consciously wear the garment of connectedness. For so it is.

We bless you, we thank you and we love you. That is all."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

April 22, 2019


Last night, in that beautiful state of consciousness between sleep and awake, where the veil is lifted because the mind is silent, I experienced a complete merge with my Higher Self.

I felt the frequency of my I AM, and my whole body was tingling and buzzing with the energy. The frequency was so powerful, so royal, and so gorgeous.

I began fully seeing the quantum structure of all of Creation. I saw how, in the higher dimensions, each conscious being or each consciousness forms a node point. And each node point is connected to the other, forming quadrillions of node points and connections and energetic lines. Each and every one of those conscious node points contributes to the entirety of the sacred geometry of Creation.

Then I saw, as one travels into the lower densities, these node points are not perfectly aligned because there is not such harmony and oneness as there is in the upper dimensions. And this is why 3D density is so difficult for the harmony and energy to flow because the node points aren't sacredly aligned, not geometrically perfectly placed, as they are in the upper dimensions.

But with each node point or soul (in 3D and 4D) that shifts into a more harmonious frequency, this automatically adjusts the frequency around itself, according to the law of nature. This ripple effect multiplies into incredible infinite quantum numbers and frequencies, connecting more and more node points to the sacred geometry of all that is.

This enables more of the Source pulses, the solar pulses, and the great central sun pulses of energy to anchor in more fully. This is why we are urged to stay in harmony and oneness because it enables that grid to be stronger, to be anchored in to the lower dimensions, and it strengthens the human heart grid into a higher frequency of oneness and neutrality,  joy and peace, connecting all to high vibration frequencies.

With each node point or soul that anchors in the new wave or the new cosmic frequency, know that this cannot be "un-anchored." All souls have access to all things, and if a soul or node point is not ready to anchor and shift, then the opportunity will remain unendingly for that soul to choose to shift into a higher frequency, thus locking in the quantum cosmic intelligence beyond all linear time.

As each node point or soul anchors in the next wave, the dimension they are currently in is automatically raised into a higher frequency; I saw that the human heart grid/Gaia grid actually lifted from the third density into the fifth density. This is likened to critical mass; when enough souls have chosen to rise, the rise (ascension) is ascertained.

I am grateful to my Higher Self for reminding me and all of us that each thought, each word, each intention, each choice matters. There is no pressure to "get it right." There is simply a opportunity in every moment to shift, to choose.

Love remains constant. It doesn't fuss. It is not a victim. It does not doubt. Love KNOWS of its connection and flows. Even if you are experiencing a dark hour, it will not last. In fact, it will shift more quickly if you release all beliefs, expectations, perceptions, limitation, duality, and also release others from behaving the way you think they should. This release frees you to be your Sovereign Self, and to merge more fully with your Unified Self, your Higher Self. This is what we came here to do. And we are doing this.

I love you.


~ channeled by Kalia Diya/Kalia's Higher Self ~