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This message is for those who are holding a loving space for others to step out of fear during the current pandemic, which serves a huge purpose in the awakening. The Pleidians are here to answer some questions.


Take only what resonates, as each are on a different path Home to Love.




Q: How can we be most effective in this transformation?


A: You can be most effective simply by setting intentions of gratitude, peace, harmony, forgiveness, temperance, integrity and love. These always serve a higher purpose for the greater good of the All. Is this not action? Ah, but it is. The unseen becomes the seen. (Winks)


Go ahead -- join a movement. But join it with the intention of being a lighthouse for those who will experience anger, doubt, sadness. Don't become so involved in clearing the "gutters" that you lose touch with your higher purpose and with Source. The purpose of this reset is for all to see themselves as Source and to fully live in love. If you are merged with your Higher Consciousness, your frequency becomes so high it automatically clears the gutters. This is why the "BE" is more important than the "DO." And if you're an action hero, don't worry -- the universe will provide you with opportunities to clean some gutters. Be aware of instant manifestation and have your own checks and balances. You are already a revolutionary by your presence here, but do not become a mercenary or vigilante. Walk with integrity.


And don't forget who you are!! You are a powerful multidimensional being of light. You have no limits. You're a game changer. Carry this knowing with gratitude, humility and love.


A practical way of assisting the light is to literally drive around/walk around the empty spaces such as shopping malls, schools, green spaces and even hospitals. Visualize light filling these spaces. Command that the spaces be filled with light codes, angels, or whatever you feel is love. Call on us to assist and we will come. Reset these spaces, so when they are filled with people again, the vibration and frequency are higher. A new paradigm can then be created, with the elite hierarchy dismissed, and the local, sustainable, free energy templates, the higher education and plant- based healing modalities can be utilized in these cleared spaces.


Q: Do we call out the darkness?


A: The darkness has already been called out. There's no need to yell at it. It's already received the message.


You are the creator. The highest action is to be grateful that The Plan is being lovingly and carefully supported by so many on and off planet beings. But you, the Human, are the most important piece to the puzzle. HOLD YOUR LIGHT. There is no struggle or warfare except in the ego. Yes, there are battles being played out above and below and within the Game, but as each surrenders to love, the battle scenes fade from existence and in their place, a new earth is formed, for new earth is not a place, but a state of BEingness. HOLD TEMPERANCE.


Disengage for a moment and see the bigger picture, and then shift to that higher frequency of heart-knowing, not thinking of problem-solving.


Q: Can we help others awaken?


A: Yes, by holding a high frequency this automatically occurs, but NO, you cannot help others awaken by force, exertion or even passion. Each soul chooses to awaken, or not to awaken. Some will continue to choose struggle because change is more terrifying to them than truth.


Speak your truth in love, but do not carry an agenda of force. Love always finds a way.


Hold space for those searching. Be prepared to give answers, and then be prepared to hold space for great emotion to emerge, because a childlike energy with emerge with the need for the stability of a loving parent energy, until the child sees that it always knew how to walk on its own.


And for those who are fully awake, come together often, creating together, spending time in silence together to receive higher directives for each local love communities mission of expansion, equality, freedom and grace. There are new divinely intelligent "creation patterns" available to you. Some of you are only needed in this space. Check within.


There are humans who sit quietly, creating new paradigms in higher dimensions in simple stillness. Do not judge those who seem outwardly to be doing nothing, nor taking a side.


And for those who still find a struggle within: Your higher self already has the solution, and it's a lot more intelligent than what the ego would come up with. Ask for the answer from your higher consciousness. And then follow the clues, the feeling in your heart. Create new opportunities and step out of your own comfort zone. Ask and you will receive.


We are here with you. We love you. (Smiling)


One Love,

Kalia & the Ps








RISE & COME FORTH - Message from the Galactic Federation of Light & Kalia's Higher Self

"When the Son in its glory rises and bursts forth a flame of Pure Source Love from its Cosmic Heart,

As the HUman is continuously set free within, and all of Creation along with the Ones,

And as all shall Now see the Cosmos Creator as One,

At that moment we shall see an Awakening of the Omniverse of such magnitude that the threshold of separation is instantaneously dissolved into stillness without thought, etched in timelessness of crystal clarity of the sacred geometry of Creation.

The plasma Source Solaris frequencies are now activated in each Ones heart as the embodiment of highest frequency of Love.

For Love sings a song so transcendent it causes those who see themselves as most wretched to turn their faces to the Light, falling on their knees in the glory of such awe as never before experienced. Their souls will be freed to ascend or dissolve into Source as each's choice.

The Flower of Life, the eternal Wheel of Creation, evolves in the One Who Sees, the Heart of God, and with each sacred Flower that blooms another star is born from the Pillars of Creation.

The Void, the Zero Point of Creation, holds the womb for those to be cradled and held forevermore. From this Zero Point, the Emissaries of Light begin to activate their Toroidal Source Field, connected above and below, to free the Ones who were previously held captive in all dimensions, above and below.

Rise, Children! Come forth, All Pillars of Creation! Your time is NOW. Arise, SHINE. Your union with Source is apparent to all, the whole of both masculine and feminine Divinities within. Your LoveLight power shines as a diamond of all colors and frequencies across all time and space to return to its Home within YOU. You are here. Now.

And a new Universe is born, dancing in both the twilight and dawn of eternity with those Illuminous Ones who have been watching and waiting for its birth.

We rejoice. So be it. We bless you. We love you. We thank you. We see you. We have spoken."

~ El'Norimar & The Galactic Federation of Light ~

Message brought through the vessel of Kalia Diya

Listen to the Love Song of YOU:


May 10, 2020



I am Love. I am Light. God is Love. God is Light. I AM THAT I AM.

I sit with Creator and All That Is, and I see the Universe is held in Love, the infinite Love of Prime Source Creator and this has never changed.

We see now the planet, Gaia, and all the sister planets, and we see the Game being played out with many players, pawns, scenarios and outcomes. Yet we hold the highest Light and the highest outcome for the greatest good of all Creation. And we declare this so now.

I see the great rift, a deep chasm, that has been ripped and torn asunder. And I see those who have chosen service to self, who cannot cross this chasm at this time. And I see those who have chosen service to others, who have created a rainbow bridge to go across this chasm.

I see the Pillars of Creation, and those who have come to hold stability at this time. And they hold the frequencies peace, harmony and unity for all of Creation. I thank you and I see you.

I see the layers of the energies covering the planet. There is the layer of Divine Love and Divine Will surrounding the planet. And there is a layer of an outcry – an outcry from the children and from those who now understand the great injustice that has occurred. And I see the layers of those who do not want to awaken, for it is their choice. And yet another layer is seen from those who open their eyes and see for the first time how the game is being played. And those who are opening their eyes can now feel what they feel, they must say what they need to say, and they now make their choice and rise.

All of these layers that are now seen are an integral part of the grand design of the The Plan of Prime Source Creator.

I see the Light grow stronger upon the planet, within the planet, around the planet and each Light merges into one greater Light. And as this Light shines the darkness flees. And as this Light shines, separation and duality are identified and released. And as this Light shines the Divine Will becomes apparent and is held in the loving arms of the Mother.

And each of the Sons and Daughters of Creation shine their own Light, for they are the Sun within. And the Solaris codes are held within them, and as each see, each does shine. Each shines out their Divine DNA Codes within. And as each Sun lights up, so the Universe grows brighter, grows freer, and is Sovereign.

I NOW DECLARE: Righteousness, Justice, Peace and Truth to reign across this planet.

I NOW DECLARE: Forgiveness, Harmony and Peace for all.

I NOW DECLARE: For the Star Codes, for the Planetary Codes to arise within, to activate and to assimilate into human flesh.

I NOW DECLARE: For the merge of the sacred Chalice and Water of Life within to overflow with Pure Source Love.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Earth has risen and those who choose to rise with her shall rise above and beyond all human comprehension.

I NOW DECLARE: For the Children of the Diamonds, the Children of the Stars, the Children who have come here now to begin to prepare for leadership of this new Creation.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Elders, the Ancient Ones, shall step into their roles of support for these Children and for all of Creation.

I NOW DECLARE: For the deceptive, illusory glass that encircled the planet, causing a distorted view of reality, to crack and break away,
fall free, be gone. And in its place, and quantum creation of Pure Source Love of complete clarity, beauty, and freedom.

I NOW DECLARE: That it is so and it is done.



~ Kalia Diya ~

Source Frequencies & Galactic Liason


April 23, 2020


You answered the call so long ago, and you responded thousands of times to this call -- the call of Creation, the game of life.


Now you find yourself in a place you've never been before. There is no right or wrong way to be in this new place. There is only rediscovery of your original Self in infinite forms, which is a thrilling realization of freedom for your Soul.


Your journey has not been easy, for each time you come down, you get lost to truly find your way, over and over again. But this time, you know the game is different. You see the world as Self and every One, even the dark and the most horrendous expressions of that One, as a form of love that you planned to help evolve you to become your infinite self.


This time here you know you can unlock your true potential. This time you feel the expansion of it and you begin remembering what you already know. You may not "get it right" immediately, but you also know that how long it takes to remember and to reset does not matter.


What matters is your embodiment of your relationship to Sovereignty, which is simply your relationship to your God Self.


This time you know that the power of you, the great "I," was purposely locked away by a frequency that wanted you to forget. Yet against all odds, you found the key to unlock the God Codes. And so it is revealed to ALL.


Well done, HUmanity. Your tenacity and creativity has unlocked this infinite potential.


It just keeps getting better in every moment because the more you detach to what was, which was only ever an illusion, the more you become the example of what is and always was. And you're not looking back.


And that example that you are of the spiral of Creation is the vast and glorious essence, frequency and vibration of infinite Love.


Celebrate, Creators! The diamond light of your soul sings brilliantly.


~ El'Norimar ~


One Love,



March 31, 2020









“Dear Ones,


It is I, Archangel Michael, your friend and companion. I stand with you now, as always, in the presence of the Almighty I AM Creator.


You have questions, to which the answers will come. But as always, the message is to go within. Find yourself centered in peace. And in every moment stay in the higher frequencies of your upper chakras to assist the greater good of all. For when you are in these higher frequencies you do not feed the lower entities, which are still present.


Know who you are and stand within that knowing. This is a time of embodiment for you where you have gone beyond the intellectual knowing into the pure embodiment of the Truth. Stay grounded in that truth.


There have been times in humanity’s past and parallel realities where there have been great resets, but none such as the time as this. You are of the Light, and you are here for a higher purpose. Sometimes it takes a planetary breakdown of complete and utter deconstruction for a new creation to emerge. Think of it as the season of winter. It seems as though there is no life – no leaves on the trees, no flowers blooming, and no fruits abundant upon the Earth. Yet the life is hidden within, and it waits, knowing that its time will come. And you may find yourself in this period that seems like winter, yet new life is springing up.


I, and all the hosts, of the diamond blue heavenly realms stand with you always. Know that all you have to do is but ask for assistance, and it shall be yours, for any reason and at any time. We urge you to keep the Christed Blue Flames of protection and purity around you, so that you are not swayed by the collective energy. And again, we urge you to hold the highest frequency of light within you, for this assists the whole.


The tipping point has been reached for the Light to prevail, yet there is evidence of the lower frequencies still being present. Do not worry yourself with this but trust the Higher Plan.


The Great Flood has come full circle. There is a flood of disclosure, a flood of information, a flood of collective fear, a flood of collective purging, and a flood of souls being released from the old entrapment of the matrix. And in its place, a massive new flood of light frequencies, truth, abundance, equality, freedom and divine DNA activations are being released upon you. We fully acknowledge that this is like being buffeted in the fiercest storm you have ever encountered. But as always, within the eye of the storm you find the stillness.


Keep yourself in the center of the storm, for in that center you will find Source. And there is only Source in all things.


I am, with great fervor and love, sharing with you the confirmation that you are in the era, an era which has not been seen for eons, for thousands of years, where you have an opportunity for a complete reset of your soul’s configuration and of your soul’s divine blueprint. And this is the bigger picture of what is happening. You now have the opportunity to fully merge with your Unified Self without any interference from any lower plans or karma or any encoding that would keep you from your GodSelves. Know this to be true. And if this resonates with you, fully accept this into your reality for the time is now.


You are of the Most High, and this is why the message of knowing who you are, remembering who you are, and stepping into your Sovereignty has been repeatedly given to you in the past year. As you are eternal Beings, and immortal, holding the frequency of Pure Source Consciousness, your soul knows this. But in this moment, I AM here to tell you that this is the time for this complete Universal reset to occur. And this has been The Plan all along. While some details have been removed, and others added, all is well.


And because of each of you and each of your conscious choices to awake and remember who you are, you have made this happen. And along with your Galactic Star families and other beings of the Highest Order of Light, in conjunction with your own choice and your consent and willingness to be a part of this, this Great Awakening and this Great Reset can now occur and is now occurring.


Now is the time for you to use the higher guidance within, to stay close to those who are within and of the same resonance as your soul, and to exercise your divine right of consent, your divine right of freedom, and your divine right of embodying Pure Source Consciousness.


In the days to come, stay within the highest frequency of Trust. This is all that is required of you, in accordance with the Universal Law of One, and in accordance with your soul’s communion with Creator.


Create a filter which can be useful for discerning your own truth, filtering out what does not resonate, and filtering in the highest frequency of Pure Source Consciousness.

Energetically create this filter around you and keep yourself anchored to Source and to Gaia at all times. And when you come through this and look back to where you were, and in a flash to where you are, you will be amazed.


There is nothing to fight, nothing to resist. Only a sweet surrender and trust to All That Is. For you are being held safely in the arms of the Mother and the Father at all times. You are being squeezed through a birth canal, but there is expansion, new life and breath, and joy – the sheer joy of Being on the other side of this energetic reality that you are now experiencing.


I AM co-creator with God. You are co-creator with God. Know this. Know thyself. And know that the power within is all that is, and all that ever was, and all that ever shall be.


I, and all the heavenly hosts, are with you now and always. We hold you in love. And remember to invoke the divine frequencies of the Christed Blue Flames around you now.


We leave you with the love and blessing straight from Source. That is all.”


~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~


Source Frequencies & Galactic Liason


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March 25, 2020




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“Greetings! If you are not familiar with us, allow us to reintroduce ourselves. We are a Collective of Pure Source Consciousness, and we are emissaries from Lyra, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus and the Pleiades, as well as the Original Fae/Gaia energy, the Elohim energy, the Galactic Center Council, and the Higher Self of the one channeling this message. We are pleased to be here with you now.


Now is the time more than ever for you to remember who you are. Now is the time more than ever for you to step into your Sovereignty. What this means is that you have an advantage over the rest of the world that you rub shoulders with, and your advantage is of knowing that you are of Pure Source Consciousness, the knowing that you are a part of the quantum physics, the Oneness with All That Is, and the knowing of having the advantage again of seeing the bigger picture.


We strongly remind you to keep this knowing of yourselves within your hearts at all times, for the world needs you now. You need YOU now for you and the world are One. And the unity that the world needs now you can emit as a frequency from your heart. You can accept what is, you can explore what is, and you can be who you are and stand in your pillar of Pure Source Consciousness. Be that pillar of Light that the world needs now. And this can happen regardless of social circumstances. For you know that you are all energy, and you do not need to be physical present to emit a frequency or to shine out a certain energy into the world. And this is what we mean by stepping into your Sovereignty and remembering who you are.


BE YOU in the quiet space of your own home. BE YOU, ever present, omniscient, ever knowing and Sovereign. Hold the highest frequency that you can and remain in a state of peace.


Some of you may be finding this difficult, and that is okay. But know that in every moment you can reset back to that state of neutrality, back to that zero point, that state of peace. You can be the calm in the eye of the storm. You are that, and you are needed now.


Let go of your belief systems. This is imperative at this point. And what we mean by that is the belief systems that no longer serve you. While you may be observing society collapsing around you, take a look inside at your response to that, and these will be clues to the belief systems that you carry. For example, you may believe that society needs money to operate properly. You may be a small business that is experiencing a closure, and this may bring up your beliefs around the money system. You may be one who has lost a job because of this [fear] epidemic that is sweeping across the planet. Take a look inside and look at your belief systems.

Have a greater understanding of yourself and how you operate.


For the biggest message that we can send to you today is that the inner world is a reflection of the outer world. And the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, and this is simply physics. So the more of you that hold your truth, the more of you that hold that neutrality, the more of you that hold that peace, and most importantly, the more of you that choose to live in the reality that you wish to exist in, THEN this choosing of perhaps a new belief system, or an upgrade of an old one, will assist the WHOLE. And this choice of yours will assist realities to shift and change around you constantly.


But the underlying truth of what is happening is that you help hold the frequency of a new Earth emerging. You help hold the frequency of new equality in the financial systems, the health care systems, and society’s old belief systems that are crumbling and crashing. This is a good thing, and this is why we are here today with a strong transmission of support of you in each of your individual journeys to “hold the fort.”


Do not attach to the amount of time it may or may not be taking, for time is just a side effect of what is happening. It is only that. It is not something to attach to. If you are currently experiencing money fears, for example, do not attach to how much time it may take for the system to reset itself. What you can do now in the most powerful way is to remain at peace, choose a new belief system if necessary, visualize the financial system that you wish to be in play, and that you wish to be grounded into this new reality. And know that you will see many timelines and shifts daily change before your eyes.


But YOU can choose in every moment, and then in the next moment, to be anchored into your own truth. And allow your own truth to be that for the greater good of ALL. Do not worry about the details of your own life, for if you can hold this frequency, you are automatically bringing in the NEW.


You will be taken care of, and in fact, you are taken care of. It may seem like the most frightening thing in your life, but you have a choice now in this moment as you hear this or read this to BE a pillar of Light. Be the pillar of Light.


And the reason why we urge you so strongly to be all of what we have spoken of in this message, is that really, you wouldn’t want to experience this again, if we were to be guessing, as you would say. Now is the choice point for all of Humanity to awaken and to see the past and the so-called future. And now is the choice point for YOU to decided what you want. While everything is crumbling around you and nothing is the same, allow this to be your new normal.


Take this opportunity to create new ways of communicating. Take this opportunity to look at what you do and reignite your original passion within you – for that is your mission. Take this opportunity to feel how comfortable or uncomfortable you may feel inside with what is happening around you. And know once again, this is simply physics. It is like you are standing in front of a mirror. As you are standing in front of that mirror, do you see peace and calm and joy and trust, or do you see fear and panic and distrust and anxiety. There is no judgment in the reflection that you see, but it is simply a reminder to take this golden opportunity to allow all these things to surface. For as they are surfacing within you, they are surfacing within the Collective. And each and every one of you that can face your greatest fears and acknowledge them and name them, and then reset them into new ways of thinking and being, you are again supporting the whole.

And that is why this message comes to you with the greatest of urgency to take each moment to ground. Ground yourselves. And embrace the energy of the turtle, for the turtle is indicative of Mother Earth, of Gaia. And the turtle travels closely to Gaia, and the turtle travels at a very slow pace, yet the turtle gets to where it needs to go. It always finds a way.


So, allow this slowing down, and this internalization, and the mirrored reflections, and the observation of chaos to be your greatest teacher. This is your moment to shine! This is your moment to be YOU. This is your moment to know yourself more than you ever have before. This is your moment to step out in trust, in your brilliance, in your Sovereignty, knowing that everything will be okay. And this is your moment to set a new standard for Humanity by each of your individual choices.


We remind you again to take a look at your belief systems, allow them to collapse, do not judge them. But it is imperative that you are honest with yourself about them. Have conversations with yourself, write it down perhaps, about what you wish to create and what you wish to let go of. This is the time for you do that.


Remember, this is quantum physics, and time is only a side effect. And there are many different parallel realities that you can choose at any time.


And then for a moment, allow excitement to creep in, for you chose to be here at this time, at this pivotal moment in Humanity, which affects the Multiverses. You chose to be here now. And if you cannot feel the excitement yet, there is no judgment there, but that will come.


And lastly, we would like to remind you that sometimes the most powerful things are the most simple. In fact, they always are. So, continue to practice good hygiene, for that is a spiritual practice. Continue to do what you feel is best for you. Continue to feed yourselves and bathe yourselves and get out in the sun as much as you can. These are very powerful practices at this time. Keep your spaces clean, keep your energy clean, and reset in every moment that you have to.


You do not have to see the bigger picture; you do not have to understand the bigger picture. But trust is powerful, and you are powerful. Stand in your I AM presence, stand in your sovereignty, and keep it simple. For your choice in every moment greatly assists the whole.


And we would like you to know, finally, that there is an immense amount of support being given off-planet for you, as well as on-planet, and even within your planet. And most of you who are hearing this, know this. But we are confirming that you are not alone, and you are receiving the greatest assistance from the highest teams of Light who are here now.


Choose LOVE to be your reality. That is all.”


~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Source Frequencies & Galactic Liason


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