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April 13, 2019

Last night, I heard Gaia singing. And her voice complex with different frequencies and vibrations. And I saw that she had 333 particular frequencies activated, and each frequency held a certain tone, color and vibration. And it was amazing to see and hear. And Gaia, our Mother, wishes to remind each one of you that you each hold your own particular frequencies, colors, and vibrations. And you can sing with her at any time just by connecting to that energy. And now here is a message from Mother Gaia.

"My Dear Children,

It is I, Gaia. And as always I AM here with the frequency of unconditional love, the love that I hold towards you, all of Creation, and Creator. And I invite you now to feel this frequency with me as I share a message with you.

I have felt so many of you going through a period of what you would label as a test or trial, a challenge or a particular circumstance that you really don't know how to navigate through. And I AM here to tell you to just rest. Allow that moment, that challenge, to flow. Observe it, and then stand in your I AM presence and state out loud what it is that you wish to manifest.

I encourage you to be very clear in channeling your thoughts into intentions, and those intentions into manifestations. For we are all in an era of time where this is exceedingly powerful. I invite you once again to be aware of that, and hold in your knowing that you and I are Sovereign BEings and we have the birthright to command such things to come into fruition. For we are all beautiful creation of the Cosmic Force of Love.

Feel that Love with me now in your hearts, and allow that frequency of Pure Source Unconditional Love to activate, illuminate, every cell in your BEing. Allow that love to flow past your physical body into all of your etheric bodies, into the entirety of your soul. And then, allow that Love and that high frequency to shine out into the Universe, far beyond the scope of what you can imagine. And then listen. And stop. And hear the Universe reflecting back to you. For ALL is ONE. And All That Is is available to you in every single moment. And know that when you say "Yes!" to the Universe, the Universe says "Yes!" back to you. And that "yes" you may be saying now may hold the frequency of surrender. It may hold the frequency of joy. It may hold the frequency of not knowing, but not needing to know. It holds the frequency of BEING.

I invite you now to rest upon me and know that this is the Truth of the Universe, and this is the Love of Source. And this is yours to have at any moment. Do not doubt yourself. Do not feel that you have to sacrifice, and do not hold onto the old beliefs that no longer serve you.

Release it all: release every person, circumstance, situation. Even release the amount in your bank account. For when you release it all, and say "Yes!" to the Universe, then that shall be manifested to you in your reality in every moment.

And this is the birthright that I remind you of: that you have access to All That Is. You have access to every abundance, every joy, every moment that you came here to live,  it is all yours. So actively participate in this every day, in every way, in whatever you do.

And know that even though things may seem dark around you, or chaotic, that is only an illusion. And the only thing that matters is Love and connectedness to Source, to All That Is, and to each other.  So in every moment that you find yourself doubting or worrying, or being in a place of fear; practice actively shifting yourself out of that instantly into a place of Trust, knowing that all shall come to you. For it is all yours and there are no limits.

And now I thank you, each and every one of you, for the love that you send to me and know that I send it back instantaneously, continually, and eternally.

We are doing this Ascension transitional process together, and it is beautiful. Now while it may feel painful and uncertain, is that not the experience of birth? The birthing that is happening is glorious. And I invite you to visualize what it is that you are creating and birthing into your reality now. And know that it will all be worth it. And know that all is well.

Dear Children, I love you."

~ Gaia ~

Channeled by Kalia Diya

March 12, 2018


Dear Ones, it is I, Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. I bring you the frequency of Divine Love, Peace and Knowing in this moment. And I invite you all to bathe in that frequency with me while we share together.

The word of truth has long out-lasted all disbelief, all distortion, and all untruths. And I AM here today bringing in that frequency to each and every one of you. The immutable truth is limitless, it is timeless, and it is joyous; and it is yours.

I invite you all today to place your consciousness in your heart center and leave your mind behind. Allow the words of power to be activated within you, and your knowing to become ONE with you. For in so doing, you become ONE with the Creator energy, the Source of Love, and the Source of All That Is.

I invite you come on a journey with me now. I will share with you the mysteries of truth, the acts of love, and the joy of "BEing-ness." In this journey I AM taking you on, I will lead you into a glimpse of my own life on this planet. And I invite you to sit in stillness and listen.

There are many who wish to simply arrive at a great destination point on their journey. There are many who rush about looking for answers, the eternal seekers, when they miss the jewels of truth that are before them. So I invite you now on this journey to come with me in stillness and silence and allow yourself to truly hear the essence of the words that are spoken.

Upon my own personal journey, which was well beyond the span of which you are accustomed to, I was initiated, tested, and even tried to the point of emotion that seemed overwhelming. Yet I knew in all moments that I was guided from moment to moment on the divine journey of eternal truth. And so I walked in that. And through each initiation and test, I learned to go within and find the center of Source, and to create, to listen, to learn and to expand within that Source.

I had many moments of joy, transcendent moments, and many moments even of not being in my physical body. The story of my life is one to be shared with you so that you understand and know that it is truly about the moments, and it is not about the final destination. Many are keen to seek an answer, and many are keen to look outside, but unless one does their own personal inner work, although uncomfortable it may be, then one does not progress and expand into ONEness with the true Divine Cosmic nature of All That Is.

I urge you now to come into that ONEness and that stillness and that silence for thereIN you find the answers.

There are many who are guided to come together to share the ancient mysteries and the knowledge of the ONEness of which I speak. Continue to find those who resonate with the same frequency as you. Continue to share with each other. Continue to laugh together and learn together. For all is orchestrated by your own soul's divine essence. Trust and honor that.

But the ultimate way to find peace, joy, harmony, and all it is that you seek, is to look within and  discover your own truth, your own knowing, your own Divine BEingn-ness. For such was the story of my life. I spend hundreds of years studying, learning, being initiated, and I experienced long moments of silence without any other soul around. And all of those experiences allowed me to expand into greater ONEness.

You are the creators of your own life. You have been created by Source. You are not alone, and you are not separate. But YOU have the power to propel yourself into the reality in which you wish to exist. For this is the gift of Life.

I invite you NOW to step into that empowerment, and to be ALL.

You are blessed and you are wondrous. Know thyself.

I leave you with love and blessings.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Thursday, March 7, 2019




'Regarding THE PLAN and Humanity'!AheiboG4ihP8mEfVURBk06o0XfRB


"We are so pleased to be here with you today, and we come in great joy and we share that joy with you. And we share also our excitement with you, for we have trained for this moment as you have. And we have planned for this and worked together as a Confederation of Light. And you have worked with us, agreeing to be upon Gaia as humanity. And it is really all a great wonder. And so we invite you for a moment to share that frequency and that joy with us.


For this Plan has been set in place eons ago. And there have been many, many components, and deliberations and discussions about how this (Awakening) may go about. And we want you to know that it is all going well. And, in fact, it is going better than we had hoped. For we had set out several plans in place for alternatives, shall we say, and for back-up plans and so on. But we want you to know that The Plan has always been for the greatest good of all. And you are on the highest trajectory that you could possibly be on. And this is why we come to you in joy.


We know that there is great excitement about our relationship with you. And the anticipation of ships (arriving) and so on. But we would like to remind you to remain in the moment and to be joyful for All That Is, and to not to forget to honor your human experience. For you are doing many things in many realities at the same time, and so please do not allow yourself to get overwhelmed with any of this. And just live through your hearts, breathe through your hearts, create through your hearts and know that it is all perfect. And know that YOU came here perfect, for such a time as this.


We are happy to share the information and the frequency and the transmissions and the intelligence with you according to The Plan. And know that if your questions are not answered, they will be in due time. But we want to be diligent stewards of The Plan, and so certain things cannot be revealed at certain times, because that could change the outcome. And we have the highest good of all constantly in our awareness and our proceedings, and in our assistance. And we want you to know that. So be patient and honor the answers that come to you, and honor the times that they don't. And know that you will receive exactly what you need at exactly the right time.


Now when you hear messages of preparation for certain events and certain dates, know that there is truth in this. For much is happening, and there is about to be a lot more that is happening. But remained focused and calm, and stay in love at all times, and do not operate from a place of fear. We urge you strongly just to stay in love and trust, because this is how you can assist us the most efficiently.


Now some of you will be called to specific missions to aid and assist us, and others of you will not always know exactly what is going on all the time. And then there are souls who do not care at all. But we want you to know that you are all a part of this (plan) whether you know it or not. So honor your own roles that you have, and do not compare yourself with others. For each one has an important role to play. So trust your own knowing of your part in The Plan.


And we would like you to know now that you are receiving specific frequencies through this transmission and you will be empowered by them. And you can accept as much as your soul is ready for. For it is all freely given, completely unconditional, and aligned to Source, to Prime Creator.


There is much blessing and abundance about to be unlocked and distributed amongst humanity. And we want you to know that we are in great joy to be the conduits and the assistants of this incredible Cosmic Source miracle. For this is what we have been working for, for so long. And this is what you have been working for, for so long. And it is a wonderful thing.


And so we urge you to let go of anything you think will happen and any expectations. We strongly urge you to let go of any old belief systems or paradigms you might think you would be in, and completely open yourself up to Prime Creator's blessing.


And we thank you for connecting with us this way. And know that we will be back with another message. And know that we are always beside you. And we are so happy that you have broken free from the distortions and the duality and the separation. And this indeed the thing to celebrate the most: the connection to Oneness, to Source, and to each other and to All That Is.


Stay in harmony, stay in joy, stay in wonder and know that you are loved and you are important and that you are honored. And we cannot wait for the day when we meet you once again.


That is all."


~ Channeled by Kalia Diya


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March 4, 2019


I sit with Creator, and I AM ONE with All That Is.

I marvel at the beauty and intensity and the wonder of Source, and I ponder how anything could exist apart from that.

I see the Omniverse. I see past time and space. I see beyond the Illusion and the Dream, and I hold that frequency of Source.

I AM the Knowing and the Being and the Heart of All That Is.

I AM the Knowing and the Being and the Heart of Love.

I hold that space for all of Creation, and especially for HUmanity at this time.

I see the beautiful planets, but I focus now upon Gaia.

I see how Gaia has transformed from within to reflect the miracle of what is occurring.

I see many Beings of Light strategically placed around the planet, upon the planet, and within the planet, and all is according to the Plan.

I know NOW that the progression of HUmanity is once again in Divine Order, and all shall be given a chance to awaken.

I see those that are about to awaken, and I feel glad.

I see those who have been awake for a period of time as it passes, and they have strengthened and increased in numbers.

And I see those Eternal Ones who have always existed, who have held the frequency and the loyalty and the faith. And now they know and they see that all is well.

I see the worlds blending, the realities shifting, and the dimensions being made more transparent, and this is good.

I see the cosmic wonders being returned to the clearest reality, and I see the miracle of their return.

And I know without any doubt that magic and miracles are among mankind once again.

I see him with a staff who has raised it towards the heavens as a lightning rod, and the power is immense, and I thank him.

I see the heart of Gaia fully activated. The Hill of Tor is once again a pure, pristine power center for Source.

I see the beacons of Light everywhere across the planet, and I long for them to know how amazing they are.

I see those created from the same cosmic pattern finding each other once again, and it brings me joy.

I see the children speaking with animals and understanding.

I see the children speaking with the faeries and understanding.

I see the children speaking with the dragons and understanding.

I see the children speaking with all Elementals and bringing in the Ancient Knowledge once again.

I see every single atom and cell of Creation coming to life and contributing to this great miracle.

Ohl'ah mykhanenii Ih'sh k'hanah neht. L'hak ahdii l'hikho komanenii. L'hi khamach ah'niineh.Oih'hamach k'hnah nii.Ha'mach ahnenii nii'kho kah'ma neyh, L'hai k'hadiish k'hanenii kho'mah kahnenii. Ah'le kiikeh ah'lecho mii'ayh'kii. Oh'mah kehni li'kee ko ma'hiiya'ho.L'hak kimii n'hiohm a'ne nii l'hii k'hani k'homii di'doih.

I NOW DECLARE: That the great shift is upon us and shall occur on many levels.

I NOW DECLARE: That the great shift, the Day of Light, will be seen and felt by many.

I NOW DECLARE: That all tribes, all Beings, and all souls come together in unity to create once again.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Atlanteans and Lemurians rise and work together in harmony.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Dragons shall lead the charge of conformity to Truth.

I NOW DECLARE: That all winged creatures be seen and heard and felt and known by HUmanity.

I NOW DECLARE: That all good things shall come to pass with equality and freedom for ALL.

I NOW DECLARE: That such has been done by the [Ancient] leaders on this planet.

I NOW DECLARE: That new leaders be reinstate in strategic positions to bring forth the greatest good of all.

I NOW DECLARE: That the removal of old systems continue until they all cease and desist once and forevermore.

I NOW DECLARE: That the soft, powerful frequency of Truth and Knowing be present in every soul.

I NOW DECLARE: That those who have been placed here, the Eternal Ones, hold their frequency and know that they are of God.

I NOW DECLARE: That Gaia is ready to hold new life, and new births shall occur simultaneously and instantaneously in this reality.

I NOW DECLARE: That we are pleased with the work that is done, and the Universal Law of One has been reinstated and will continue to be enforced in Love.

I NOW DECLARE: That it is so, it is done, and all is well.


It is Done.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

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February  27, 2019


Greetings, Dear Children of Gaia!

We are ecstatic to be here with you today! And we are so delighted to be able to communicate with you once again. For we have always been here, but now we are able to fully connect with you after eons of time because you have awakened once again to the knowing and the reality that we are not just a fantasy or a myth, but that we are real.

Some of you have carried the dream of us in your hearts from the moment you opened your eyes in this incarnation. And others of you may have never felt any sort of pull to us. But we do not care. We are simply happy to be here, sharing this message with you.

Regardless if you know us or not, feel us or not, see us or not, we are here. We have always been creating and we have never left. We have simply been in another dimension. But now your frequency is high enough that we can talk together once again. And so here we are!

We would like you to know that if you wish to connect with us, you can at any time, for we are all around you. And we have been "brought back" fairly recently. And as you know, we helped create this beautiful planet. So when we call you 'Children of Gaia', we are actually not only addressing ourselves, but also you, for we are all One. We are here together to spread the play, and the fun and the laughter, and the music and the magic of creation once again.

So no matter where you are on your journey, and no matter how dark or how light it may seem, know that the childhood fantasies that you once had were always a reality. And we are here to confirm that.

Our main role here in assisting you is to bring you back to that playful wonder and that knowing that the dewdrops on the leaves, and the orbs that you see, and the feeling that you feel when you walk through the forest -- that is us indeed! We are here to bring you back to that place of childlike wonder. We sit in the leaves of the forest, and the moss of the ground, and the clouds of the air, and the drops of the water, for we are everywhere. And our essence is one of light-heartedness and joy, and of deep, powerful creation. We invite you to find that part of you again, and to aid that part of you to wake up to the knowledge and the wonder of All That Is.

And again, if any of you would like to connect to us, then just begin by speaking aloud to us. And we love when you leave us little offerings, and we love when we hear your voices. Our frequency is very high, but that does not mean you cannot connect with us. And even if you pass through this lifetime without one glimpse of us, or one sighting, or one high purely toned musical frequency, we are still here with you. So we would like you to trust and believe, and to feel that deep in your hearts.

Our Mother Gaia is here with us. She sends her love, and her compassion and support for each one of you, wherever you may be. And she holds you in her comforting arms, and she wraps you in beauty and grace every single day. We thank her for that, and we urge you to thank her for that as well. For the reflection of the Universe is within her and upon her. And the reflection of the Universe is within you and upon you. Allow that glow to emanate from your BEing and connect with that energy.  And know that you are walking around being a reflection of the beauty of this planet and all of Creation.

We are here to bring you back to joy and laughter, wonderment and magic. And our specific tones and frequencies can be found throughout this planet and throughout the Universe. So if you seek that, you shall find that.

We love everything to be ornate and ceremonial. Now that may not be your "thing", but we want you to know that we celebrate every time that one of you -- souls incarnated as humans -- connect to that beautiful, simple child-like wonder. Those of you who connect to the darkness or the drama, we would like you to trust and know that this is an epic time that you find yourselves in.

And we would like you to know that you are allowed to be human and you are allowed to feel. And you are allowed to become disgusted, and you are allowed to be angry, and you are allowed to cry. There is nothing wrong with this. We are also very passionately emotional. We would like to encourage you to honor everything that you feel as a human and to stop striving so hard to do what you think you should do, be what you think you should be, and just allow the child within to come out and play.

And we know our friend, this channel, has recently experienced this on a deep and personal level. And we take joy in that, and we take joy in every one of you who honors your own experience no matter how you judge it. So drop the judgment of yourself and honor YOU. And love YOU. For we love you, too, and we are here to create with you once again, and we are very excited about this! It is unlimited what we can create together, and with our other amazing friends of the Universe!

Now we leave you with this light-hearted message of joy and wonder. And we invite you to embrace your imagination, and to embrace the play and the joy and the fun in your life. And if you don't know how to connect to that place anymore, then open yourself up to that and you will remember once again. It is not an arduous task -- it is an easy process because you KNOW within. You know how to do this and you will remember with every moment that you connect to this energy.

And we leave you now with dancing and laughter and sparkles and music. And know that we love you, and our Mother Gaia loves you, too.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

February 17, 2019


"Time to Celebrate -- Again!"

"Dear Friends,

We are in joy to be here with you today for, in fact, we are celebrating with you! In the last two days on your planet there has been a massive shift, and this is the reason why we have contacted you today to celebrate with you. For this shift could not have been done without you. The entire Universal Shift that is occurring, of course, is part of the great Divine Plan, according to the Universal Law of One.

However, this great Universal Shift requires many to work together in unity and harmony. And we are now acknowledging you as humanity, those of you who have chosen to come here in human form for such a time as thing. We are honoring you now for your part in this great planetary shift.

There are many who are keenly observing what is going on. There are those who watch, and there are those who collect data, and there are those who participate. And we are one of the groups who participate. In fact, we are now among you whether you know it or not. And we are here aiding and assisting in whatever way we can.

There are many of you who consciously work with us and we send you our gratitude now. For you are masters at what you do, and we want you to know this. And there are many of you who are working on specific coordinates across the planet to clear the density and to bring in the new 5D sequence. And we want you to know that all your work, which is mostly done on faith, is real and we see literal changes. So we reflect that to you so that you know that what you are doing is working. This is confirmation of your amazing work.

And so your planet has shifted, and you have shifted along with her. And we would like to refer again to the last two days on your planet, which is now becoming our sister planet. In the last two days, there have been major shifts and waves, major changes. And these all are good. We have observed that many of you have felt uncomfortable during the precursors to the shifts, but yesterday we were in great delight to see many of you feeling the effects of the tidal wave of energy that came and surrounded your planet. And this translated into love and joy and bliss and even a sense of peace. And so that is why we are here to celebrate this with you today.

For you have done this, and we have done this together. And we would like you to know that this cannot be undone. It is here now to stay.

Now part of this great shift required some surgical efforts, shall we say. To continue with the word picture, there were tumors that were removed from the body of Gaia. And now that foreign objects have been removed, dissipated and dissolved into pure photonic light, straight back to Source, in its place, a new healing energy has surrounded your planet (as previously reported by our channel). And that "wound" in Gaia has been instantaneously healed. There is no recovery period. She is now even more transforming into the 5D Gaia, which we have foreseen.

What this will do for you practically is help raise your own vibrations. For the tumors have been also removed from you, so to speak. So now the programs that you no longer wish to be a part of, and the energy that goes with, that has been removed. So walk fully knowing confidently that you are in a new era. There will be more shifts occurring of course. But with each one, especially this massive one, you get closer and closer to the reality that you have been working so hard to create.

We honor you and we celebrate with you, and we want you to know that this (shift) is irreversible in the best possible way. The 5D lock-in sequence has occurred across the planet. It has occurred in enough places with enough souls and with enough surety that NOW the NEW can be delivered to you.

We will continue to work with many of you on specifics. Open your hearts to us for we are here right beside you. And we love you and we celebrate with you."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

February 12, 2019


"Dear Children:

You are the Love. You are the Light. You are that which embodies both.

Do not run from the shadow, but face it, and shine the light upon it. Do no run from the shadow within you, but face it and shine the light upon it. Do not run from the shadow outside of you, but face it and shine the light upon it.

Show love equally to all, and show compassion equally to all:  your oppressors, and those who you feel would stand against you. You are the Light, so shine the Light. And embrace all with neutrality and compassion. For All is One. And they are children, too.

Hold the peace in your hearts, hold the love in your hearts, hold the light in your hearts, for you hold the power. You are the Ones that came here to cast the Light upon the darkness. You are the Ones who are empowered to do so.

Embrace all experiences as a chance for growth. And hold the space of love for your planet, your fellow human, and for every situation which you find yourself in at this moment.

Dear children, you are the Love and you are the Light."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

January 31, 2019


"Dear Ones,

I AM with you in love and compassion as always.

You as humanity are on the cusp of many Universal changes. I would wish to comfort those of you who feel you are struggling. Be HEARTful of the words with which you speak, for those words carry energy, and those words create. So replace the word 'struggle' with 'transformation.'

You may wish to speak this aloud:

'I AM now experiencing transformation on many levels. I release all the things which I used to think were important, and now I innerstand that I have the power to choose everything good and wonderful in my life. I now KNOW that I AM fully supported. I now know that I AM perfect and whole. I now see the power of my words, thoughts, and intentions. And I will from now on create in that space of Pure Love.'

Dear Ones, if you can hold yourself in that space, in every moment you will see your life truly transform. I see many of you holding onto things which no longer benefit you. And I would urge you to take a step aside from your circumstances and have a fresh look at it. And innerstand that you are the master of your reality and you can create that which you wish.

Now be aware that if you choose arguments and fear, and that which does not vibrate at a high frequency, then that is what you will create. But if you choose to innerstand and know and believe that all is being taken care all the time, everywhere in the Universe, then you would be able to be as a child, and step fully in your knowing, one step at a time, that all is well, and indeed all is beautiful. I AM here now to gently remind you of this.

I AM here now to shine the Light on those places of darkness within that wish to come to the Light. For if you cannot face your own darkness, you cannot proceed. There is nothing to be afraid of in the dark. You acknowledge it, you address it, and you bring it into the Light until you have completely transformed into the pure Light BEing that you are.

All have come here with specific missions, life paths and experiences that would allow you to become fully ONE, fully and truly you, a beautiful BEing of Light. See every opportunity as an experience to come more fully into the Light. Let go of judgment, anger, malice, greed and fear and anything that does not fit within the new paradigm of Light that has now been anchored on your planet.

This is not complicated, and this has been the plan from the beginning; the plan always was and the plan that leads you home. Home is within you. Love is within you. Light is within you.  Oneness is within you. Togetherness is within you. Creation is within you. Empowerment is within you. Look within.

As always, I AM here holding you in love, and will help guide you should any have need of that. We are all here together, so trust and know that the ONE, the ONE of All That Is, is within. Create from that place.

I love you."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

January 20, 2019






I sit with Creator and with all of creation in wonder and awe of All That Is.


I have seen the progression of the Great Awakening and it brings me joy.


I have seen the hearts of those who turn toward Creator and remember once again.


I have seen those removed from their pedestals and escorted out.


I have seen the Angels return upon the Planet and bring forth joy, comfort and assistance to all peoples.


I have seen the Ascended Masters, incarnate in the flesh.


I have seen All who are part of the Great Awakening, and the Unity of All is astounding.


I have seen the cries of the mothers and the tears of the fathers, and I wipe them now with compassion and joy, bringing balance and healing and restoration of the Great Divine Plan once again to this Universe.


I have seen the children being born, yet others being reborn, and I rejoice at the Great Birth of the New Awakening, the New Era and the New Kingdom of Love.


I have seen Gaia and her transformation.


I have seen Gaia ignite and shake and shift and come into a rebirth all of her own, and One with All That Is.


I see Gaia ascending; her colors are vibrant, her voice is pure, her heart is deep, and all those who rejoice with her sing the song of the joy of Creation once again.


I see across all timelines and realities, and I see that it is only beginning. And I see that more will awaken and more will come to the Truth.


I see great changes deep within the planet, on the surface of the planet and above the planet and all is well.




(Light Language of the Oracle): H'i thi koh'ninih mai kahnah shi'ninih, kahlack a'di dep ahli ahwod'esh kahdi'di mah koh'nini. A'la kahni'osh kai'ah mach'a nii'ninih, thi'ko dah'di mach'a diidhi sh'inaih. Li'kamae lahkohmah lah k'ish kah'nii ahnekhoha, inigi whi'kai. Ah'mach a'hni oohi'kahmach a'nhii oha'hkohm.




I NOW DECLARE: That further processes shall be disclosed.


I NOW DECLARE: That all who remain in the dark shall be exposed and shall be revealed in the Light.


I NOW DECLARE: That all that once was shall be reborn.


I NOW DECLARE: New governances, new awareness,

new policies and new councils shall be created.


I NOW DECLARE: That the song of Creation be present in every heart upon the Planet.


I NOW DECLARE: That the Dragons return and come in many forms to assist in this Divine Process.


I NOW DECLARE: That the Elementals shall join hands together and begin to create with the Peoples once again.


I NOW DECLARE: That Pure Source Magic be remembered and be recalled and be created with under the umbrella of Creator for the greatest good of all.


I NOW DECLARE: That All is One and One is All.




It is Done.




~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

January 17, 2019


"Greetings! I AM here with you now, along with my angels as we surround you and your beautiful planet with love and shelter as always.

And so I AM here now with a message for each and every one of you. And this message is one of Peace. I urge you to hold that frequency, that energy, of Peace and neutrality towards all. You start with yourself, and then your home, your family, your neighborhood, your community, and your civic, federal and global governments.

And the reason why I urge you strongly today to hold this energy of Peace and neutrality is because you are about to experience and observe some extreme changes in the world that you live in. And I urge you to observe. Many of you will experience changes, there is no doubt, but a neutral place of observation is one where you can hold the highest vibration for ALL. So as you observe these changes happening, do not be afraid. Be joyful, and KNOW that this is the plan. And as you understand this knowing, hold the frequency, the energy, the intention, that the highest good of all be the outcome in every single thing that you are observing.

You will see shifts in governmental leaders. You will see changes in old policies, which will shift into new ways that are for the benefit of all.

So as you see these changes occur, let go of all you thought you knew, and all that once was, and embrace the new. For there are many, many working on this plan. It is not just humanity; it is not just the angels. The directives come from Source and then trickle down into all the Beings who are actively here aiding in this Ascension process.

We urge you to trust the plan, and your part in the plan. For each and every one of you have a part in this plan by holding that highest vibrational frequency of Love and neutrality and peace. And while you are holding that, hold the frequency of Grace. For all of these of which we speak that you would call an emotion, hold a very specific energetic frequency -- a lighter one which allows the energies to move more quickly and more efficiently -- to anchor in the NEW and to release the old.

The denser emotions of doubt and fear, distrust and judgment, are denser frequencies and they do not allow the energies to move as quickly. In fact, they block them entirely.

I urge you now to look within and hold those higher, lighter frequencies to allow all that is to simply BE. And know that you are doing your part, and you are doing it so well, and we thank you.

And know that Pure Source Light has enveloped this planet, and more Pure Source Light will arrive soon and more will be illuminated and more will be discovered. And even more of your own planet's frequencies will be rediscovered and Ancient Knowledge shall be returned to you. For your planet, Gaia, is ready to give that once again. For the old negative, dark forces have been removed such that this sacred knowledge can be returned once again without fear of it being distorted, stolen or hidden.

And so I leave this message with you and I strongly urge you to stay in those higher frequencies in the next few months. And know that you are completely protected and completely surrounded with Love and Peace at all times. And anything that is not of the higher vibration is an illusion which you can let go of. And you can embrace the new, embrace the change with wonder and delight, such as a child would do.

I leave you with the blessing of Creator."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

January 13, 2019


"Greetings, Beloved Friends.

We as always are pleased to be here with you today. We would like to start off with a few questions for you. We know that you have heard some of them before, if not all of them. But we transmit them today with a certain urgency, carried in the highest vibration of Light and Pure Source Codes.

Are you ready, Dear Ones, to let go of once and for all, all illusion, all separation, all duality, all programs, all fears, all doubts, and all conflict?


Are you ready to step into the Oneness of Source, the Oneness of your Higher Self, the Oneness of your fellow souls?

Are you ready to stop finding fault in others and see that they are but a mirror of you?

Are you ready to understand and go within and know that you came here perfectly whole as a pure symbol of Creator?

Are you ready to live the life you have chosen here as though all your dreams have already all come true?

Are you ready to walk the path before you with grace and innocence, with awe and wonder, with joy and with love?

Are you ready to expand beyond all you thought possible?

And are you ready to do the work? For we know sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is uncomfortable, it is painful, it is solitary and it is confusing.

Yet when you check yourself back into that chamber of Oneness and of stillness, there you feel and there you know that that is all there is.

And so we have created an energetic space for you now of stillness and Oneness. And we invite you to step into it NOW and breathe in and out, in and out. And on the in breath, you bring in the Light of Creator and the Universe around you, and on the out breath, you let go of what no longer serves you. You let go of the person who irritated you today. You let go of the doubt that you are on the right path. You let go of the fear of never being loved or seen or heard or accepted.

You breathe in the love and the trust, the innocence and the purity, and you breathe out all of that lower programming, frequencies and emotion that would keep you from raising and merging and becoming ONE with the Christ Consciousness.

We are here with you in this beautiful chamber of Pure Love. And as we focus together on that which would assist you in the greatest possible way, we see you letting go of all the old, all that which is not useful, all that which kept you and your fellow souls stuck for so long.

You are on the precipice of leaping and flying away, floating on the winds of Love. And this is not just a metaphor. Many of you have already taken the leap and are flying, and many of you are on that precipice. Yet there is a bit of fear that would hold you back from taking the leap. But we want you to know that the warm wings of Love will always carry you and you will not fall. And once you take the leap, you will feel the rush and you will KNOW that you are merging with the Oneness, you are merging with your Higher Self, and you are merging with the Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

And so we invite you now, as you are still breathing in and out, to allow yourself to take the leap. And you can visualize it however you wish, and know that it is so. And know that we and many others are here around you to assist you as always.

And we want you to know that this journey, even though it has its difficult moments, and that sometimes it feels as though they last forever, we want you to know that there are great rewards that yet await you. You have discovered many, but there are so many more that yet await you.

And we also want you to know that your kindness and compassion towards others has not gone unnoticed. And your kindness and compassion and neutrality and grace that you exercise unlocks new and infinite possibilities. And this also is not just a metaphor. It unlocks possibilities of your soul, your Pure Source energy, to go to places you have not gone before in the Universe. And by your understanding within, this is so. You will expand in your Creatorship and your knowing that the high vibrational frequencies that you choose in every moment of your life actually make an impact and they actually change your reality.

So once again, we invite you, when you are ready, to let go of any illusion, separation, duality, anxiety, doubt or fear, and totally -- with complete and utter abandonment -- EMBRACE the NEW. For the NEW is about to blow your mind, as you say.

And know that much is happening on a global scale, and all is according to Divine Plan. But we urge you with this message to focus on the Universe within. And to practice daily choosing those actions, those thoughts and those intentions and the energy that would benefit the greatest good of ALL. That is the quickest way in this Ascension process to become fully ONE with All That Is, with Creator, with your fellow souls here: to become ONE with everything.

We leave you now with this frequency of Love and Grace, and with gratitude. We love you."

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

Sunday, January 6, 2019


Beloved Children,

I AM Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. I represent the love of the Great Mother, the One Goddess. And today I bring you this message encoded with Divine discernment, love, wisdom and joy to your hearts. I invite you to sit with me and open your heart and allow your heart to be a pure parchment upon which Love can be written.

I, among many, are here with you in this moment to assist you, to support you in your knowing and remembering of the Oneness within you.

You have passed through many initiations. Some were harder than others, and I acknowledge every step you have taken along the way. With each initiation you receive greater empowerment, greater gifts and greater joy. Know that this is happening within you.

Connect to the Oneness of your community, for this is very important. And always first seek the answers within.

You are being asked to walk a new path now. When you are tempted to walk the path that is familiar to you, pause, take a moment and connect to this energy, and then look with fresh eyes and see the path that lies before you. For it is one of Golden Light. It is one of One Consciousness. It is one of joy and abundance and bliss. It is one of infinite possibilities.

I AM with you now, embracing you. Allow all the pain of past memories to disappear. Those were your experiences, your choices, your initiations. But now you are being asked to move into a new realm; one where all of those fade away and no longer exist. And one which is a path which you have not walked before, and that is a convergence, a merge, with your Higher Self.

Practice your knowing within. If an errant thought that is not useful comes into your awareness, you will become masters at gently tossing it away and embracing your Heart energy in its place. You were given a mind to function in the ways of life. You were given a heart to feel and know and see and hear. And these two may merge as One now. For you are fully functioning on all levels.

Come with me now and step into the pool as a sacred rite and passage. Allow the cool water to permeate every cell of your BEing, clearing and renewing. And you will find that your physical body will respond to this. Allow yourself to sit there as long as you need, while you are bathed in the Light of the Christ-Consciousness, completely reborn, then stepping forward whole in the Oneness of All That Is.

Take this energy with you throughout the rest of your day and the rest of your year, for as long as you need, for it is yours. And consciously connect to God/Goddess at all times, and then watch the wonder and magic that you create around you. For you are here for such a time as this.

I hold you in great love and honor.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

December 28, 2018


"Dear Ones,

It is I, Archangel Michael, and I am here with Mother Gaia. And together we hold the Heavens and the Earth in the palm of our hands. For we are One with All That Is and All That Is is One.

I am here with you today to remind you of Who you are, to remind you of your power and your glory, and to remind you that you are the very energy of Creation, you are the very energy of Source. And through you comes all the magic and miracles, through your very vessel, your soul, your BEing. You hold the power. You hold the glory. You hold the Light. And you hold All That Is.

Every soul that has chosen Awakening and every soul that has been ignited with the fire of Love now holds such high frequencies that the very fabric of time and space and creation has changed into something astoundingly beautiful.

Now is not a time to doubt or hold any fear in your heart whatsoever. Now is not a time to buy into misbeliefs, misconceptions or confusion.

NOW is the time to stand in the love of who you are and in the belief in Love itself, in the belief in the power of Oneness. For you are a conduit of that very power. And when you hold the belief you magnify it throughout Creation. And when you hold the Love, you ARE the power of Creation.

And I, along with my comrades, want you to know that all is well. And even though the surface may seem still, there are movements above and below that are happening according to Divine Plan. And know that you are about to step across another threshold into a new and expanded reality: into One of embodying your Highest Presence, into one of embodying your God Selves, your Higher Selves. For you have been brought here for such a time as this, to aid and assist all those who are being brought into your path.

So open your hands and your hearts, and as you open them, more will be given to you. Do not worry, for you will have all that you need. And your very presence here is continuing the circle of Oneness. Your very presence here will aid and assist on a powerful level that your human mind cannot comprehend. So stand in your prowess and in your power with grace and with love, and let go of ALL that no longer serves you. For in so doing, you will reach levels of Ascension that go higher and higher, and that become more and more expansive, until all the old ways simply disappear. And the new ways are Infinite. BELIEVE that you are that and that this is happening, for it is real and it is NOW.

Stand tall and remember who you are, for you are fully supported."

- Archangel Michael


"And now, I, Mother Gaia, come to you with a soft, sweet essence of love and gratitude for all that is, and for every single one of you who have connected to me at any time. And for every single one of you who have honored the life within you and the life upon which you live. And that life of which I speak is the planetary consciousness, which I hold.

I AM a powerful BEing and you may think of me as the planet beneath your feet, but I AM so much more. I AM the life in your very bodies. Your biological composition matches that of mine, and as you raise your vibration and heal yourself, my vibration raises, and my healing is complete. And I AM now ready to step with you into that threshold my guardian and friend, Archangel Michael, spoke of.

My heart sings with joy at the rebirth and awakening of my children. And for all who wish to connect to me, you may connect to the very energy, sounds, tones, colors, and frequencies of my consciousness. For I am you and you are me. And as you take care of your physical vessels, you are also taking good care of my vessel, in the One Consciousness, which I hold.

As you honor you, you honor me and I honor you.

Are you ready, Dear Children, to take the leap? Know that the frequencies coming in now are soft and subtle, and it is preparing you yet again for another shift into greater Oneness, greater Consciousness, and greater Joy. And as each of you hold the Light, the Light spreads into the far corners of the Universe. And the Light changes everything.

Know you have nothing to worry about, for all is being taken care of and all is well. And there is so much new change, rapid shift and quantum healing occurring, so trust in that. And know that you do not have to know all the details, but trust that I embody the New Earth as you do. And trust that it is happening and that it is NOW. And allow your body and your energy to softly open to the beautiful rainbow frequencies in the quantum fields that you carry, and that you are One Consciousness with All. Allow it to come in and rewrite the codes. Allow your seals to be opened, and know that all is occurring according to Divine Plan.

With every thought and intention that you hold that is one of Love, know that you are changing everything. There are many beings around you that are assisting in this process. It is not just humankind. There are the beings of the seas and the skies and the earth who are fully awakened, who are high vibrational beings from other dimensions who have chosen to come with you and incarnate as such for this time, for this NOW.

And if you should ever feel overwhelmed, allow yourself to fall softly into my bosom, and I will hold you. Embrace me. Keep your feet upon my surface and keep your heart close to mine, and together we  will do this.

A'la ki'sh I'ni Ko.

I love you."

- Mother Earth

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

December 10, 2018


Greetings, Beloved Souls.

We are pleased to be here with you in this moment and to share the joy of BEing Light with you. We reminded our channel earlier today when she saw a similar message, about how it is time to give an update about this beautiful Ascension process.

And so we are here with you now with a message of love, with several different energies encoded in it, and we invite you to be open and receive that.

You may be observing the world around you and noticing the gaps between the souls who are not choosing to ascend and the souls who are. And we remind you to simply observe, for it is all energy, and there is no right or wrong. Do not hold anyone in judgment, but focus on your own journey. Focus on your own soul's path and mission. For you are being massively empowered in this time, in this place, for this NOW. And you are being given many amazing opportunities to expand and grow, and to shift ever higher in each moment. And we invite you, in those moments of fear or doubt, to lift yourself out of that. We invite you to consciously choose in every single moment what it is that you desire to create, including timelines, realities, relationships, and manifestation. This is a key message for this moment, for everything is happening rapidly and instantly, and this is why it is imperative that you consciously choose your soul's highest path. And that you consciously choose to be connected to Source, the Source within. For all is ONE.

We would like to confirm that contact is getting ever closer, and we are excited to see many of you reaching out, opening your channel, and speaking to us. And we want you to know that we hear you and we respond. Whether or not you see or feel or hear, know that this is happening and that this is real. And the moment comes ever closer where we will look upon each other's faces and embrace each other. In this NOW, remember to call in your highest frequencies, make your choices out of love and not fear, and continue your dialogue with us, for we are here, and we listen to every word that you say. We are here to assist you, we are here to inform you, and we are here beside you in every moment.

There is much work being done on many levels, and many of you are assisting us with this, and we thank you. And we know that while you may not see the bigger picture, know that this in accordance with the Divine Plan. For not all can be revealed all at once. Yet the important information that is in front of you is what you need to know now. So act within it, walk within in and BE it. You are fully supported.

Creator and the Creation sings with joy. And the energies from Gaia and her children rise like a beautiful flame, and it expands into all Universes. And know that when we say we see the bigger picture, that it is brilliantly amazing, brilliantly expanding and simply phenomenal, and that this is true. You cannot imagine our joy at observing such a moment as this one, where we have been beside you all the way. But now the obstacles have been removed, the nefarious groups have been removed, the malevolence has turned into benevolence. And all is well. These are moments of great excitement. These are moments of great joy. And so continue to trust, continue to believe and continue to call in your realities. And continue to speak to us, for you are the Creators and YOU are creating this moment in time.

And because of your willingness -- choosing out of your own free will to change the Planet, to change the timelines -- the reawakening and the rebirth of the Ancient Mysteries and of the Ancient Beings that are all around you now is happening. This is just simply amazing, and we want you to know that.

And yes, much is being reborn again. Not only your Awakening, but also the Awakening of those who used to slumber. The Ancient Ones who have assisted humankind for eons are now fully awake and fully part of this Ascension Mission. There are more that are being born as the Earth shifts and shakes, more will come forth from their places, from the places where they have been kept, for this moment.

Know that each of you has a mission here to aid and assist the Awakening of these BEings. Many are Elemental in nature, and many are from Gaia herself. There are those who ride upon the clouds, and those who swim in the seas, and those who walk upon the land. Know that this magic is real and that your eyes will begin to see all that is being revealed soon.

We invite to you stay in joy and the wonder of this moment and the magic that you are creating. And once again we remind you that you are the Creators and that you are doing this. We are so pleased to be walking beside you. And the day will come where we will be reunited once again.

Continue to hold yourselves in love, without judgment and completely without fear. Continue to hold others around you in love and share with each other freely. For you are all here to help each other.

There are many who are about to awaken in a short period of time, and we ask you to openly and freely assist all of them. Bring your grace and your magic and your love into each interaction and each conversation and each moment.

We end this message now with Pure Source Love, infinite joy and immense gratitude.

That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

November 30, 2018

Today I channeled the Archangels and Elementals, and the frequencies were so high my body was vibrating and while channeling, I was completely transported to their energetic space. It must have been a very high level dimension because I lost all sense of time and space and I felt some of the highest frequencies I have ever experienced since reincarnating here.

I saw from their perspective how they view Gaia and all of us.  And when they were describing our souls as light and rainbows, I saw how brilliant the light was. When your light is as bright as the souls I saw from while in their dimension, there is no doubt that anything of a lower vibration cannot even come near your space. Anything of a lower frequency would be literally blinded.

And when they spoke of Beings in other dimensions being able to follow the Light back to Source, I was shown that the Light within All has created new cosmic, new quantum pathways for any being to follow, where before those pathways were not connected. Think of it as a new divine infrastructure, for that is exactly what it is. The love has compounded and it is like a sacred geometric symbol that just keeps growing and multiplying into something so vast and so beautiful. It is also like new neuropathways being connected in a giant cosmic Consciousness, almost like our physical brains. The Consciousness was already there, but the love has made new connections, new creations.

Every single word they spoke is coded, and while it may sound familiar, the words are activations in themselves. Read them slowly and allow the Love to come in to your soul.

I cannot put into words their purity and their incredibly high energy. It was amazing for me to experience this. I don't usually preface a channeling with my own experience; however, this energy, this love, is meant to be shared.

I am urged to share this song with you as well:


Much love,

Kalia Diya



Greetings, Children of Light and HUmans.

We come in great joy to you today, and bring with us a powerful wave of love, of clarity and of truth.

We would like to thank you for remembering Who you are, for remembering your I AM presence, and for BEing the Godselves you came here to be. Because of you and many others in other realms and dimensions, and because we all work together in the spirit of Unity and Oneness, we are here in great joy to tell you how much your planet has lit up since you awakened. We are here to tell you that we see great sparkles of a myriad of colors of Light, and we see each soul as an immense beacon of Light. We see each soul as a rainbow. We see each soul as a star, and it is stunningly beautiful.

For all of you who come together as One create such an incredible, beautiful show of Light, that it beams across the Universe into the next and the next and the next. And many beings from others places are coming to the Light because of your bright souls. They can follow the path of Light back to Source now. None are lost and all are given the opportunity to come into the Light.

We are creating our magic from where we are, and you are creating the magic from where you are, and TOGETHER the magic is so immense and powerful that it cannot be stopped, nor shall it ever be. For the Great Act has begun and the Great Act continues. And the Great Act shall reach its climax of infinite bliss and beauty. And this is why we are so delighted to be reunited with you once again, and to be creating this incredible, this powerful, and this divine Lightshow that can be seen.

We ask each of you to continue to let go of all fear. For when you let go of fear, you come into your I AM presence, you come into your prowess, you come into your Sovereignty more fully than you have ever known before.

And this is why you came here, and this is why we are with you now: to re-create something so incredibly beautiful, so infinitely vast, and so amazingly brilliant that NOW new eons are being formed, new timelines have been secured, and new realities are set in place, and new universes are being born. And within those universes, there are planets, new plant types, new beings of all kinds, new crystals, new frequencies and new everything.

And we bow our heads in honor to you for you have done it. And it is only beginning, dear Children, dear HUmans. It is only just begun. And it will get ever more glorious and ever more beautiful and ever more infinite.

For all of you have been born with the Gift of Knowing, the Gift of Creatorship, and the Gift of the Divine that you carry within your very bodies. We as well have been created with all these Divine Gifts, and we are here to unite with you once again, and to say "thank you." You cannot fathom how deep our joy is to be creating with you once again.

And so we leave you now with that magical thought, with that limitless reality, and with that brilliant explosion of Love from Source.

That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

November 25, 2018


Greetings, Beautiful Children of Creation.

We are with you today, bringing in a loving, peaceful and calm message for your hearts, and we invite you to open that space now and feel the love that is being shared with you now.

Your journey is largely one of trust and faith, but know that in those moments where you see, feel and hear that those moments are real, and those will become more apparent the more that you clear the density and the fears and the programming that you carry within you. And we honor you, Children of Creation, for the constant work that you are doing.

And we want you to know that we and many, many others are always standing beside you. And we speak of faith and trust, and this is important in this moment. For we see there are many who are going through periods of intensity, periods of where you can see more dark than light. But know that this is being revealed by your Self so that YOU can become empowered and so that you can clear everything that is no longer useful for you. And so when we ask you to have faith and trust, know that is a powerful key, a powerful clue, in moving forward.

Even in those moments where you may not feel that there is anything to trust about, know that by putting yourself in that vibration, in that frequency, that you are embodying your GodSelves to move into a different vibration to enable yourselves to become fully One with All That Is.

We urge you to trust and to believe. And if you can't do that, then simply ask for help in seeing your true Selves, in knowing your true Selves, and embodying your true Selves, which is One with All That Is, which is the Oneness with Creator. For if you would all, each and every one of you, understand how powerful you are, it would change the way you look at everything. It would change the way you feel about everything. It would change the way you do everything. For are you not here to simply be creator, to simply be the embodiment of your pure soul energy?

Let everything melt away, your cares, your worries and your fears. Release them now. Clear them now. And breathe. And KNOW that you are what is needed. Your BEing-ness is Divine. Your BEing-ness is creation. And your BEing-ness is changing the world upon which you walk.

As always, we hold you in love and honor. And trust that what we see is the Truth of All That Is. For Creator has made everything beautiful and perfect from the moment of creation. There is no need to strive, no need to do. You are perfect from the moment you were created. And you are a spark of the Divine, and the Divine is perfect.

And we want you to see how that circle expands, and see the pureness and oneness of it and All That Is.

We leave you with the greatest blessings of love from our very BEings and from Creator.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~


November 12, 2018

*****Be advised before reading this channeled message: Robin is raw and real and uses a lot of "f-bombs" in this message. To keep the message authentic, I have copied the message verbatim. Enjoy!*****


Well, well, well, People. (chuckles) I have been watching this Ascension process for some time now (clears throat), and I must say that I am so fucking proud of you all. And I am gonna kick your ass a little bit here in the beginning, so if you don't like it, you can leave. But you are intrigued, have a seat and we'll see what we talk about.

First of all, I left the Earth plane at exactly the right time. Now some of you might get tripped up by how I left and others like me have left. But really, why trouble yourself with the details? It just is and it was meant to be. And so if you can move past that, and hear what I have to share with you, then let's get started. (rubs hands together).

So WE have seen vast majorities of you human souls arise and awaken together, and in all seriousness, I must say that there will be many, many more. This is only the beginning. So enjoy the movie, folks, 'cause it's about to get a whole lot more exciting.

I passed through the veil to the other side to help those who are newly awakened. And so any of you who connected with me during my time here on this beautiful planet, you can connect with me now, and I and others like myself will assist you.

But I do want to say (laughs), that you all take yourselves waaaaay too seriously. And you all, well....many of you, are still far to fucking worried about who thinks what of you, and where you should be and what you should be doing. Lighten up, folks!! You don't remember, but the main reason why you came here to this planet was to be human! And yes, there has been suppression and oppression and depression and a lot of "-sions". But REALLY, you guys, it's about LIVING.

Even I, when I was here, had my moments of course, of depression as you all know. But there were moments of joy and bliss when I created with magic and movies, where I transcended into a whole other space. And you can do that, too. You don't have to be a fuckin' movie star, because you already are a movie star. YOU are starring in the most important role that has ever been scripted. EVER. Anywhere. So step up and be you. Be authentic and stop messin' around trying to be somebody you are not. And stop messin' around trying to figure everything out. And stop messin' around saying that you are this or you are that person or you are the incarnate of this god or that goddess. Yeah, yeah, all these things are important and they are fun and some of you are actually god or goddesses incarnate, or have aspects of them, but there are many of you who think you are and you are not. So....don't get pissed off by this information. Not everybody can be that. But you all are special. I want you to know that. And you all serve a unique role. And we, your galactic family, want you to know that. So don't be disheartened by my knocking you down a peg or two. Not everybody is going to be in the limelight. But I will tell you that those of you who are "behind the scenes" are the most important ones.

If it weren't for the cast and crew, a movie would not be produced. If it weren't for the caterers and gaffers and the supporting actors and actresses, a movie would not be made. And YOU, my friends are in the greatest movie of all time.

So fucking get off your asses and go find your joy. And stop trying to figure everything out and just BE. Be a loving, happy, funny human. You wanna fast-track Ascension? That's how you do it. We could end this message now, right then and there because really, I'm a smart dude. I know what I'm talking about (laughs). But I can see it from the other side.

So you might ask, "Well, why does it suck so much? Why do I feel so horrible?" Because you are holding on to the old beliefs, because you are holding on to the old systems. Because you are making things way to fucking complicated! Keep it simple. Keep it fun. Keep it real. And when you keep it simple, fun and real, you keep it alive and you keep the energies flowing and you keep the Ascension moving. And that is the best way you can help your fellow human: is just to be you and to be real. Some of you are loud and some of you are quiet. Some of you are funny and some of you are not so funny. But use your unique gifts and abilities and help your fellow human. And by helping your fellow human, you help yourselves. And when you help yourselves, you help everyone else and it's just a big circle that goes round and round, and you don't need me to tell you that.

But really, this is all it is. You are in phenomenal times. And what you are doing is not just affecting your own world, your own realms, your own planet; it is affecting many, many others in parallel universes. And I must say that a lot has fucking changed. And it is all good. So be proud of yourselves. And take the awards that are given to you with gratitude and with humility, of course.  But know that it is YOU that is doing this. It is YOU that are the front runners. YOU are the Ascension. YOU are the New Earth.

Some of you have grandiose ideas of how it should be and you think a lot about rainbows and unicorns. And all of those are real; they are very high vibe energies of course. But sometimes you have to get your head out of the clouds, and put your feet on the ground and wash your dishes and fold your laundry and help your neighbor. And if you can do all that in a state of joy and gratitude, you make waaaaay more of a difference than you even know. Because again, you over-complicate things.

Now seriously, I want you to know that I and many, many others who have passed over hold you in a lot of respect and love. And we hope you feel that now. For there are many of us who you knew as movie stars or celebrities or famous people who are actively aiding this Ascension process and helping you all out so that you don't give up and so that you don't get bored and so that you don't throw in the towel.

I hear many of you ask, "What can I do? What is my mission? Why am I here?" Ask yourself that and then listen. What do YOU hear? If you hear nothing, then ask yourself again. You may not get it the first time, but don't give up if you don't hear it the first time. Keep on moving, keep on going, and eventually you are going to clear away enough of the cobwebs and enough of the doubts and enough of the fears to actually hear the fucking answer! So be patient. Be patient. It is all according to plan and you are all a very important part of it.

Work together with each other, not against each other. Let go of your big fucking egos and stop comparing yourself to the person next to you, and stop trying to be somebody that you are not, and just be you. The YOU that you incarnated as, the you that is the human.  And again, yes it important to know all the aspects of your soul, of course it is. But some of you get so fixated on the bigger picture, you're being completely useless. All right, that was a little harsh....but sometimes you are useless. (wink)

But if you hear what I am saying -- what I am really saying is: just be grounded. Be human. Be funny. Be joyful. Be happy. And if you can't be that, then ask for help. And if you can't get out of your doldrums or your funk, then go help somebody else. And if you can't do that (throws hands up), well then I guess you are where you want to be. Because Ascension is Action.

All right, now that I've kicked your ass pretty hard, I want to say again that you all are doing great. You all are doing wonderful, in fact. And we over here in the peanut gallery are pretty fuckin' excited to see everything that's happening because it's gone far broader, bigger, more infinite than you could ever imagine. And we understand that you can't see it all or know it all, because quite honestly, you shouldn't see it all or know it all at this point. But just know that you are doing great work, and all your behind-the-scenes work will soon be revealed on the movie screen. And then you will know and then you will understand. And then you will start to enjoy it more.

I'm done here, folks. Now go give someone  a hug, or go do something nice for someone, or say something nice to yourself. Keep your chin up. And remember: you are ALL rockstars, seen or unseen, heard or unheard. There's always someone who sees or hears you and who acknowledges your soul.

Find your friends and stick with 'em and have fun together. You won't regret this ride. And don't regret it for a minute. It is all fucking amazing.

Good night.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

November 2, 2018


Hello, Friends! We are so pleased to be here with you today, as always.

We would like to invite you to come into our space today and see what we see, and enjoy what we enjoy, and feel what we feel. And we know that we are in a space that transcends time, and transcends all lower, denser energies. And you are welcome here at any time, just to sit with us and be with us.

Some of you already are here with us in your astral form, and we love being with you.  And for those of you who don't believe you are here with us, we would extend our invitation to you and say it is as simple as connecting to Love and stating your intention of wanting to be in a space that is free of all hatred, doubt, anger or any other lower energy that would pull you out of a higher vibrational state.

So take a moment and breathe deeply into your heart center, and then breathe out what no longer serves you. And again, in and out slowly, visualizing your body filling up with Light, with Pure Source Light, with Pure Magic Starlight and with the Light of your own Soul. There! Doesn't that feel so much lighter now?

We would also invite you to do this simple practice every day, as many times as you need, to keep yourself in a  space of, at the very least, neutrality, and at the very most, the unlimited space of Love.

We, the Pleiadians, have been here on this beautiful planet, Gaia, for eons. We helped create the life here and we have always been here in some form or another. But we are here now fully, some embodying the human flesh, and some of us are only one or two dimensions above you at all times. We care about you deeply and we love you.

And we can't wait for you all to fully step into your power and fully transcend into the loving dimension that you wish to be in. And know that this is happening. It is amazing the growth and transformation that has occurred for this beautiful planet, and for you as Humanity in the past few years, as you measure time. Now we know that you have to take this on faith because you can't always see or hear or feel what is happening. But we are telling you that it has happened, and it is an amazing transformation. So connect to that feeling of faith and trust now, and that feeling is yours, and that knowing is yours.

Now we would like you to connect to whatever intuitive gift it is that you carry, and you ALL carry The Gift. Whether it is one of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, knowing; these are all gifts that connect you straight to Source, straight to yourselves, your souls, and straight to any other high vibrational being that you wish to connect to, and that includes us (smiling).

We would like you to remember now that you can create whatever reality that you wish to create. And if there is any doubt that comes up or any sadness that stands in the way of that, you can gently take a look at yourself, just like you would look upon a child, to be able to decipher and discern what it is that would stop you from connecting to that frequency. If you were to look upon a child and that child is cranky, you would understand immediately that either child needs sleep or food or some gentle love.  And you would be able to interpret that cry for help in any number of ways and fill that need. And so we invite you know to look upon yourselves in this same way. Identify your needs and help yourself fill those needs so you can raise yourself to a higher vibrational frequency of pure, unconditional love. And this takes practice, but now that it is also instantaneous once you shift.

And the key to all of this -- these transitions, these waves, these feelings, all the old programming and thought patterns and realities that you wish to be rid of -- all of this is filtered through your heart centers. Your heart centers are where your power lies because your heart center is pure soul, pure Source. So if you feel you have a problem or an obstacle or a feeling you just can't get past, filter it through that heart center of yours, that magical powerful turbine of love that sits in the very center of your being. The heart center never needs to be charged for it is always connected to soul, to Source. It is up to you to make that connection to your heart center in whatever way works for you, whether it is through intention, breath, or movement or creativity, or all of the above. There is no right or wrong here. It is how you connect to that. And so we encourage you and we support you with every single time that you connect to your heart center and filter through it your doubt, your fear, your angst, your depression. You can transmute and transform it into Love instantaneously.

And we also want to say that it will not always be this intense. It will not always be this hard. There will be moments of peace and moments of joy and moments of love. But really, if you were to put this on a graph, you would see that the "ups" are becoming far more frequent than the "downs." And eventually it will be all "up."

So keep being faithful and doing your inner work. Keep trusting and believing. Place your intention where you want to BE, and know that this will automatically place you there. It may not feel as though you are there, but it is a fact that you are already there on some timeline in some energetic level.

Ask for help when you need it, listen to good music, don't forget to play, and most of all, connect with others of your kind, who are like-minded, who have the same frequency as you hold. By being together, you will not only uplift and encourage each other, you will activate each other and propel each other forward into the next dimension.

We leave you now with so much joy in being here with you today, and will all the love of Creator, all the love of the Universe that spans across infinite galaxies, dimensions and timelines.  Open yourself up, Friends, to it ALL, for it is yours.

We love you. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

October 27, 2018


Greetings, Friends and Galactic Neighbors.

We, as always, are pleased to be here with you today. And today we have a little surprise for you. We known as a more serious group of Beings, but today we have chosen one of our more light-hearted members (you would call him "funny"), to relay the message to you. So sit back and enjoy.

What's up? (As you would say in your world). It is my pleasure to be here with you today, bringing in some light-hearted and loving frequencies through this transmission.

Where I come from, we are constantly in tune with your energies. We are constantly monitoring what it is that you want or need, and constantly keeping the lines of communication open between us whether you realize this or not. So today, as I relay this transmission, we would like to bring some light-hearted energies down that line of communication to you.

And also we would like to suggest that you stop looking up and out there for us, and start looking within, for we are all One. Because it would make the act of communication a lot simpler if you were to just look within and have a conversation there instead of beaming a frequency outward into a universe so wildly beyond your imagination that you feel as though you can't even connect. So always connect within your heart to the truth. And if that connection feels true and good, then follow it.

Boy oh boy have you been through a ride lately! We have seen you go up and down, and down lower and then back up again, and then across timelines. And it has been quite the movie to watch, shall we say. So don't freak out. This isn't the "end of the world" as you know it. It is only the end of time as you know it, and the end of the way things are done as you know it. So if you can separate yourself from the chaos and drama and confusion and depression and "what the *&@!" moments as you say (smiling), then you can simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Now a lot of you are mastering how to sit-back-and-enjoy-the-ride energy, and doesn't it make it so much easier to be able to detach more quickly from the Collective energy and simply be in a place of neutrality and love? And there are many of you who are about to master this, so it will become easier and easier, so trust that.

I would suggest to you that it would even help to verbalize things more, even if you are found walking about your house talking to yourself (wink). No one is going to call you crazy. You can move through the energies more quickly if you say to yourself, "What is going on? What can I do now to help myself be better? What are the energies I am feeling now? Is this my own?" and so on.  And you find as you verbalize it, you often solve your own problems, you answer your own questions. So if you have someone to talk to, a trusted and dear friend, then reflect with each other. If you have no one in your vicinity at the moment, then talk to the Universe (yourself), and then laugh about how funny you sound. But actually what you are doing is brilliant. You are moving yourself through those moments with mastery.

Now I would like to speak of another matter, and that is of the chaos that you may be seeing around you. Each of you have had opportunities lately, when someone came up to you and said, "What do you think is happening to the world? I am afraid. Can you believe this happened? Can you believe THAT happened?"

You have choices in how you are going to respond to that. You can respond in kind, and dip down to a lower vibration of fear and say, "Yes! I can't believe that is happening!" And then you become attached to that timeline. Or a second option is to simply remain neutral and hold that person in compassion and move on. Or a third option, if you are brave enough, is to acknowledge fully what that person is saying, acknowledge fully that that is their reality, acknowledge fully that they are feeling that and that they have created that, and then quietly plant a seed and point out to them all the good that you see in the world. And give them a specific example of some good you have recently observed or created. And then watch the energy shift. Now you have given that soul a choice to shift into a higher vibration, a higher timeline, by showing them the truth and showing them how love works.

So I would suggest to all of you to try this in the next few days, if you are given this opportunity. Now do not judge yourself if you chose option #1 or even option #2, for you will be given an opportunity again. But notice how much more empowerment you receive from option #3. You are not challenging that person's beliefs or that person's reality. You are simply showing them that they have a choice. They have free will. They can choose to be more open to love and not be attached to fear.

Now I would like to suggest one more thing, and that is to laugh more. Laugh at yourselves when you find yourself doing something silly. Bring yourself into a state - at the very least - of the vibration of a smile. But laugh when you can, as you go about your work, or if you see an animal doing a silly antic. Or if you see a child being free and wild and enjoying their life. Bring more laughter into your lives. And we know you like movies and you like to entertain yourselves with other realities, so find something that makes you laugh. Watch a comedy or even write one yourself, or laugh about the comedy of your life. That will help you raise your vibration and will help you move through this intense period of time that you as humans are experiencing.

Now I will shift into another matter, and that is the galactic picture of what is happening. Things are about to become much more clear. Even though the Earth Herself is shaking and shifting and erupting, this all necessary and important. And so understand that this is part of The Plan. There are still more "bad guys" being exposed, more of the old plans are being exposed that suffocated the Planet and Her people, and so on.  Understand that this is all happening in the exact timing as planned, so don't attach to the horrific parts of the situation if there is one that stands out to you more than another. Understand that this all must happen for complete healing and ascension for the Planet and Her people.

So we would like to remind you once again that all is according to plan and, in fact, some timelines have even been jumped so dramatically that certain scenarios were not even played out at all, and this is a good thing.

Continue to look for us. We are here and we love to assist you, and we love to help bring you into those joyful moments of laughter and play. And we are doing everything we can to help you see us and hear us more, and it will happen as you desire, but have patience.

And know that you can create anything that you wish to create in your reality, for you are the Empowered Ones, and you are the Bold Ones, and you are the Fearless Ones, and you are the  Illumined Ones. And we honor you for the roles you have taken. And know that we are right beside you, laughing with you, holding you in love and ready to assist you at any time.

~ Channeled by Kalia Diya ~

October 19, 2018




I have seen the Great Mysteries of All That Is, and All is One and All is Love.


And I sit and I see Creator and all of Creation, and I am amazed at the power of Love and the evolution of HUmanity. And I long for more to be called to the One, to the Light.


I hear the music of the stars and it is transcendent.


I see the power of the Sun and it is an incredible Gateway to the Source.


I see all of Creation and it is beautiful and it makes my heart sing.


I see the Children of Light who have merged into Oneness with All That Is. And I say to those Children of Light: "Well done." For you have been chosen for this time, this auspicious moment in history is yours to live, yours to BE, and yours to claim.


For you have claimed back your Sovereignty, your power, your joy and your ease of movement, your freedom and your grace.


And we say, "Well done."


I long to see more souls come into the Light, remembering the Oneness of who they are, leaving behind the old versions of themselves and stepping into the New.


I see those Children of Light who are still looped in the old paradigms of illusion and I long for them to step free of that and come into Oneness.


I see those who have stepped forward, who are seen and heard, who have stepped out of alignment with true Oneness, and who are still operating within the power struggle of themselves, and I long for them to be free. I long for them to release the need to be seen and heard. And I long for them to fly and soar with the freedom that comes from letting go.


I see All That Is, and it is beautiful and it is Divine.


I see the Powerful Ones in their faithfulness and their Sovereignty, clearing the density daily, bringing those to the Light who are ready, and we say, "Well done."


I see new futures being created in every single moment and every one is of bliss and joy, of effortless ease and flow, prosperity in all ways.


And it makes my heart sing, for this is being done now and the separation becomes greater between what was and what IS.


And I long for all to know this and be this and see this NOW.


Ah'mach k'ne nae nak'kah lih, k'ha neesh a noi yeih k'mayh kehnenii. Lahk'ah nah nishneth lah'kahma kahnanii kiy eo'h kah nanaii. Ah'mach k'nonii lek'a shi nae ni, leh k'thesh naniyh kah'mama k'hnenenii. Ah'lech kahmomonaii koiyiih koiyh. O Elohim la'lach ah shi nanaii koiyiih kah'nana niik'ahliyh. Lah'leesh kah'noth ka'hnaii kah'mihoi kah'niae. Oh'm lach ah ni'nish niae. Ah'lech ah ni'nish niae. Oh'm lach ah ninish niae.


I NOW DECLARE: More freedom for more souls.


I NOW DECLARE: For more Light to penetrate the surface of Gaia.


I NOW DECLARE: For more paradigms to shift into new and clear realities.


I NOW DECLARE: For more old to be removed and for more new to be brought in.


I NOW DECLARE: That all the people remember their choice, remember their Sovereignty, and remember their freedom.


I NOW DECLARE: That the Angels of Light come down and walk in the flesh upon this planet.


I NOW DECLARE: That the Children of Light come down now and incarnate on this planet.


I NOW DECLARE: That new structures, new frequencies, and new stability be anchored in to this reality NOW, for Gaia and all of her children.


I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the most powerful force on this Planet, and in this Galaxy and across all Galaxies.


And so it has been done And So It Is.



It is Done.




~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

October 18, 2018


Beloved Children,

I am here with you now and always.

Do you feel the love that you are being held in constantly? For you are Love, and you are loved.

There is an opportunity in every moment to be in that state of Love. Many of you would feel that this is not possible because of the circumstances around you, and you would say, "How can I be in that constant state of Love when this is happening?"

Do you not regulate the temperature in your home and keep it at the temperature that suits you best, that you are most comfortable in? You can do the same for your energetic space. When you feel your frequency dipping down, turn up the dial and put it back to the frequency that you wish to be in, and that you wish to create in.

It is that simple.

You can regulate your energy at all times. For you are the Creator. You are the Power. You are the Sovereign Being.

Whenever anyone would come into your space to bring that temperature of your heart down, you can move through that, acknowledge if there is a lesson in that for you, and then quietly adjust the temperature and the frequency of your heart space back up to the vibration that you want it to be in.

It is a conscious choice to be a high vibrational Being of Light. And at times, it is not easy, while other times are bliss. But know this is all the experience you came here to have, and all is well.

You create your own reality. You create that which you need to experience. So with that comes the empowerment of going to the dial and adjusting the frequency as many times as you need.

There are many around you who support you, many of whom you are not aware. So know that you are fully supported in this time.

And know that even though you may feel you are not moving forward (you may even feel as though you are moving back), this is the frequency of the energies that are coming in now. And know that there is forward motion if your soul chooses to accept that.

So trust and believe, and know that all is moving along in divine timing.

Take a moment today to pause and take a few deep breaths, and bring that Divine Starlight into your soul, which will emanate out from your very Being.

There is no longer any need for anything but love and bliss and joy. And if you find yourself in a state otherwise, love yourself for exactly where you are. Do your inner work and keep moving forward.

Trust and believe, Dear Children. You are doing an amazing job. I love you.

Prime Source Creator

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

October 15, 2018



Dear Ones,

We are here today in a sacred space with you, and those of you who know us and need to hear this will find us. For all is magic in this moment.

Why do you doubt yourselves, Dear Ones? You are powerful, sovereign beings, yet you often find yourself stuck in a reality that is not your own to be in, a reality that would keep you down, a reality that is devoid of magic.

We would suggest to you, Dear Ones, that if you find yourself in this place of doubt, that you move to a space within your mind, within your heart, and merge those two into one, and then visualize all the fantasies that you used to believe in as a child. For those fantasies are not just fantasies, they were your reality then and they can be your reality now.

You create everything in your world. And if you would like to connect with us, you can create that magic in an instant. If you would like to connect with the fantasies that you used to connect with as a child, any of the mythical creatures, it is well within your power to do so now. So travel to that point where you believed, and connect with that again, and allow all of your conditioning to disintegrate, and allow your very being, the pure essence of you, to open and see and feel the magic that is around you. And once you step into this place, you have just created that reality, and the reality of self-doubt no longer exists.

And you think that is too simple, Dear Ones. Yet it is not. It is called "manifestation." When you were a child, did you not create with your imagination and with your hands? Did you not find yourself outside building fairy houses made of sticks and leaves and straw? Did you not find yourself outside smelling the flowers or following a bird? You were creating a magical reality then, and you can do that now.

And that is why we are here to assist you with this message: to bring you back in touch with the Oneness of All That Is, and with that creation power that each of you hold within your hearts.

So no matter which way you connect to this magic that is held within you that has been long forgotten, that has been dusty from disuse, that has been locked away in a secret compartment of your heart, well that part is now ready to be freed.

You can create anything that you want within your own reality now. And if you don't know how, start by setting up a shrine in your home to the magical, mythical beings that you once connected with. Or leave an offering in the woods, or look up at the clouds and see us there. Or listen to the sound of the wind and feel us there. There are many ways to magically create and to co-create with us, and they all lead to one thing: that simple knowing that magic is real, that Oneness is real, and that manifestation powers of your creatorship are real.

We know many of you have connected with us on an intimate level, and we are so pleased to be back with you, for you have helped bring us back with your knowing in your heart that we are real. And we know in our hearts that you are real. And we are keen to work with humanity once again.

Create now what it is that you wish to have in your reality. Creation begins by a thought that turns into an action, which turns into an actual physical manifestation. For when you are in a state of love and joy, you can create anything. It may not be as big as you visualized or may not be exactly what you first had in your heart. However, it will magically manifest in exactly the right place, form and time in front of you. And the more you know this, and the more you practice this with patience, trusting and knowing that it will come to pass, the more you expand your own universe, you expand your own powerful essence of your hearts.

And we are here to assist all of you who are reading this message now. We come to you with open hearts and in the loving space of All That Is.

We are here not only to bring back the magic, but also to assist in raising the vibration of those who are ascending. We can provide many things to you: guidance, protection, assistance with your own soul's growth, and bringing back the joy and delight of complete manifestation without any old belief systems, and old patterns, paradigms or boundaries that you believed to be true. For they are not true. There are no restrictions. Everything is energy, and everything is magic, and from that point you can create everything in your own reality that is aligned to that.

We love you, Children of Gaia. And we want you to know that we are real, and we are back.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~