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January 12, 2020


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“We are Pure Source Consciousness in various forms, but you may call us the Galactic Center Council of the Amethyst Nine. We hail from across the Universe, yet all of us are emissaries of Pure Source Intelligence. For those of you who need to know, we hail from Lyra, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, and the Pleiades, as well as the Original Fae/Gaia, the Elohim Group, and the Galactic Center (Sol) Group as well as the Higher Self of the one who is delivering this message.

We are pleased to be with you in this moment. You may be finding that your reality is shifting in terms of relationships, the relationships of those around you, the people that you follow, and the groups that you follow. You may find that these are dropping out of your reality, and new ones are coming into your awareness. This is in alignment for your highest purpose, so allow it and accept it and investigate it. The new ones are being led to you for a reason, because you are ready.

You are now in the middle of this Diamond Stargate, this Source Frequency Diamond Portal, and that is why we are here with you in this moment, to lend you support, to encourage you, and to bring in a very particular set of Source frequencies for you, should you wish to receive.

The alignment of the celestial beings, the planetoids, the Galactic timelines, are indeed auspicious, and many of you are taking note of that, while others of you are simply resting in your own Source presence. There is no right or wrong, but to simply be in this moment. Whether you are a curious one, or one who trusts, all is well. And we remind you to not become too fixated on the heavenly beings, but rather remember that they are a reflection of the own heavenly Being that you are.

Your universe that you hold inside of you (for each one of you has a UNIverse inside of you), reflects the UNIverse outside of you. And it is a grand collaboration of Pure Source Intelligence that this is even so. But the heavens within and without are singing a new song. Do you hear this song? Your own soul sings a new song in this moment.

Now that this Diamond Pure Source Consciousness Portal has been opened, it will remain open for all to cross through. And once again, we ask you all to trust that when you are ready, you will indeed cross.

The message we have today is simple: Put your focus in the here and NOW. Connect with Pure Source Consciousness in every moment.

You are spawning new templates, creating new timelines, and connecting to a new Galactic Timeline in this moment. You are creating new realities, and you are becoming aware of a new consciousness around you. This new consciousness comes from Source, but it is your own Higher Self that is around you. We would prefer to call it your Infinite Self, for there is nothing higher or lower when it comes to your own soul.

Every choice you make, every thought you connect to, every word you speak creates your reality. So, if you wish to connect to your Infinite Self, then speak, and BE, and emanate that frequency out there, and the merge of your Infinite Self will begin to appear. And this is part of the new templates that you are spawning, of which we speak.

Gaia herself is currently going through this Diamond Source Portal, and she is also spawning new templates.

The old has ended and the new is beginning.

The current frequencies in your galaxy are such that Truth shall prevail, and no longer will lies be tolerated. The time of deception and falsehood is over. The time for all to remember Pure Source Consciousness is nigh.

We would like to point out that this is not some sort of miraculous moment – although it is a miracle in itself – that has just evolved out of nowhere. What we are saying is: this has long been prophesied, long been created, and long been worked for by the Faithful Ones. And we thank you.

The song of your galaxy, the frequencies of M87, are emanating throughout the UNIverse, and it is a song of joy and the frequency of FREEdom, for many have embraced their own personal sovereignty, their own personal FREEdom codes, and so it has been reflected throughout the UNIverse. And Gaia herself has done the same. For All is One, and One is All. And all is connected to Pure Source Intelligence.

Again, we invite you in this moment to connect to Pure Source. Connect to that column that you carry within you that goes straight to Pure Source Consciousness. And do not ever disconnect (from) that. That is ALL you need. Your connection to Source is the most powerful connection that ever has been created, and that you will ever experience. Anything beyond that is simply ‘icing on the cake’ as you call it.

Do not cling to any one voice, any one group, any one council(sel), although the ones you are connected to are leading you to the purest of all Love, the purest of all Light. But always be connected in your own heart portal to Source Consciousness. And THERE you will find your truth, and there you will find your life, and there you will find the new templates and the new realities that you seek. It is to be found no where else.

So, while the planetary alignments are very auspicious, and while the global events are indeed astounding, this is our message: Connect to Source. Herein, you will set your own steady course, and create your own(one) reality. Herein, with your connection, will you find all manner of MAGIc and miracles.

While there is more intelligence to be shared, we will keep it simple in this moment. And this simply is the most powerful message you could ever hear. And while your mind may dismiss it as one that has been heard before, we invite you now to breathe, and connect, and to feel that connection to Source.

Stay in this connection at all times. Set your intentions for the new beginning you wish to create. Visualize in any manner that works for you. And remember: You are a powerful co-creator with Source. Hold that frequency in every moment. And remember – two clues we shall leave you with – two of your most powerful tools are: your heart portal and your sacred breath.

We shall be back from moment to moment when there is more information to be shared. We leave this message with you now, with the greatest love of Pure Source frequency.

That is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Galactic Connections & Metaphysical Practitioner
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Channeled December 28, 2019
Posted December 29, 2019

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“Greetings, Fellow Light Beings.

We invite you into this space of LoveLight, Infinite Love, Glory and Wonder. Take a nice deep breath. Center yourself. Let go of thoughts and feel. Open your heart center now and breath. Empty yourself, relax and breathe.

This transmission is of the highest frequency of Light and it is available to all who wish to hear and who resonate with this frequency in their heart. Now take a nice deep breath and smile. And receive. Receive the White Light that surrounds you, the White Light within you, the White Light of Source ever-present, ever kind, compassionate and loving.

And take a nice deep breath and expand your heart center. Expand it outside of your body. Expand it outside of your home. And another nice deep breath. Now expand it across your city, your country, encompassing all of Gaia. And now again, expanding out into the Universe into infinity.

What you are doing now is integrating your Source Self. You are opening up your heart center to the frequency of All That Is. You are remembering YOU, the Light frequency that you have always been. You are dropping the limitations of the mind, and understanding that you are Light, and that Light is a feeling.

You are becoming aware to pause in each moment, and you are becoming aware to breathe. You are becoming aware of the grace and ease of allowance. You are remembering not to attach to a form, a thought, a word. You are remembering that you are StarLight itself. You are remembering that you are the pure air that you breathe. You are remembering that you are the Earth beneath your feet and the water that flows upon that Earth, and all Beings that walk that Earth.

This point of remembrance is activating Light Nodes within you. It is activating your DNA in a way that has never been done before. And your allowance of this and your permission of this will vastly change who you think you really are. And you will find that you are nothing you thought you were, yet you are everything that could ever be. This activation and this node point is clearly changing every timeline you’ve ever been on, every experience you have ever created, and every thought word or deed that you thought ever existed. And you are finding that the state of nothingness is the true state of knowingness. And in that knowingness, you find yourself – that Being of Light that you have always been. And that very Light Being is not attached to human form. It is not attached to any judgment, to any thought, to any person. And when you float in that state of nothingness, that energetic state of Pure Source Frequency energy and vibration, you FEEL the LoveLight. You feel the peace. You feel the infinite harmony of all the tones of Creation.

Now take a nice deep breath and feel that within your heart center. There is nothing that can take that away from you. For you ARE that.

There is nothing, unless you have an allowance for it, that can keep you from feeling this in every moment. So allow for the highest frequency of Light, rather than basing your experience on thought forms. We invite you to base your experience on feeling this Light.

This transmission can be an activation for you to open your own StarGate Portal to receive this high frequency of Light. What this will do, in practical terms, is release old patterns and old frequencies that once served you, but are now ready to be let go of.

Continue expanding your heart center and allow the Pure Source Light to flow into you. It is a flow that never ends, and it activates your DNA, and it activates your Light Being. This is a brand-new experience. Embrace it. Do not think about it. Allow it. Flow with it. Breath with it. Feel with it. For all of your power, your glory, your magnificence comes through your heart as a feeling. You do not even need words to express it or describe it, but allow that feeling to expand in every moment that you are aware of it.

This will happen to each of you in your own way in the moment that you are ready for it. It is an easy process if you feel and do not think. So every moment that you become aware that you are feeling, hold on to that moment and expand it. And consciously raise your vibration with it. And as you do that, you will see external changes and feel internal changes through that FEELING. For your gift of sight is feeling. Your gift of knowing is feeling. Your gift of being is feeling, and it all begins in the heart center.

You are connected to Source through the Sun, the Galactic Center, the Great Central Sun and to straight to Source Consciousness. There is no separation. There never has been. You each have individually chosen this experience of separation, but now you have this incredible opportunity to remember that that has been a teacher, but that now does not need to be your reality – a reality of separation.

You are now ready to remember your connectedness in every moment.

We encourage you in the next two weeks to be exceedingly aware of this message, and to get outside and receive the sunlight, and to breathe the fresh air, and to walk among nature, and to FEEL – to feel everything around you, every being, seen or unseen, in great support of you on your journey. We, and many others, uphold you and also support you on your journey.

You are Light. You are Love. Embrace that, for that is you. It truly does not matter what physical form you took when you incarnated in this experience. It truly does not matter the family that you were born into, or the marriage that you have had, or the children that you have had. It is okay to love all of your experiences, but to know that each step that you have taken has brought you to this moment now, to this node point, to this stargate activation that is personal for you and collective for many.

Breathe, receive, trust. And if you have not yet mastered the feeling of your heart, it happens regardless of your knowing or not. So do not allow your mind to control what is happening, but go to that feeling in your heart, and KNOW that it is happening.

If you find the intensities of the energies at the moment are overwhelming you, then simply go back to the part of the message where we encourage you to get outside in the sunlight and the fresh air and be with nature. This is the most practical and beneficial way to clear your form, to upgrade your ability to hold more light, and to feel. Feel the all of you, the whole of you, within and without, for it is there.

We thank you for being in this space with us. We are transmitting love and frequencies of the highest light should you wish to receive them.

May the blessing of Source be ever upon you, and may you remember your own Starlight, your own Soul light and your own LoveLight.

That is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

December 3, 2019

Tonight my Galactic Portal opened wide, and the Andromedans stepped through. I have a very special love for this family, as they were the first group I ever connected with to channel a message. Their energy was of excitement and of a deep love for us. They had a special gift for me personally, which I gratefully and gladly received.

They always invite me to their ship, and Armondo, the first Andromedan I had ever connected with was present. They took me on a tour of Earth, where I was able to see what is happening, including the blue Christed flame that now surrounds the planet.

Please receive all the frequencies from them if it is resonant with you.


“Greetings, dear Galactic Family,

It is with great excitement that we meet with you here now in this moment, conveying a message of hope, joy and love for you. We are here to celebrate with you, for we know this has seemed to be a long journey for you in this lifetime. But there is much to celebrate in this moment.

First of all, we would like to tell you that your entire planet and the grid that you create is now completely encircled by the blue Christed flame. This energy can be visible to all, but it is certainly visible to us from where we are. And we are multi-dimensional, and we can be in multiple places in the same moment, so we are now with you, yet we are outside of this blue Christed flame observing it glowing brightly. And this flame burns in each of your hearts. And this flame of the blue Christed energy is available to all.

And in this auspicious moment, this blue Christed flame is very significant. The energy and frequency of this flame has not yet been experienced in this manner, and this is why we celebrate. For this moment, now, is such an incredible moment to witness. And we will say, we were not certain it would happen, but with the universal effort of all involved in this awakening and ascension process, so it has been done.

And the energy of your planet has increased with such frequency and such passion. And now the heart of the planet is alive, pulsing with sacred frequencies, which translate into tones and sounds and the most glorious music of Creation ever heard. The old is falling away, and the new is being coded and anchored in now. And each of you has something to do with that. For this is a collaboration of creation mandated by Source and blessed from Source. And all of you, all of your beauty, your wonder, your power is coming back to you.

And when you hear the words, “Remember who you are,” this is what you can do with those words in a practical manner. This does not mean that you have to remember every single aspect, or every single lifetime, or every single mission. It is simply a knowing. It is KNOWING that you are that. Knowing that you are I AM. Knowing that you are connected to all. And when you carry that confidence within you, within your hearts, you bring all of you back into your current reality.

It is not a complicated process. It just involves a simplicity, a trust, and a knowing. So in this moment now, as we are with you, we ask you to take a moment and understand the codes and frequencies of the word “remember.” You are. You are all that is. Your presence here is perfect. And if you were to know every detail of every aspect of every lifetime of every reality in every dimension, it would quite simply blow your circuits. So that is why this process is set up to be one of simplicity. And we ask you to remember that, because who you are right now in this moment is in alignment with your own soul’s path and it is absolute perfection.

You are about to expand so incredibly, so beautifully, beyond all constraints of the human mind. And a new stargate is about to open, and new galactic alignments are ready. They are ready to be activated, they are ready to be embodied. So we urge you to cleanse yourselves, and be in a quiet space from moment to moment while celebrating.

This is a sacred time, so prepare your spaces, prepare your bodies, prepare your soul, your heart, to open and to receive. And all this can be done in your own way and when you are ready. For once these activations are live, it is available across all time and space for all. And the timing of it is inconsequential. The timing of it does not matter. But KNOW that starting tomorrow, these possibilities, this stargate, these activations, will now be active and alive and ready. And you really don’t need to understand any more than that, but just be willing to receive. For all good things are yours in this moment. It is simply a matter of alignment for them to manifest in your reality.

The earth itself shall open up in new ways in sacred points across the planet. And many of you are key holders and will activate these sacred points to open. And this is one of the reasons for our celebration in this moment. All parts support the whole, and know that your part in the vast complexity of it all is precious, is important, and it is part of your mission here.
Again, you do not have to know the minute details of it. Just trust it. And believe it. For as a child who is learning to walk is trusting, so you can be. You do not have to analyze it and rationalize it, and certainly do not doubt it – do not doubt your own processes. For as this young child learns to walk, it does not concern itself with the “what-ifs” or “if onlys.” It just knows that its own evolutionary process will be complete. And so yours is the same.

Surround yourself with that Christed blue flame, invoke it, and know it, and be it, and wear it. For you are sovereign, you are royal, and you are here – yes, YOU, specifically you – for this time, for this moment, and for this miracle. For you are the miracle.

As far as the planetary energies, we would like to report that much has been removed permanently, much is being replaced, much is being created, and much is about to be revealed. And more and more of your brothers and sisters will awaken, and now you are at a point where you can hold the space for them, speak the words when necessary, and provide the intelligence that is needed to support them. For this process is like a tidal wave that has gained much momentum and speed, and it cannot be stopped. And this is a large part of why we are celebrating with you tonight.

For many, the worlds have already merged. And we are speaking of Inner Earth and other Realms, and other races and other beings that you all believe in, that you know are more real than the land that you walk upon. And more and more of this shall merge into your reality where you will see the things you always believed in, and the things you always knew. Do not doubt, and do not let the naysayers through you off your path. For this is a large part of why the earth is opening up in new ways. And we mean specifically that the worlds will start merging, and you will start feeling and seeing and hearing more. And this is exciting.

And as the realities split, and old realities fall away, choose the reality that you want to be in. And believe. And you shall start seeing and hearing and feeling these things. Do not pay attention to any darkness or doubt. Just float away from that, and focus on that which you wish to create and that which you wish to be and see and experience.

And as we leave you now, know that we are always with you, within your hearts, for we are one. We are but a reflection of you. But always keep your connection to Source first and foremost in your heart, for that is what matters. That is where all mysteries and magic will be revealed – in that Pure Source Light that is in your heart. You do not need us or anyone else. All the answers lie within, they are already there. So keep your focus and intention in your heart space. And give gratitude to Source for all that is. For your very life is a gift that has been given, and do not forget that.

In summary, remember: YOU are the blue Christed flame that surrounds the planet. You are the knowing, and the remembrance of All That Is. And you are the lights, and you are the One. And everything is already here, so prepare yourself, cleanse yourself, and have moments of celebration and joy.

We are so pleased to be here with you. And as always we leave you with love and joy.

That is all.”

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Channeled November 21, 2019


"Greetings, Beloveds.

This message is entirely based on feeling. And know that when you feel it and when you hear it, you are receiving the very essence of it, in all frequencies, all realities and all dimensions.

There is a White Light that shines ever eternal. This Light never dims, never stops flowing, and never stops emitting frequencies, and comes around full circle to begin yet again; yet it never ends. And this White Light is of such a high frequency as it comes straight from Prime Source.

If you resonate with this White Light, open your heart now to receive the frequency. The essence, energy and love from this frequency is pure, so open your heart portal and allow it to illuminate every single part of you. This White Light will bring to the surface things that may cause you to feel uncomfortable, so be aware that it is a highly powerful activation. Do not attach to what comes to the surface, but simply observe it, love it, and release it back into the White Light, the circuitry and the sacred geometry of it.

We are now able to transmit this frequency to you because of all the work that has been done, both in your own heart and in the hearts of all the others who reflect you. This White Light frequency activation is available across all time and space, and all realities. And it will come to you at exactly the right moment when you need it. Trust the process.

This White Light is also a frequency of Pure Source Magic, and what this Magic will do -- it will align you ever closer to your  highest Christed Consciousness, to your highest self, and to your highest mission as a soul. It will also burn away anything that will stop you from BEing that. And if the burn is uncomfortable, simply sit in the center of this White Light and allow it to BE. This will also deactivate the parts of the ego mind that are ready to merged with the Higher Mind and with the Heart, which is connected straight to Source.

This White Light is highly Universal and highly adaptable, and can also bring you comfort, healing, and peace. It is protected by the Archangels and Seraphims of the highest frequency and Light. This is a special gift to you. Once your soul has agreed to this activation, it will be a continual process across all time, space, and realities and will continue working for your highest good.

This White Light will envelope you with a palpable love of Creator, a knowingness in your own soul that you are worthy, and you are part of this process. It will expand your own knowing of who you are, and this pleases us greatly.

As the message ends, the frequency continues, so allow it to flow in the continuous, infinite symbol of Pure Source Love and all of Creation. And so it is yours to claim by your divine birthright. Seal it with your own power and your own intention to keep that frequency locked in to the pattern of the frequency that your soul is currently emitting. And it will expand with you, and magnify as you expand and grow.

And so it is.

And we thank you for this opportunity to share this gift with you. May the presence of the Elohim and the Almighty Creator be with you always."


~ Channeled by Kalia Diya

Channeled November 26, 2019


I always love sitting with Anna when she brings a message. She is so wise, and so humble. So kind and so powerful. She spent many hundreds of years incarnated on this planet to learn sacred knowledge and energetic practices taught by Mystery Schools. She went on to mastery and began to teach others, including Yeshua/Jesus. Her energy is warm and loving. She always likes to use visualization practices, and often has a sacred key object in her hand. Today it was the silver chalice.


Enjoy her lovely message to you as you sit with her now.




‘The Sacred Realms of the Heart’


“Dearly Beloved,

I AM in joy to be in this moment together with you. I invite you, as always, to come sit with me in this quiet place, and to open your hearts, and to feel the love that is given to you not only in this now moment, but in all moments.


For we are, indeed, together in a special place. And this special place supersedes all time and space, and it is an actual place in a higher dimension. Feel that for a moment, and sit with that. Sit with that feeling of love and comfort, harmony and safety. Sit with me now, Beloveds, in this place, and open your hearts to receive. For it is yours to receive without restrictions, conditions, or any other thing that would keep you in separation from Creator and from the love of Creator.


Every moment is sacred. Every experience is sacred. Every soul is sacred. And all of Creation is sacred, both the light and the dark, within and without, above and below, and beyond all time and space. All is sacred.


I would like you to take a look at yourself now. You may do this physically or energetically with your imagination. But imagine yourself sitting under a tree beside a quiet stream. And look at yourself as though you were a bird observing a human sitting under a tree beside a quiet stream. That bird would have no judgment of you. That bird would look upon you as another version of itself. That bird would see your energy fields, your heart fields, your aura, and the intention that you are emanating, the frequency that you are emitting.


Can you look upon yourselves now, Beloveds, with this simplicity? Can you see past all the things that you would call faults or hang-ups, or negativity? I would love for you to be able to see yourself right now as you are seen, in the light of pure source love, completely unconditional.


Now as you are energetically sitting under this tree, focus on your heart. Feel your heart. What is it telling you? Is there any emotion there? Is there sadness or grief, pain or sorrow, anger or resentment? Accept it all. See it all. Feel it all. For if you look and feel and see, you will also see the unconditional love that you are created with. And that can never be taken from you. That unconditional love can emanate and emit a powerful frequency – so powerful that you cannot even conceive of it.


Now I want you to visualize the pain and sorrow, the sadness and grief, the anger and resentment dissipating into Pure Source Diamond White Light. Imagine it being transformed as it goes up to Source to be re-created, and sent back down into your heart as unconditional love, as Pure Source Love. And as you visualize this, it is happening! This is the reality of what we taught when we were humans incarnate upon this earth. Many of these ancient mysteries are not so complex, are they? It is being as child, sitting in the wonder of it all, that allows it to be created and manifested and transformed, and to become a reality.


The sacred realm of your heart is so precious. This sacred realm of your heart wants to be free of all the things that would weigh it down and keep it closed, and keep it dimmed.

As you are sitting under this tree now, I am beside you. Allow ALL the things to flow out of your heart into the stream before you to be carried away, never to be seen again. For you do not have to chastise yourself, or go over and over and over the same story, Beloved. You do not. Once you are aware of it, look at it and feel it and hear it. And then allow it to flow into that stream. That stream is unconditional love. It has no judgment, just as the bird who is observing you as yourself.


The sacred realm of your heart holds the keys to all portals, to all timelines, to all realities, but most of all, it holds the keys to your highest timeline, your highest purpose, your highest self, your Higher Self, in fact. And (it holds the keys) to your Almight I AM presence.


You have lack of no thing when you are in the sacred realm of your heart in every moment. If you can begin to see the beauty of this, it will transform your life. If you can sit within this sacred realm of your heart, you will see that all is well.


These words are not meant to placate you or to distress you. These words are words of truth that all is well when you are within the sacred realm of your heart. And the beauty of this sacred realm, and the beauty of your visualization of sitting under a tree beside a stream observing yourself is that, in fact, it is always present and available to you. This time and space will never go away. It is always there beside you, ever manifesting as unconditional love.


This is the gift of life – for you to remember how to use and create with, and to transform all within the sacred realm of your heart. Take a moment and breathe, and allow this to settle in. And you can sit here in this space with me for as long as you need, or come back again multiple times.


I invite you now to take the silver chalice in my hand, and fill it with the water of the stream of life before you. Visualize yourself drinking this pure, crystalline water now. Can you feel it light up your DNA? Can you feel it empower your heart center? Can you feel it from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet? This sacred chalice is an activation as well as a comfort. It is yours to take. It is yours to receive, and yours to embody.


It is my desire, and the desire of all those loving beings around you, for YOU to see yourself as you truly are, without judgment, without expectation, and without the constraints of time. For you were made perfect. And why would you question that? For that is, indeed, a mockery of the Pure One I AM Creator’s creation. Creator made all things perfect: the dark and light, the polarity, the duality, the separation. That was created all for an experience.


But now you have this golden opportunity in this new era to let go of the old ways of doing things, the old paradigms, and the old experiences that would keep you entrapped within a field that no longer serves you.


No longer do you have to feel separate or apart from anything, for you are a part of everything. And everything is a part of you. And all is one, and one is all. And all is love, and God is love, and you are a part of that. So honor yourself in every moment, and remember: just to simply let it go. Whatever emotion you are feeling in that moment, acknowledge it, love it, forgive it, let it pass through your system. Do not allow it to stay within your field, and then realign yourself in that sacred realm of your heart. For all is well there in every single moment, and this never changes.


Now expand your heart center even more, and allow it to fill up. That silver chalice is your heart, and the sacred water is unconditional love. Allow the silver chalice of your heart to fill and to FEEL simultaneously. Does it not feel wonderful? Can you feel the sparkles of pure diamond Source Light within?

And so, my beloved children, doesn’t that feel wonderful? Remember this moment, remember this message. And whether you do or whether you do not, that frequency now is always there for you because you have connected with it.


Do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not fret about anything. Come back to the sacred realm of your heart in every moment. For your heart is infinite.


I am so pleased to have shared this moment with you. And I embrace you with the arms of the Mother and the Father of the Almighty I AM Creator now. Receive the blessing and feel it. It is like a warm hug.


We love you and we see you. And it is a wondrous thing. And that is all.”


~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~


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