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July 3, 2018


"Creatorship and Truth"

Greetings! We are the Pleiadians. We are so pleased to be here with you today.

Now while we stay in the present moment, we would like you to think back on your life a year ago. Think about what was happening at this time last year. Where were you living? What relationships did you have? What goals and dreams did you have? Were you where you wanted to be, or did you have a longing for more?

And now slowly fast forward to the present moment. Where are you living? What relationships are you experiencing? And reflect if any of those dreams and longings have come to be.

We know this channel loves to speak of Creatorship, and we would like to echo that along with her. Do you see how you have changed things over the course of a year? Do you see how the relationships you have had may have changed? Are you reflecting on how some of the circumstances that used to bother have now changed and are now in alignment with love?

We are here to confirm that this is how it works: with every thought and every decision you make, you are changing your life, and in doing so you are changing the world. You do not have to be educated, you do not have to be as smart as the person next to you, you do not have to know everything. All you have to do is BE. Just being you is being Creator.

Now think upon your life again as it is in the present moment, and think about what you would like to create in it. There are no limits! So take a good look at what you have created around you, and know that it was you that created that. Whether it be of peace, harmony, love and joy, or of chaos, bitterness, confusion, ill health. You have allowed that to be. We understand that this may be a difficult concept, and it may bring up some anger within you or unease, but we would ask you to reflect upon that now.

If you are in a relationship that is a constant irritation to you, you have created that as a learning experience, and that person is your teacher to teach you to reflect upon what your truth is. This goes for the same of all aspects in your life that you have created or have allowed to be created as a learning curve for you.

Once you stand in your truth and know who you are and what you want and why you are here (which is to be YOU, with your own unique gifts), then you will understand how it is to create that which you want in your life.

Your truth is your compass. As long as you hold steady to that truth, your compass will never point you wrong. So if that irritating person that is in your life has now reached their expiration date as your teacher, then you can shift and change that. You can call in someone new that you are ready for, someone new who can be more of a balm to your soul, and a more gentle teacher for you.

We see some of you finding it hard to have boundaries and to say "no". We are here to encourage you that this is one of the best things you can do for yourself: to have boundaries with everyone, even the loving people in your life.

Having boundaries is having truth. Having truth is having freedom. And freedom is limitless possibilities, aligned to love.

Take a look at your life, in every aspect once again, and find your truth in every single part of it. Speak your truth, be your truth, walk your truth, live your truth constantly. For without it, you will falter. For without it you will not find true love. There has been programming set in place to keep you from your truth, to cause you to compromise or be unsure, or to simply shut down.

Maybe you don't even know who you are. That is a good starting point, isn't it? So remember who you are and rediscover what it is that you like, what it is that makes you happy, what it is that you want and need. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Take this day and reflect on your life about what you have created and have allowed to be created, about where you would like to go and how you want to get there. Use the truth as your beacon, as your compass, as your governor. Start with one small thing and move on to the next one, and before you know it, a year from now you will look back on your life and say, "Wow! I did it! I changed it. I created it. And now I AM."

We leave you with joyous blessings and love. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya

June 27, 2018



Beloved Children,

I hold you in my embrace. There is no separation. There is no separation from love and from All That Is. If you are feeling separation, or even desiring death, please know that this is simply an illusion. There is absolutely nothing that would keep you from coming into Oneness with All That Is.

Hold yourselves in love without any self-judgment of where you are at right now, and know that I AM here, and that I hold you.

Surrender, beloved children. Surrender to the freedom that is in your soul NOW, and let go of every single thought, every single paradigm, every single program that you have ever been connected to. Embrace yourself as creator, for that is what you truly are. You can create anything that you desire that is in alignment with love.

You are creators. This is your birthright. Embrace that NOW, and allow all else to fall away.

There are no limits, beloved children. The only limits you may be experiencing are those which you have allowed to be placed upon you, or those which you have placed upon yourself. For know that NOTHING can stand in your way of sovereignty and grace, in alignment with love. Nothing, not even a physical ailment, can stop you from coming into your full power. For as you know, even Jesus was able to heal the sick and raise the dead and turn water into wine. And each of you, every single one of you, has that same power within.

You can start by changing what is in your awareness of your own physical body, and by replacing the old with brand new, changing your very DNA and how your body might respond to an old injury. You can change that now. That does not have to be your truth or your reality, for you are creators, and you have the power, aligned in love.

I see all of you, and I hold you in a loving embrace, each one of you no matter where you are at on this journey.

You can create and call in every single thing that you may need or want or that is in your heart to desire. You can create new relationships, new beginnings, new locations, new sources of income, new offerings. There are no limits.

It is time, beloved children, to spread your wings and fly. For as each and every single one of you do this, and as All is Oneness, you are aiding all of Creation in doing so. So fix your gaze upon the highest and best, the most loving and peaceful way of doing things. Every decision you make, every thought that you have, every conversation that is held, and every connection that is made has the opportunity to literally change the world.

Let this message settle into your heart and KNOW that it is truly All That Is. Keep everything simplified in your life and aligned to love, and then you will see magnificent creations and magic appear before you.

Remember, you are the creators.

I love you.

Channeled by Kalia Diya

June 20, 2018



Beloved children of Creation,

This NOW is here in these Solstice energies for you to reclaim your sovereignty, to fully step into your I AM, to transcend beyond that which would weigh you down, to find yourself flying with freedom and grace, lifting above all the lower densities, seeing the bigger picture, and coming into ONEness with All That Is.

Dear children, as you walk about your lives, always remember: I AM here.

Look within and there you will find me. For I have created you to be a beautiful, sparkling diamond, carrying the codes, the frequencies of Pure Source Energy. And as you walk in this ONEness and love with me, Prime Source, then you are the embodiment of that.

Receive the activations coming to you in this moment. Own it and Be it. For you each carry the Solaris frequencies. You are each a Sun. And that Sun can magnify the Pure Light Source.

Your sovereignty enables you to be All That Is. Your sovereignty enables you to step into full power of Creation, of All That Is. Your sovereignty enables you to become the New. Your very vessel will become completely new, completely upgraded, and a complete embodiment of Me.

There is no separation any longer. There is ONEness and wholeness and unity. Look within and see all that does not match those frequencies. Release and transmute now. Transform yourselves into Suns, into Divine Creators.

I love yo

~Prime Source Creator~

Channeled by Kalia Diya

June 18, 2018


Hello, Friends! This is your brother, Jesus. I am here today with a message of hope, humor and inspiration for you. And as you listen to this message, I would like you to visualize you and I sitting together, having a conversation with each other. You can place us under a tree or in a coffee shop, sitting around your kitchen table or on a cloud. It doesn't matter to me, for I am here always.

I have been helping out with this Ascension process, and while I have been helping my beloved friends and children, I have also been observing.

Some of you have found this Ascension process rather difficult, and that is because of the push and pull within, the fight with the lower mind to let go of ego and old thought processes. And there have been some who have made extreme progress over a short period of time because they have thrown caution to the wind, stepped into that wind and allowed it to blow everything away that would stand in their way of becoming One with Creator.

Now it doesn't matter where you are at or how you have done it, or how difficult it has been or how easy it has been. It really doesn't matter, my friends. It is ALL something you have created for yourself as your own experience. That is why when you hear others say "There is no right or wrong way to Ascend", this is why this is true. Everything you experience here on Earth has been created by you to allow you to make choices, and in those choice points, you can choose to heal, let go, love, cry, or whatever comes up for you.

I would like to say that whatever comes up for you: Please honor it, my friends. Do not shove it aside as unworthy of being looked at.


Every emotion that comes up is a valuable clue as to what is going on and how you can navigate through that emotion.

If you ever need any help with any of this, just call on me and I will be there, for I love you dearly! I am not just sitting on an easy chair, somewhere in the clouds beside the Pearly Gates whistling a merry tune. I am actually here, I have my sleeves rolled up and I am ready to help you at any given moment. And as I am a multi-dimensional being (as you are), I can be many places at any time. So don't worry about any of that.

In those moments where you have doubts or fear, or you are feeling upset because you don't know what is going on and it doesn't feel comfortable, and you don't know what to do, or you feel alone, then just say, "Hey, Jesus. Please help." And I will!

But in those moments where you feel uncomfortable or disgusted, or you are going through waves of self-doubt or self-judgment, I would ask you gently but firmly to please not dwell there. Please honor your soul. Honor your own process. Honor this beautiful, amazing journey that you are on.

And if it helps, then parallel your journey to my own journey, here on Earth, incarnated as the Christ. Did I not have moments of bliss and joy, and then others of tears and anguish? Of course I did! It was all part of my human experience. So whenever you feel yourself going up and down and back and forth, just stop yourself for a moment, press the pause button, and remember what I just said: I, Jesus, embodied the human experience as well. And I had ups and downs as well. I experienced every emotion there was to feel.

But you know what kept me going? My connection to Creator, my connection to Father/Mother God. That connection was never severed, that was never doubted. And so you can do the same!

For those of you who are struggling with the simplicity of this, I am telling you right now, yes, it is that simple. So no matter how many ups and downs you may have in one day, one week or one month, it doesn't matter, my friends. It doesn't matter.

What matters is your connection to Creator, your connection to Love, and so think of me. I will be beside you helping you remember that. That will get you through all these shifts masterfully. That will get you through any experience you have brought forward to yourself to learn and grow masterfully. That will bring through any pain, grief or sorrow masterfully. And that will bring you through any joy, love and bliss that you are experiencing masterfully, for it will keep you balanced and centered.

I feel that is all I will share with you today, but I would love to come back and share more with you through this channel.

I love you all dearly and I am with you always. And I send you love always.

Your Brother,



~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

June 9, 2018



I see the Beloved Children of Creator, and I am blessed by their presence.

I see those who have been empowered, and who have remembered all of Who they are.

I see them stepping into that power, aligned with Love and Truth.

I see them calling in new realities, new realities that are aligned to new and living ways of Being.

I see these children transforming all old into new.

I see them cutting off all old and creating New in such a way of empowerment that even Creator smiles.


I have seen the Beloved Ones go through great personal shifts, and I hold them in my heart.

I have seen the Beloved Ones work tirelessly and endlessly for the good of All, and I bless them now with the highest blessing.

I have seen the Beloved Ones cry for the people, cry for themselves, and rise through the ashes and stand as great Beings of Light, unwavering, unshakeable, standing in direction alignment to Source, to Love and to All that Is.

I have seen the Beloved Ones create the New through immense personal sacrifice.

I have seen the Beloved Ones stay in alignment to Truth and to Source.

I have seen them, and they have been endowed with the highest blessing from Source, and soon it will be time for the World to know who these Beloved Ones are, and to know all that they have done through great personal sacrifice to bring in the New Now, for the Beings of this planet, and even for Gaia herself.


Ahlak'manah sheenamah kehnho'lahk shelakah. L'ahk shemanoh a'lahk ahshi nomah k'neemah. Olah k'meshenanah, mah'nakho m'keenah. L'aheesh ahnah q'amah,. Homah k'neenah mah. L'och ah'shine manah mah. L'ohq lekshi'manah k'ha. Mah'kunah, l'ah keesh ahgnanah. L'ah keesh ah nahnomah, k'loch i'ni. Ahlak' ahsheenamah, ah'lahk shemananoh. L'ahk shemananoh, l'ahk ami'qehnoh, L'ahk shemah. Woh'kah shi'monah kahdo. Oh'lak shi'manah koh namanah. Oh lak'ki manah, Oh lak'ki manah, Oh lak'ki manah.


I NOW DECLARE all New shall be brought in Now.

I NOW DECLARE no more waiting shall occur.

I NOW DECLARE the Blessed Beloved Children of Light have called it in and so it shall be.

I NOW DECLARE those who are placed strategically around the planet be given their full empowerment and full support in their missions.

I NOW DECLARE the days of suffering are over.

I NOW DECLARE all shall come to them with ease and grace and they shall experience great prosperity and abundance in all areas of their life.

I NOW DECLARE that those who need to find them shall find them.

I NOW DECLARE that their unity and oneness has brought forth incredible outcomes that now shall be revealed.

I NOW DECLARE that all is in alignment with the Highest Timeline that is anchored into the Christed One.

I NOW DECLARE  new growth, new lives, new possibilities, all of which have the fullest potential of love and abundance and joy.

I NOW DECLARE that these Beloved Ones shall no longer be touched, that they are exempt, and that exemption is their reward for their tireless and loving work.

I NOW DECLARE that new aligned support teams be called in to support these Beloveds.

I NOW DECLARE that It is Done and It is Well.

I NOW DECLARE that all of which was spoken has the blessing of Creator



It is Done.



~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

June 9, 2018


Greetings. We are the Arcturians. We are here today with a love transmission for you. And in this transmission we bring in the soft energies of the Divine Mother in balance with the Divine Masculine energies of the Father, to bring all into whole and complete balance of Oneness of All That Is.

And in this moment, we would like to speak of personal growth and your shifts through that process. In the days ahead, you will experience shifts, both in your personal lives and also as a Collective, as each reflects the other. And so as you go through these moments of growth, pain, healing, transition and everything New, we stand beside you and say, "You've got this."

We stand beside you and remind you to anchor in to all that is love and truth, and to anchor in to your Christed timelines.

Now while you may not remember this message while you are going through the shift, your soul will remember, because your soul always knows. Shifts are not always about rainbows and bliss, but the shifts are related to the Ascension process and to your own soul's expansion and growth. So we remind you to stay in that stillness, for in the eye of the storm comes clarity and peace. While the external around may seem chaotic and impossible even, we encourage you to go within, and go to that quiet place of stillness and calmness in direct alignment to Source and in direct alignment to Love and in direct alignment to the highest possible outcome, no matter what you may be experiencing.

We honor your experience as a soul in a human body. We are beginning to understand this experience. Now while many of us fully understand as we have incarnated as a human, we are beginning to understand as a collective that this human experience is the most honorable, and sometimes difficult, assignment that you could have accepted. We take a moment right now to pause and to send you that honor.

If all you can do during these moments of shift is to anchor in and center and balance yourself, then that is all you need to do. Know that is all you need to do. As you take each breath, breathe in that truth, breathe in that knowing that you are a spark of the Divine and you are the creator, and you are a reflection of the Creator, and that you have everything that you need entirely at your disposal at any given moment. So know that you are the Creator and master of your reality and your life, and all the external circumstances, people, places and things, fade away from that.

For as long as you align yourself to your highest truth, your Christed timeline; as long as you align yourself to pure source love, all is well.

We would ask you to consider something for a moment with us. There are many still who are anticipating a great event. Now there is nothing wrong with this. But we would like you to consider if that Great Event could indeed be within yourselves. Could that Great Event happen within your own soul? You are a reflection of all that is. You have the power to create, to bring in New, to call in what it is exactly that you need.

So do not fixate on what the Great Event might be, when, how, and even why. But we remind you to focus on you. To focus on what is happening within you. And as we always say, as you work through your own personal growth, you are indeed aiding the Collective.

For any event that is occurring within you now, we ask you to honor that. And we ask you to remember that this what you are here to do, this is the important thing. All the external things that are exciting and that bring you hope that you may see, these things are good. The things we are referring to are the landings, or the sky changing color, or massive macrocosm occurrences. Many of these have already happened, but not in such a way that you have recognized them.

But now we would like to shift you back again to within yourself. Take a moment to reflect on the movement there. Is it happening with ease and flow, or is there resistance.  Is it happening with grace and love, or is there stagnancy. Allow yourselves to move through whatever it is that you are going through without any shred of self-doubt or self-judgment, without any outside influence of what you think should be or could be. Allow yourself to focus on your own soul's beauty, your own soul's brightness, your own soul's amazing gift that only you can bring.

No matter what you may be feeling now, whether it be bliss or pain, know that you can shift that. You do not have to wait for anything external to come in and magically shift that for you. You are the Creator of your reality. You can shift that within yourself now. You can shift into greater bliss, greater abundance and greater joy if you are already in that state. You can magnify that and create that in any way that you wish to create that, as it is in alignment with truth and love.

Now if you are in a shift of transition, and that transition involves pain and release of that pain, then call in your own healing, call in your own personal alignments. Call it in what it is that you want, and what you need, and know that that is in alignment to love and truth. You do not have to sit and suffer any more. You do not have to accept that which is not aligned to love.  You do not have to accept external circumstances as your truth. You can observe, you can even catalogue them if you wish, to help you understand what is happening, but you do not have to accept external circumstances as your reality.

You are the Creators of your own reality, and this is how New Earth is being built. Each one of you, every single one of you, no matter where you are in this Ascension process, have your unique gift as a spark of the Divine, to create that beautiful Ascension process and to bring in the New Earth with your own heart.

So do not get burdened down with old paradigm mentalities, self-doubt, self-judgment, or even judgment of others. But bring yourself back to the eye of that storm where there is absolute peace and calm and clarity. Do you feel that stillness now? For it is there if you can shift everything aside and anchor in to that moment of alignment and truth.

We acknowledge that it is a challenging task to be human at this time, with all the upgrades and cosmic rays and stargates. Even Mother Earth is shifting with you, and we acknowledge that this could be likened to a childbirth of sorts. But now we say: the New is here and you no longer have to suffer with the labor pains with which you had to suffer in the past. Things can now move with ease and grace. And while they may not be in the timing that you desire, and while they may not be in the timing that you wish, take this now to practice patience, beloved children of Light. Practice love and be the love in all that is. Reach out to each other, form new communities, new small groups, call in a new friend if that is what you need. Whatever it is that you need to be ok and to stay in alignment, we encourage you to call that in now. Write it down if you wish, and then live as though it has already happened. For it indeed has already happened as all time no longer exists.

So know now that wherever you may be and whatever you might be feeling, your highest and best reality has already arrived. It has already been created by YOU, but with each choice that you make in each moment, you are bringing in that reality closer to you. One day you will realize that you have fully integrated that reality into YOU, into your soul and you have now manifested it.

And there you see that you are creators. That is how this works. That is how this Ascension process works. It is not about sitting around and waiting for the best to happen to you, or hoping that it happens to you. It is about you stepping into your full I AM presence, your full empowerment, and calling it in yourself and aligning to that, and creating it moment by moment, no matter how difficult each of those moments may be. That is how you do it, dear ones.

And so we are with you always. And we learn from you and we honor you and we are here to assist you in any way that we can that would align you to love and bring you back to Source.

Stay true to yourselves. Stay true to love. If you are knocked off center, bring yourself back to that still, quiet place of knowing that you are One with Source, and One with All That Is, and that you have every single tool that you need to create New Earth, to create your life within New Earth, and to assist others in that process.

Each moment is love. Each moment is truth. Now while the truth may be uncomfortable and you may have to stand up for it, it is always there waiting. Truth is a tool. Use it wisely. And each moment is the NOW, and in each now you can create each moment as beautiful no matter how many tears may be falling down your face.

See the beauty of you. See the beauty of what you can create from whatever it is that you have in front of you now. For that moment is all that matters. The past is gone. The future is here  now. So step through your own portals. Step into your power. Be empowered. Be love. Be the I AM.

We leave you now with these loving messages and we are here always. And we remind you once again to know Who you are and to BE that. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

May 28, 2018


I sit with Creator now and the High Beings of Light. And we look upon the people. We look upon the Earth, upon Gaia, and we hold all in Pure Source Love, and we hold all in Divine Order now.

We see that there has been much good planted by those of you who have been here before. You have now rediscovered the secrets, the keys and the mysteries to All That Is. Yet you shall discover more.

We see now that you who are of the Highest Alignment are calling in the New, cutting off the old, and while you do this, you are doing it in alignment with Creator.

We see you now setting very clear boundaries in every aspect. And we say now that this is very good.

We see now that the darkness has arisen against the Light, and would try to suck you in, and draw away your power.

We see now that the darkness has misaligned some and caused them to fall.

We see now that the darkness has risen, and although it is weak, it is now obliterated. It is now cut off. And it is now transformed into Light.

We see now those of you who have worked tirelessly and endlessly for this moment, and we congratulate you. For there are very few of you who have done this before, time and time again. Yet you have made it now to this point, and we celebrate with you.

We say to you now, you Beings of Light, you are well within your power to create all that you want to create. You are well within your power, your right as the Divine, to call in and craft the new, to co-create with your trusted ones.

We see you now, the Lighted Ones, working together harmoniously, intelligently, and tirelessly in unification and love. And as  you do this, you continue to increase the quotient of Light that your very Beings can hold. For now it shines brighter and farther and faster than it has ever since your soul's existence. We are in much joy about this.

And  now I, the Oracle, have been given the blessing of Creator to declare:

That all thought, intent or action of war cease and desist forever, within and without.

I now declare that the new that has been anchored in is now secured.

I now declare that all old timelines which no longer serve the highest and best of all Creation be severed and fall away forever.

I now declare that that which must burn shall be burned, that that which must wash away be washed away, that which must blow away shall be blown away, and that which was buried be unearthed and stand before the Light to make a choice or be integrated back into dark matter.

I now declare the conclusion of all injustice, abuse, trauma, deception, persuasion, manipulation be ended NOW under the order of Creator.

I now declare that the Children can take a breath and know that they are safe and they no longer must hide or be cloaked to save their very lives.

I now declare that these days are over, and the New shall be brought in. In fact, the New is brought in Now.

I now declare that the Beloveds of Creator shall sing, and dance and create with more power, and more infinite grace than ever seen before.

Ah'lem nahk holah, kahleesh nanamah. Ho'lahkamanah, kahneesh nahnamanah. L'achsh'ne manah, l'boeh lachkanah. L'kemakha nanah. Bahch a'khaneenah, l'homenah. L'kuma kahnanah. Ghok eshenemah nah'nhom achadeah. Lach'ashi nahm nakah h'om acha. H'ah menunah, bukeesh akananah m'honah. Lach ashi n'ahmanah k'ohmanah k'ahmanah. k'ohmanah k'ahmanah. k'ohmanah k'ahmanah. k'ohmanah k'ahmanah. Ah'lem a'lo, ah'lach a'shi kenamah. Lach'ashi m'ahnanah Lach'ashi m'ahnanah. Lah'shi manah k'ohmakah. Lah'shi manah k'ohmakah. Lah'shi manah k'ohmakah. L'ohm.


WE NOW DECLARE: That is done. And the Light shall rise and be seen across all realities, timelines, galaxies and universes.

WE NOW DECLARE: That the Children of Creator shall rise and stand in their full power, in full unity and in full love. Never shall they be separated again. They shall be brought together in harmony and laughter, peace and joy. They shall create in wonderment of All That Is. And they shall call in all that which they forgot. For now is a time of remembrance, now is a time of Creation, now is a time of joy and peace. All else shall cease and desist now and forever more.

I sit with Creator and the Highest Beings of Light, and I rest now for I see the shift. I see that it is real and it is right.

I bless all those created by Prime Source Now.

I send love to all those created by Prime Source Now.

And I send a blessing to all those created by Prime Source Now. All of the kingdoms, all of the peoples, all of the nations, all of the races from every galaxy across the Omniverse.

I hold all in a beautiful sphere of Light.

All is love.


It is done.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

May 24, 2018


Greetings! We are the Galactic Confederation of Light, and we are here today with an important message for the Collective.

This message shall bear witness to all that is occurring, and shall be heard across all realities and all galaxies, for it is a message of truth and hope, and has been blessed by Creator.

We have been overseeing the process of Ascension and the birth of the New Earth. We say this with grace and humility, and with an open heart for All. We are overseers of the processes of the shifts, the changeovers, the new councils, the new governments that are being put in place, not only in the reality that you are in, but across all realities and all galaxies. We understand that this may be hard for you to visualize or understand, but we want you to know, with clarity, with truth and love, that this process is real, and is in alignment with Creator, and love and truth, and in accordance with the Universal Law of One. All is in Divine Order now.


And now we would like to speak of the processes we see humanity transitioning through. We see that many old timelines have been severed and released, and we see the new timelines being brought in and this brings us joy. For the new timelines are indeed in the highest alignment that is for the Good of All, the best possible outcome is set in place.

Yet each of you hold the keys. In each of your heart centers is a command post. You hold the keys to change things globally. You hold the keys to change things for everyone. And so we strongly urge you to take a moment and observe your thought processes. Observe what comes through and what goes out. Observe how it affects you. Observe what emotions it may bring up and what responses you may make to what you might be seeing, hearing or even feeling.

And we would gently remind you once again to call in Divine Order in all aspects, all areas of your life. You have heard many messages recently, guiding you to not become caught up in realities outside. To not become caught up in any panic, chaos, drama or fear. Observe only. And step into your I AM empowerment, and lend a hand to your fellow brothers and sisters by simply being neutral and by simply embodying love. We can see from a galactic standpoint, how powerful this is. And we know you have heard of it many times, so you many dismiss it as "old news". But we are telling you now, that if you wish to serve Creator, that if you wish to be in alignment with the highest and best possible outcome, for not only yourselves, but the entire collective, even Mother Earth, then we tell you now to never, ever forget this truth.

Yes, you are a microcosm in the entire macrocosm. You are a universe within the universes. So we encourage you to embody that which you wish to see in the world, and to step into mastery of yourselves and to serve Creator. This is the highest calling. This is your mission and your purpose. All the other details will fall into place, but THIS is the ultimate mission.

And now we would like to gently speak with you of another matter. We have seen ripples across realities in one account, and this account is: many of you are wishing, wondering, and questioning why you are here. Now as this goes hand-in-hand of which we just spoke, we would like to fine tune it a bit more. And we would like to encourage you to love what is, love who you are, love where you are at. And if you cannot do this, we hold you in a loving and compassionate place. But we long to see each and every one of you who have chosen to incarnate as humans, to hold that as a beautiful gift, and to honor this as your mission. And to respect this, not only for yourselves, but also for your other fellow humans.


You have been created with a spark of love! Therefore, do not look upon yourselves in your current manifested state as lesser than, or something to not be desired. For truly, there are many who could have come to the planet you now walk upon, who could have been who you are, yet chose not to. And you, you are here now, in your own unique mission and purpose. So we invite you wholeheartedly to embrace your humanity, to embrace the package that encompasses your soul! For it is an honor to be where you are, and it makes us weep to think that some are dishonoring this, simply by being caught on the wave of disbelief.

Now while it is ok to question things and to be curious, it is absolutely ok to do that, but once you start disrespecting yourself and others, you fall out of alignment and things cannot flow for you. And once you step into love, with respect and honor for who you are, where you are at, even how you physically look, then you come into alignment by accepting what is. Now we understand that you may not see the bigger picture, but allow us to paint that picture for you.

You all are beautiful. You all are perfect. You all are sparks of the Divine. Remember this Now. Embrace this Now. Live this Now. Be this Now, and Love this Now.

We, the Galactic Confederation of Light, hold you in the highest regard for your choice to incarnate as a human in a place that may not exactly be easy at times, or comfortable at times. But we know, as we have been here for many eons, that incarnating upon this beautiful planet, upon Gaia, is actually held by many as a high privilege, as an amazing opportunity, and as an honor. We invite you once again, to feel that, to know that, and to love that.

We hold you in the highest regard, for you do not even understand the entire capacity, the entire spectrum, and the entire universal purpose for which you are here. And that is why we keep repeating the honor and love and gratitude to you for being here now in this moment. And so we gently remind you, no matter what your experience is right now, no matter what your reality is right now, no matter what your emotion is right now, to honor it.

Now we would like to come back again to the shifts that are occurring and the process that is unfolding. We tell you that it is well in hand, overseen by Creator, and is being held by those who are full of integrity, love and truth.  So trust that all is well, and that all must play out as it is, but know that you hold the power within to change it as well. You are not helpless, you are not subject to the whim of a god, you are not players on the chess board. You all are creators and you all are empowered once you step into the alignment of truth and love and Divine Order.

And so we leave you now with these thoughts to settle into your heart and to grow and expand there. Follow your joy. Follow your harmony. Follow your love. Follow the integral truth of who you are as a soul. For as you do this, you are embodying your I AM presence. You are embodying love, and you are embodying Creator.

We bless you now, and we thank you for your gift. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

May 18, 2018



Greetings, dear ones. We are the Pleiadians. We are here today with a love transmission for you.

Many of you were aware that the first two to three weeks of May would be a time of intense transition, and change, release and growth. And so it has been. We hold you in love and honor for your inner work. For as you know, every moment that you are choosing love, you are not only helping yourself, but you are also aiding the collective. And you are all here to aid the collective, every single one of you. So continue to be faithful.

And for those of you who are reading this now and feel a little quake in your heart that you may not have transformed as you imagined you should have or were supposed to, we are asking you now to take a breath and let that go. For the opportunity will come again for you to look inward, to release and grow, to transform. So do not worry. All is well.

And we are here today also to bring you this highly charged love message of hope and joy, of love and creation, of manifestation and beauty. As we watch you, we are in amazement. And there are times when we discuss amongst ourselves that we wish that you could see what we see. But that is why there are voices, channels, who can transmit our love messages to you, not only from us, but from other multi-dimensional beings, who hold you in the highest regard and the purest of love. And now, that is happening in this moment.

And we want you to stop and feel the love. Allow it to fill your heart and swell it to a greater capacity than you have ever felt. There is still much being planned and changed in other dimensions. But know that Creator, Prime Source, is well pleased, and indeed delighted with the changes that are occurring. And know that those who have a vested interest in this planet and her inhabitants are the ones who are now in charge, so to speak. There is absolutely nothing to fear. Absolutely nothing. There are incredible changes across all galaxies, timelines and realities that are happening now in this moment. Incredible things, things that you used to believe that were only fantasy are now a complete and solid reality.

New governments are being built, new communities are being put in place. And no, you will not hear this on mainstream news. And again, we remind you to disconnect from that which is a false paradigm. And we would not like to see you become stuck in that paradigm ever again. We would not like to see you become stagnant or stuck in any way. So disconnect from that, and tune in to nature, and to the voices of those whom you trust. But most of all, keep your connection to Prime Source WIDE OPEN. For that, dear friends, is the truest connection of all. The connection between Prime Source and your own heart is the only channel you will ever need. So know now that you have that connection.

Meanwhile, continue to read and listen and watch all the channels of those whom you trust. This is wonderful. This is part of sharing, this is part of the community, this is part of the telepathic communication that we are encouraging you to expand.

But we come with great excitement today, and great joy in knowing that the last few days have been immensely transformative. There have been many upgrades, and many plasma bursts, and many gamma rays, and many Diamond Ray codes and Divinely orchestrated EVERYTHING. So while you may not see or hear or feel these things, all as one beautiful little package, know that is it truth. Know that it is love. Know that it is real.

We would strongly encourage you in the next three days, to get out in Nature. Let your feet touch the soil of Mother Earth. Let your ears hear the songs of the birds and the trees. Let your eyes look upon the stars, the clouds, the skies. Let your hands feel the cool running water, or the grasses or the flowers, or even the snow, wherever you might be.

Let your heart open wider and wider and wider, and let your heart sing, your soul sing, with the song of Creation. Open your hearts, dear ones, and know that the message that always comes through is Love. Love is the answer. You are the answer. You are Love. You are creators. You are multi-dimensional beings of Light.

Your mission here is to be YOU. Your own unique purpose has been assigned to ONLY you. Your soul is here to shine. And know that this is the truth. Do you feel that truth in your heart right now?

We see hearts lighting up all over the planet. We see more and more of the masses become awakened. So we ask you now to lend a hand and heart to those around you in your immediate field who would need to ask you questions, lean on your shoulder, and just to be around you. For they now, they recognize that beautiful light within you that is a reflection of themselves. We are not suggesting to assert yourself upon anyone, but just be there and be ready and be Love.

We see New Earth and it is beautiful. You have created such an amazing place. We encourage you to keep creating every single moment, every single day that which you wish to see in the world. For as you do that, each one of you, each moment, each opportunity, each heart-based thought, you are actually creating it! And we see it and it is grand!

Never, ever give up. Know that YOU,  reading this or hearing this, you have a beautiful unique place and you are needed. And most of all, know that you are loved. Do you feel your hearts expanding now? Isn't it wonderful to feel the love grow inside of you and expand out past your aura, into your home, into your neighborhood, into your communities, your cities, your countries and all across the globe?

Hold hands together. Create the grid. Create the new crystalline Earth with your energetic vibrations - for you are doing that now. Now turn up the volume, amplify it. Live it. Be it. Breath it. And love it.

And this channel has been asking for a song recently, and so now we leave you with this song of hope and of joy. And know that you are loved, that Prime Source Creator beams a blessing down upon you now. And we leave you with the greatest of joy and blessings and love. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

May 13 2018


"The Power Within"

Hello! We are the Andromedans. We are here today with a message anchored in love for you.

We see that many of you have drawn closer to us, and called to us, and even have seen us, and have heard us in response. This causes great excitement for both of us! Know that the more you call it in, the more it will happen.

However, what we would like to speak of today is your prowess, your power, your creatorship. For we see that many of you still do not see or feel the incredible and immense abilities that you have to create what it is that you desire. Now some of you have created many high vibrational things in many parts of your life, but there are still parts of your life that you have not yet manifested. You wonder how it can be this way, and if it nullifies those parts of your life that you have already manifested if you cannot match all parts of your life vibrationally.

We are here to simply observe and say, It can all be possible, it is all possible to have every single area of your life at the same high vibrational level. Every relationship, every job, every location can be completely manifested to your highest frequency, completely anchored in to the highest primary ascension timeline.

Allow yourselves to focus on those parts of your life that you do not feel are perfect, for all is actually perfect as it is, because you have it within your power to raise that part of your life vibrationally to match the highest and best for you. So if something does not match you in vibration, then all you need to do is simply call in the highest outcome for the good of all. And this may mean outcomes that you have not been anticipating, such as a relationship ending, or a new friend coming in to your life, or a new job. Or it could be the job that you hold now is simply somehow now a match for you. Be open to any possible outcome, but know that it is well within your power and your prowess to call that in and to create that by yourself.

Now we would like you to know that we and others are here to help you with this should you need it. All you have to do is ask us specifically and tell us specifically what it is that you need, and we will help you. But know that it is well within your own field, your own power within you, because you are sparks of the Divine, of Prime Creator.

It is well within you to create all you want to create, to let go of all that no longer serves you, and to be who you are (I AM). Do not try to fit in; that is an old program. Do not try to please others with anything that is not in alignment with your own truth. As everyone experiences completely different realities, even though they are on the same planet, the same rainbow bridge, riding across to New Earth, know that it is all individual, it is all unique and it is all about you. Even though the phrase "all about you" may feel uncomfortable, it is indeed all about you. It is up to you. It is within you. It is YOU. So make it happen.

We have seen the New Earth reality, we have seen souls cross the Rainbow Bridge, and we are so excited, for it is real and it is happening. There are some who are still holding on to fragments of disbelief that it may be a fantasy and not a reality. We ask you to let that go now, and to anchor in to the highest primary ascension timeline, and to call in all it is that you want and dream of and desire. Openly choose. "I choose to walk across the Rainbow Bridge. I choose 5D plus reality and beyond. I choose that highest vibrational love reality. I choose it NOW." And so it shall be.

If anything is troubling you that is not in alignment to all that is love and harmony and peace and joy and truth, do not panic, and do not fear. But allow yourself to observe and step outside of that story and ask yourself what it is that you can do to create this change in your life. "Can I be a little softer? Can I speak my truth? Do I need to talk to someone? Do I need to take a walk and clear my head?" This all is well within your power to do what you need to do.

We leave you with this loving message now, and with a blessing and with love.  As always, we stand ready, and we are here for you. That is all.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

May 5, 2018


I have seen the separation and the shifts. And I hold compassion for all.

I have seen the separation of those who were once in alignment, but now have been removed.

I have seen the separation of those who once were of the same frequency, but now have shifted into different dimensions.

I have seen the shifting of Mother Gaia. She continues to shift to release and to transform the new.

I have seen it all, and it is well, and it is necessary.

I have seen those who have reacted and not responded, for they forget to look to Prime Source Creator, and to stay connected there and to simply observe.

And I have seen the shuffle, the shift, the separation, and I know that it must occur for those who are ready and willing to be illuminated, to have a light shone upon them. For there were children who were indeed powerful messengers of truth, yet they have fallen.

And I have seen children who were pure and curious, and they have fallen, for they have forgotten who they truly are, and have become entranced by that that is not aligned to Prime Source Creator and to Love.

And I have seen those humble and pure in heart, holding the line, standing in the truth, weeping their tears, and bringing in the joy for all that is, and for all they came here to be.

And now I see a new beginning, a new portal, one of many, that shall be open now for all to pass through who are pure in heart, for they shall see God. I see now that portal opening wider, by the very love of the hearts of those who served in quietness and humility and integrity. And because of those, all shall be made ready and all shall bear witness to the work that they have done.

I see now the fifth dimension and beyond, that is primed and ready for those who hold the highest vibration in their hearts at all times.

And I see Creator welcoming them. I see the Light Beings welcoming them. I see the animals and plants welcoming them, the angels, the guardians, the star families are all sending a big welcome with open arms to those who have chosen the right loving choices.

I release now the grief of those who did not choose, and I transform it now into Pure Source Love.

A'lakah manah ne'sheena kemoh. B'shinah le'kapa lekelakah'bo. L'homm lesheekah blalohm. L'ahka chihka manah. L'koh makah shekenah. L'kah alich shenamah, kaha kiniki n'ho. H'ilech shikhinah' amalah,ho'lecki, hi'lecki ho'lecki hih. Machaneesh nakamonah k'nekinoh. L'ackashi ne'mokenonah, hakah. Moh k'nekinoh hakah naka. L'ackashi k'mon ahkeh woh'bweshakanah. O'lekashemah, n'neshim nhan'moh.

I NOW DECLARE: Safe passage for all those who are ready.

I NOW DECLARE: The pure in heart shall be blessed.

I NOW DECLARE: Rich rewards to those who have aligned themselves to Creator.

I NOW DECLARE: New love, new beginnings, new realities, new possibilities for all who courageously choose to be aligned to the Highest and Best outcome for all.

I NOW DECLARE: That the little ones who have just been born be set free into a world of no entrapments, and of only pure Love.

I NOW DECLARE: That those who are being illuminated will step forward in their grace and humility.

I NOW DECLARE: That Creator and the Stars shall sing, and all shall come together in harmonious matrimony.

I NOW DECLARE: That all hearts be healed, seals be broken, new contracts written.

I NOW DECLARE: That all is well and it is done.



It is done.



~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

April 30, 2018

Message for the collective of Light from Archangel Michael

"Stand in your Truth"

I bring you greetings and blessings from Prime Creator now. I am here today with an important message for the collective.

There are many layers of shift happening for you now, both on a personal level and a collective level. I am here today as a Guardian of Light, standing in Truth, and urging you to do the same.

When you stand in your truth, it aligns you to the highest and best. When you stand in your truth, it allows for you to be healed where you need healing, to grow where there is room for growth, to feel the joy, and to know the difference between truth and untruth.

I urge you today, for reasons that go far beyond what you can see or hear or feel, to stand in your own truth and in your own power, and do not allow anyone or anything to distract you by a glossy sheen or a pretty picture. I am not speaking of literal pretty pictures, for we like when you share your pictures among each other, but I am speaking of: "If something smells like a fish, it is probably a fish," even though it is presented as a flower. So be aware, dear ones, be aware.

Do not accept the truth just because someone says it is the truth, but check in with your own heart center, with your own solar plexus chakra, to KNOW if that is the truth for you or not. Now while it may be someone else's truth, it may not be your own. So do not follow blindly, but constantly check in with your own truth, and your own feelings, and the thoughts that come afterwards about what you have just seen or heard.

I urge you today to do the daily practice, as you have heard from this channel and many others recently. Do your daily practice. This is integral to staying in your truth, This is integral to your growth, and this is integral to your missions. Do the daily work of clearing your energy body and align yourself to the highest truth and to the highest Divine Order. And when you find that you are somewhat "off" or feeling foggy, or feeling doubt or fear, that is ok. Honor those feelings. But align yourself to Divine Order. In fact, I would love to hear you state out loud simply: "Divine Order now."

For if you stay in Divine Order under the blessing of Prime Creator at all times, with every thought, with every decision, with every energetic connection, you will keep yourself pure. You will not become infiltrated. For there are many who would seek to mislead, to misguide and to siphon off power of those who stand in the Light. So be wise, be compassionate and be aware.

Anchor in to your truth daily, as many times as you need to. And if something doesn't feel right, get out. Don't follow it simply because everyone else is. You could be the only one who does not follow, yet that does not make you less than or not enough in any way. That makes you one who stands in the Highest Divine Order of Truth, and that is what is needed on the planet now.

And I say this, I want to reassure you that all is well. Many things are being shifted, reconstructed, recreated, but all is well.

But you, dear ones, can aid and assist this shift to happen more easily, more purely and more freely by standing in your own personal truth each and every day.

And so now I stand before you with my blue sword of Truth, held high, flaming with the pure Divine ray of Light and Truth and Balance. And if you find you cannot hold your own truth, call on me and I will assist you with the Blue Sword of Truth, of Divine Order, of Balance and of Love.

Align yourself to Love always, each and every day. Align yourself to love the moment you wake up and the moment you go to sleep. You may not know or understand or even be aware of what is happening. That is ok. But know that your own personal truth is vital to the Shift, to leaving the old behind, and to creating the New before you now.

And as I am here now, addressing you with this loving message of truth and empowerment, allow it to filter down through down through your Crown Chakra, and into your heart centers. Allow it to expand there, expand outside of you, bigger and bigger and bigger. And hold that Light each and every day. And if you find that you feel "off", or that you cannot hold the Light, ask for help. Allow that beautiful Light to come down once again, as many times as needed, and expand your heart centers and fill you within so that you can reflect it on the outside.

As always, I stand before you in Truth and Love and Valor. There are many Beings here to assist you now. And I am here today to help you stand in your truth now.

Every single one of you is loved by Creator and has the choice to choose Love in each and every moment. Remember that, dear ones.


Channeled by Kalia Diya

April 25, 2018




"New Earth Structures"


Greetings, dear friends. I am Logarth of the Arcturian Council. I am also known as Logarth, the Lion of Lemuria.

I have been here for many ages and eons, and I have seen kingdoms rise and fall. I have seen the Earth change, and those who live upon it.


I am here with a message today that some may perhaps find a bit unsettling, while others may breath a great sigh of relief. While it may be met with great curiosity, it is absolutely embedded in love and truth, and has been sanctioned by Creator Himself/Herself.


As I said before, I have seen many ages come and go, the new and the old, and I am a great observer of societal structures and of the order within Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods. In fact, I am one of the overseers of these processes.


I speak for the Arcturian group, and we would like to send you many congratulations for all the work that has been done. Some of you who may be reading this message are just new to the Awakening and Ascension process, and we welcome you with open arms. We know that you will be held with the greatest of love on your journeys, and we ask that you stay close to your truth and to reach out to those whom you trust. And some who will be reading this message have been on your Ascension journey for a bit now. And you have found your communities, and you have found your missions and your purpose. We also congratulate you and hold you in the greatest of love. And for those of you old timers (said with a smile), we congratulate you as well, and we honor you for your part in this process, and all you have done to help create a New Earth for all those who choose to be in that state.


Now, getting to the heart of this message, which is brought to you in love, rooted in truth, blessed by Creator, and anchored in the new reality, we wish to speak of societal structures, governments, and other forms of order that must be placed in this new NOW. As I have seen many of these societal structures and orders and communities, brotherhoods and sisterhoods, I have been asked to come forward to share with you.


Now the part that gets uncomfortable for some of you is the part of governments or structures, or of those who may have the responsible of being leaders and wayshowers. The uncomfortable bit comes in when you hear of something that may trigger in you that someone may have what you feel is a higher rank than you, or that someone is somehow better than you to receive that position. This is not the case. Please do not become stuck on this point.


For do not all come under the umbrella of Creator?


In order for life to thrive peacefully and harmoniously and in unity, there must be structure and order. This does not mean heirarchy or brutality or even a monarchy. In fact, we don't even like to use the term "democracy", because this is out-dated. We would like to suggest a "Monocracy", a societal structure that falls under the Universal Law of One of Creator, that is of the truth and highest good for all.


Yet if there is to be a structure, is there not to be a pattern? While an atom itself has a molecular structure and a pattern in order for it to hold its shape and serve its purpose, therefore, must societies not themselves have a similar shape and pattern in order to serve the highest purpose.


So I would ask you to pause and take a moment and think of this. Think of the New Earth you would like to help create, and think of how you may help in that process, and think of those whom you trust who perhaps you would like to look to as guides and wayshowers and instructors. For if you take a moment, and put those feelings aside that may come up that rise against any form of leadership or government, then you may see the truth of it.


Now we know why this triggers something within you, because you have been enslaved for so long to those who did not have your best and highest interest at heart, and to those who were leading you through a web of lies and untruths and misdeeds and anything that was not aligned to love. So we ask you now to open yourself to healing in this area, to release yourself from all old programming, to ask for help with release from this old programming so that you may further your journey and move on in greater and deeper love to Creator and to all that is new now.


And so coming back full circle to the idea of New Earth, and to how it may be structured and how those who may have been chosen to be the guides and wayshowers stepping forward, we ask everyone: Please work together. Please do not get stuck on the idea of one person being better than the other, for that is not the case.


I am here to tell you today, that there will be societal structure, there NEEDS to be structure, but that structure will be unlike any you have ever felt or experienced on this planet. And indeed if you choose to be in place that you are meant to be and to lead those whom you are meant to lead, and to follow those whom you are meant to follow, these are not negative things, do you not see? These are positive things, ones that are aligned to love and truth.

So the New Earth structures, the New Earth governments, the New Earth possibilities, are of the highest vibration created in the highest frequencies and absolutely rooted in truth.


For those of you who know in your soul that you are the ones who hear the voice of love calling you in to mission of guidance and leadership, please step forward now.


To those of you who know, and who hear the call of the highest vibration of love who are to be the ones who spread the truth and honor the guides and instructors, please step forward now, and do so with great honor, for without you the structure cannot be, it simply cannot be. For all the parts form a whole, and all the parts are integral to the entire format, the entire holy geometric pattern that form the New Earth's societal structures.


So now we ask you to pause once again, and allow this truth to settle into your hearts, and again we gently remind you to work on those parts of you that may be resistant to this message. For as long as you yourself are aligned to love, then you will be in the safest, the most beautiful, the most creative, and the most wonderful place that you can ever imagine yourself to be, whatever your role may be.


So align yourself to love now. Allow all else to be integrated into Light. Honor those whom you already trust as guides and wayshowers. Support them! And if they have done something for you personally, broadcast it. Tell others, for there many who are waiting for help, but know not how to ask for help. So for those of you who have been helped and aided and guided, with a loving heart and with great joy, voice your experience with that person who has guided you. Share your thoughts, share your joy, for in doing so you will bring those to yourself who need the help that only you can give. Do you not see how glorious this circle of love is, and how it is magnified around and around and around again?


In order to step into this New Earth planetary structure, you must - you absolutely must - let go of all you thought you knew, and all you imagined might be, and be wide open and embrace the love and the realities and the new possibilities and the new communities.


Before I go, I leave you with the Golden Ray of Divine Love and Light shining down through your Crown Chakra, beaming into your heart and then again out of your heart center into all of your auric field and beyond, to your neighborhoods, your cities, your communities and your countries, even across the globe. So allow this Golden Ray of Divine Love and Light to shine through you, and out of you, and also within you now.


Open yourselves to the Light and you shall be the Light.


We, the Arcturians, leave you now with the greatest of love and blessings. I, Logarth, the Lion of Lemuria, leave you now with this mandate of truth and with the Golden Ray and with the very blessing of Creator.


~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

April  19, 2018


"Creator looks upon the Earth, and is well pleased with the work that has been done. We see there is much more work to be done, but the new dimension, the New Earth has been grounded and anchored.

We see the shift of the poles and how it has affected the Earth and her inhabitants. We still see areas of the Earth that are shifting and moving to allow the old to be released and the new to be planted.

The Great Councils are still in session. The Great Councils still have much to conclude and decide. The Great Councils have appointed new guides, new instructors to oversee the development of the New Earth. And those guides and instructors have chosen their trusted ones to aid in overseeing this process, so that harmony shall reign, truth shall reign,  justice shall reign, and peace shall reign over the land and all Her inhabitants.

I see the children of the Earth who are aligned to Creator, and they are glowing with bright light.

I see the children of the Earth who cannot see, and are still in darkness, who suffer and moan.

I see more children who are beginning to awake with their eyes turned to the Light, and their hearts turned on, their ears unstopped and their hands open.

And I say to you now, children of Earth who are just awakening: 'Open your hearts now and receive, for there shall be those who are there to guide you and aid you and instill within you the Light Eternal of  The One.'

And I say to you children who are awakening: 'Let go and receive. Allow all to be erased and to become new.'

And I say to you children: 'Become as a small child. Know nothing, see everything. Feel rather than think.'

I say to you children: 'Allow yourselves to be metamorphosed into the New. The old cocoon shall fall away, and your wings shall be sprouted, and you shall fly.'


Ahlak'nasheenamah kehnho'lahk sheknanoh. Ohmakah neshenanah.Olah, lakeemanah khana.Omaka ne'nah olahlakhamanah. Lakanah k'nomanah k'nomonah. Homah k'neenah shn'koma k'noh. Machl'lulah k'manah malach k'mah. Mahl'luka kamalah kamahkmoh. L'och ahnanesh. L'ohlhakalahk. Lequol'acheths. L'komh akananah. Ahom'leke. Ahom'leke.Ahom'leke.


I NOW DECLARE: That the ancient tentacles of dark be cut up and transmuted into the ground.

I NOW DECLARE: That the new technology be placed into the Earth and turned on now.

I NOW DECLARE: That all negative influences on the Children of Light cease and desist NOW and forevermore.

I NOW DECLARE: That the children of Light receive the new gifts from Creator and use them wisely.

I NOW DECLARE: That all Beings have the choice to be made free and come into the Light.

I NOW DECLARE: That all of the Kingdoms are back online and ready to serve Creator and Gaia and her children.

We see that it is done, and we are well pleased.

The Great Oracle of Old has spoken.




~Channeled by Kalia Diya~