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Wednesday, October 4, 2018


Greetings, Dear Ones.

We are excited to be here with you today, sending you love as always, and giving you a report of what is happening so close by.

We want you to know that we are just as excited to be co-creating with you and coming "down" ever closer to you as you are for us to do the same. There is much activity here at our North Node Base where thousands of ships are preparing. There is discussion yet as to the timing of when more activity and more sightings will happen, and even more landings. As this is still being discussed, know that this is becoming a certainty and the timeline of it has been pushed forward, shall we say, than initially thought. And that is largely in part to you who are on the ground crew, dialing in the frequencies, calling in the codes and doing the work there. And we would like to take this moment to honor you all for all that you are doing.

For we see you are of pure hearts and One mind. And this is the most powerful force in the Universe and across all galaxies.

Many of you are anchoring in a specific grid for us to work with, and this enables us to come even closer to you. And many of you are opening portals so that we can land. While are you clearing out the densities in your own areas, you are making it possible for us to come. And we send you our gratitude and love. And know that we are working on this side in conjuction with everything you are doing to make this a reality. And those who are ready to experience this will see this full-on.

This will be a great event and a joyous one and a blessed one for all who are participating in this Oneness.

There are many of you who are stargate keepers, guardians, gatekeepers, gridworkers who are doing this now and we call forth now to all who are ready to do this to come join in the spirit of Oneness, and let's make this happen.

For as you are bringing that grid and locking it into place, it is like the ports opening, the bays are opening, so the ships can dock. And we want you to know that is a reality, and it will be more of a real experience than you have ever experienced before in this lifetime.

So don't hold back, Dear Ones, don't be stopped by self-doubt or fear. Just give it full throttle, and do the work with integrity and with love, and do it thoroughly with your mastery and the intelligence that has been given you.

So we are calling to this channel now to dial in her own frequencies with the codes that she has, as the anchor point that she is, bringing in the specific gifts, colors and frequencies that she works with now. It is happening. There are many like her who are doing the same thing. And we are pleased to report to you that it is working. And the more you do this, the less foreign it will seem, and more natural it will become and the more powerful it gets.

We are here to encourage you in this manner, and we would like to say that Father/Mother God is greatly pleased and sends so much love at this moment for all the work that is being done, and the work that is ongoing.

Each of you have been given the tools, the intelligence and the knowing of what to do. And so we share this message with you to empower you so that you know it is real.

There are specific rays being worked with right now. One is the Golden Ray, one is the Emerald Ray, and also the Blue Ray with Platinum essences and Pure Source Photonic Light and this is being anchored in and locked in to that grid of which we spoke earlier. And so we call to you now, all those of you who are powerful Angels who are doing this work, call these Rays in now and these will strengthen and fortify what is happening. And trust that this is what you need to know and the rest will be taken care of.

The next few days are highly significant with the additional weeks that follow. So stay tuned. And stay aware. Lift yourselves above anything that would cause you to doubt or distract you. Stay focused and stay sharp and listen and feel and see. For there is much being given at this time. Things not only of a highly intelligent consciousness, but also everything that is encompassed by love is all amazing force field that is being created now for the highest and best of all.

There is a great shift about to occur and this is exciting. And know that many more will awaken, many more will be exposed and/or removed. And this is all according to Divine Order, to Divine Plan. So trust in this Divine Plan. And as this great shift occurs, immense amounts of Light will come in from the Great Central Sun and from Creator God.

So we are asking you now to be prepared to help others, and be prepared for physical shifts in your own bodies to anchor in this Light. And know that you will be lifted higher and lighter, and that all is well. And to adapt the best that you know how, take care of your physical bodies, and be ready to shift into new roles, new capacities and new missions.

So we close this message with which we started which is: All is Well. We are so excited to be here co-creating with you. This is just as important to us as it is to you. And we thank you for your service to the Unity, Oneness, the Consciousness, to Love and to All that Is.

And we leave you with the greatest of blessings. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Sunday, September 30, 2018




We each are placed in specific areas on the planet to assist in bringing in love, codes, and frequencies, to anchor in the waves, gamma rays and codes in our own unique way (I call it a "mission"), while removing the old such as timelines, paradigms, and energies that are no longer useful. So while this message is a record of what was done this morning, it is also universal and applies to all who are awake, and who are holding a high frequency of Light. This is also not about what I did personally, although was my voice speaking intially, but it is about empowering each of you to get out on Gaia and do your own missions that only you can do.


First thing this morning, I saw an Andromedan ship above me. I started asking questions of them. I was immediately called to a maintenance mission for my city (Calgary, AB). This would have been a lot more exciting if I had done it live, but read on if you are intrigued.


Portals are mentioned in this account, which is transcribed from my voice recording as I was sitting by the beautiful Bow River, downtown Calgary. I would like to say regarding portals that if you either know how to open portals or are even curious about opening them: once you feel the portal is open and the work that is being done in conjunction with the portal is on-going, MAKE SURE that if you leave portals open to leave galactic guards there to monitor the activity. If you feel your portal work is complete, then close them immediately. If you do not know how to do this, then ask for your galactic team to assist. We do not fear, but we need to be wise and not do shoddy work by opening portals and then leaving them open indefinitely. When you clean your house, you may open your front door to shake out a dusty carpet, but you wouldn't leave it open after your chore is finished. A skunk may walk in your home and cause a stink and an awful mess that would take days to clean up.


Finally, here is the transcription of the activity today. It's a bit of a ramble, but there are important bits of information in there. The message from Gaia is at the end of the transcription, and is simple and beautiful and is freely shared with all of her children.


"I came out to work with the Andromedan ships today. I saw them early this morning. It is Sunday September 30. I'm sitting down by the river. The Calgary portal is open. It is still vacuuming stuff out but we are amping it up right now to create more light and to suck out the dense Calgary energies so more civic disclosure can happen.


 I am joined by ducks. Logarth the Lion of Lemuria is here. (Quite a few months ago, I channeled Logarth, the Lion of Lemuria, who is here to assist us in bringing in the New Earth Civic Structures, the "Monocracy" as he referred to. Mono=ONE).


 I am also joined by Archangel Michael, my gryphons are with me. And I believe as we are sucking out the density here, we're here to anchor in the new civic governments representing equality, harmony. I'm here to anchor in the New Earth energies today for the city, for my city. I open myself up now as a Pure Source channel. I align myself to Source with a platinum shield around me and I call on Archangel Metatron from above and Archangel Sandalphon from below to assist me in anchoring the grids.


I call The Ancients now to assist. (Light Language was spoken for a few minutes). The dragons are also here to help clear and purify with fire and wind. Bow River is assisting with her beautiful crystalline water frequencies, and I'm here as a representative of Earth, anchoring in the Highest Primary Ascension timeline in the here now for myself, for the collective, for the Earth (Gaia), for the new Earth on a galactic scale.


We are shifting to higher timeline right now. We're releasing old timelines, anchoring in to the Highest Primary Ascension timeline now to make the way for new things to happen. And "new" doesn't always mean blissful, even though there is that level going on, but NEW means a complete house cleaning. We are anchoring in that time line, that frequency now for a new and complete housecleaning. And so it is.


I'm also joined by Arcturians, Pleiadians, Andromedans and Lyrans. A new wave is coming and right now 10:01 a.m. MST, Sunday, September 30, and it's a powerful one. Anchor in and hold it steady, Stabilizers. I ask that the Andromedan/Arcturian/Pleiadian guards stand at the Calgary portal to monitor all activity and to only let the light in now. And so it is."


 A MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH/GAIA, the beautiful amazing being of light that She is.


"I acknowledge all the children of Creation, the children of Light,  that are anchoring in the here and now for the highest and best of all. And I want you to know that I am well and that all is well, and that I appreciate every single act of love and service that is given every single day and every single moment.


And know that the new is happening now and everything is progressing in a beautiful manner.


The message today is simple: keep your hearts pure, keep your minds empty and your hearts full of love. And know that every single act of kindness, every single intention of kindness, every single thought, word, or deed is enabling you to live in the highest timeline, is enabling you to bring a new Earth now.


For we are all one and we work together. It is happening and it is real. So call on the Elementals, the trees, the dragons, the water, the rocks, the fairies, elves and the dwarves and all things that you once thought were of fantasy or of mysticism. Know that they are real and that we work together every single day to reunite with each other and to bring in the highest and best for this frequency, this timeline, in the here and now.


And know that new Earth draws closer and closer with every act of love, every intention of love, every word of love that you hold in your hearts. You do not have to be a technical way shower, although that is welcome. All you have to do is BE the Light, hold the Light and know that the Light is the strongest force on this planet and across all galaxies.


 I send you my gratitude and love."


Mother Earth ~channeled by Kalia Diya~

September 25, 2018


Greetings, Beloved Sons and Daughters of Creation.

I stand beside you always, illuminating the truth of the path on which you walk. I am here should any of you wish to connect with me. I am here always and in all ways.

I would like to honor each and every one of you where you are at in this moment. And we, the Hosts of the Heavens, the Angelic Creators, Guides and Beings, honor each and every one of you for the work you have done within. For your own inner work is a reflection of the Cosmos. And if it weren't for each of you, this Ascension process would not be happening, so we stand here with you now and we honor you.

Now I am here to assist you in your creativity, and to illumine the path before you, to help you remember that you are alchemists, creators, divine beings who can create new and unchartered paths upon which no one has ever walked. I am here to help you remember that creative force within you where you can create whatever it is that you want that is in the highest and best of all.

I am here to help you remember that you can, by Divine alchemy, change that which no longer serves you, that which is no longer useful, into beautiful, useful, powerful Creator Energy.

I am here to remind you that you are all Divine Beings of Light, and that you can all call in Divine Order in every aspect and area of your journey, in every aspect and area of your selves in the here and now.

You  can reset yourself. Come to a zero point, and let of what no longer serves you. Let go of your very identities and the things that you held true, and then turn that, alchemize that, into something completely new. For you have heard this message before: you are I AM, you are embodying your God Self, and this is true, you are indeed.

But some of you need a little reminder that you hold everything within that you need to do this. So if there is anything that is bothering you or upsetting you, take a moment and stop and breathe with me now. Remember, the past is the past. The moment that matters is the NOW. And you can reset everything now so that you can open up new and unexplored potentials in every single area of your life.

Now while it feels more comfortable to hang onto that which you know and are accustomed to, let me remind that it feels so much better to let that go, and to say, "I surrender." And then to open yourself up to Divine Pure Source Light, Divine Pure Source Possibility, and Divine Pure Source Potential now.

You are the Creators.

As always, I and my Angelic counterparts, stand beside you all the way assisting you and loving you through this Ascension journey. And you are all doing so well. And we want you to know that we are here with you. You are not alone. The new realities, the new everything that you are creating are so immense and so beautiful that it even causes us to sing about you with great joy.

And so we leave you now, and I, Uriel, Archangel of Illumined Light, leave you with this message, but know I stand beside you as always.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

September 17, 2018

I received this message tonight from the Galactic Confederation of Light. Many were present including Arcturians, Sirians(B), Lyrans, Pleiadians & Andromedans.

This message below will be received by those who are ready to hear.


There are many levels and layers of change happening now. The first level shown to me was that Mother Gaia is assisting with her own shifts to aid in the greatest good of all, so do not attach to any fear, and remain in an observational mode in regards to storms, weather, earthquakes and so on. Aid if you are called in the spirit of assisting with the highest and best outcome for all. Do not try to change anything unless Divinely directed to do so. Also do not attach to what is happening in regards to disclosure. Observe and assist where needed. Know that all is in Divine Order. Help those who are caught in fear to shift to a more neutral state, and then again into a state of belief that all is well.

The second layer of what is happening is for the stabilizers to hold steady  (the Lightworkers who stabilize both the grids and the population of the planet). Assist those who are newly awakened with love and truth. Believe that you are doing great work, for indeed you are. Your mission is vital.

The third layer of what I was shown is that those of you who have fully stepped into your sovereignty and prowess, who have left behind all self-doubt and fear and operate in a space of continuous unconditional love and trust, are now being called to assist in other dimensions with your power of creation as an actual conduit between levels two and three to aid both the stabilizers in their missions and to also aid the Galactics in their assistance to us with the shift that is about to occur and that is occurring now - until all can merge together as a new reality here. You will know who you are. Follow your intuition in specific tasks and knowings set before you. Act upon them in great love and mastery.

The Solstice energy is upon us and there has been unusual Sun activity and sightings. This is happening for a reason, so trust that. All are being called in their specific skill sets and missions to work together now in complete unity and oneness, to collaborate with each other and trust each other and to not compare with the other, but to operate as ONE. Have a heart-based energy only, and get to work. There is nothing to fear and know that all is in according to Divine Plan right now. There is a reason why the Sun Observatories were off-line. I saw hundreds of thousands of ships strategically located around the planet right now. This is a very good thing.


The Galactic Confederation of Light message is as follows:

"Greetings. We are here now, eager to share a message with all those who are ready to hear. And we are here today with today with a message of importance for all who are ready to hear and receive with open hearts.

First of all we would like to say to those of you who have recently become aware of our presence, that we are here to serve the highest good of all, and we are here to assist all. We are here to say that we are real, and that we have been your brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends for all time, even though only now you are becoming aware of us. And the message of importance to you is to have faith and to trust and to believe and to have no fear. And to remember that this is how it has always been and whenever fear might want to come up, and whenever you may want to connect to the mainstream media, which has been deceptive and misleading, to remember this message now and know that this is the truth and that that was only an illusion. So stay connected to this frequency and this truth. Be curious, ask questions from those whom you trust, and stay open. For all is well.


And now we shift to those of you who have been holding the Light for quite some time. And we say to you, too, that all is well. And we thank you for your loving service to Creator, for the greatest good of all, for you have done an incredible job. And none of this could have happened without you. And we send you our thanks, and our respect and our love for holding the Light, for raising the vibration of the Planet, for shifting timelines and realities into the highest good of all. We ask you now to keep holding that frequency, to not be distracted by things that may seem overpowering or negative. And know that everything that is revealed is being revealed in the exact right time and place and circumstance, and that it is for the greater good of all. So we say to you as well, to trust and believe and have faith and know that it is happening. And when we say "it", we are referring to the great movement, the great awakening of humanity on this Planet.

And we call to you now for all to remember who you are and to step forward without fear and show the world who you are, in a manner such that is simply just being you. You do not have to broadcast yourselves verbally or even physically. But your very presence here is broadcasting the exact frequencies of Light that needs to be broadcasted. You are all that is needed and you are perfect and you are enough. And you are amazing, powerful Light Beings.

And now we would like to shift our message to those of you who have been called to specific missions here. You will know who you are. You have been working quietly behind the scenes for quite some time. And many of you have been awake for decades. We honor you now, as we honor all. And we say to you who are called to be the Key Holders, the Code Activators, the Stargate Activators, the Timeline Shifters, the Magicians, the Shamans (while in reality none of these labels matter, for you are all doing important work), we ask you now to connect to those frequencies that call strongly to you. Know that you are being called NOW to aid and assist in what has been going on behind the scenes and what is now about to be revealed.

And so we ask you to buckle up and get ready for the ride. Trust your intuition. Stay close to those whom you trust. Communicate with each other. Collaborate with each other. Create with each other. And come together as ONE incredible force of Light. For you are needed now in this time and in this moment. And you will know exactly what message it is for you that you need to hear. So connect to that and get to work. For you are needed now and the way you can help the best, that serves the highest good of all, is to stay in unity, to keep it simple, to hold hands together, to talk together, and to get to work together. So find your people, find your groups, have discussions and meetings, and we will be here to help you and assist you with specific downloads and information that you need. And we would say to you as well, hold fast to faith, hold fast to truth, and to trust and believe in love. Many aspects of this now involve very technical missions. So do not overcomplicate things, but keep the plan simple and keep it absolutely aligned to love and have no fear.

For what is about to be revealed is in the Divine Plan and the Divine Order. It is of the best for all. And we would ask you to assist those who are not yet in the space where they can trust and believe. And know that all is well, for you are being called now for the utmost and the highest good of all, to aid and assist and to hold those who need to be held, to speak the words of truth and love that need to be spoken. And know that hearts are being prepared to hear, and that the truth will become their Light, the truth of All That Is.

So hold the torch, LightBearers, hold the torch of truth and love. This will shift quickly and easily with unity and oneness and harmony, with the great skills that you have and that you came here for. Know that you are fully equipped, you are fully supported, and you are fully loved.

We leave you now with this message and with the greatest blessing of Creator. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

September 3, 2018


Greetings! We are pleased to be here with you today in this loving energetic space, where no time exists; only stillness and silence and pure love.

In this transmission today, we will share with you some insights into a few ideas. The first idea we would like to share is about over-thinking. Many of you are doing well in dropping in to your heart centers. Now you used to use only your mind, and we applaud you for this shift. Shifting from the mind to the heart is a process because you have been so ingrained into believing that only the mind matters, and that if you use the heart then somehow you are weak. We are here today to say that this is not the truth.

When you drop into your heart center and stop over-thinking, you open a pure channel directly from you to Source, and you allow all that is of love and truth and harmony and peace to flow into your very BEing. But when you over-think a situation and become analytical, this often leads to criticism or judgment, and this puts up an energetic block between you and Source where you can't see the truth. Your mind runs away with a story and you start believing that story. Beliefs do not serve you. Being Love is the best possible reality, so you do not have to hold to any belief systems. Go into your heart and find your truth there, and then you create your reality there, whatever it is that you want that is aligned to love.

So do you see how over-thinking stops you from creation and from BEing Love? Next time you are tempted to over-think or analyze or make assumptions, judgments or hold criticism, stop yourself and withdraw from that energy and shift into an energetic space of neutrality. We are not suggesting that you don't use your mind at all. In the dimension that you are in, you must still use your mind for day-to-day processes, such as taking care of your physical body, driving to and from work, feeding your pet, and so on.

What we are shining a light on is the powerful energy that you hold to be in your heart at all times, no matter the circumstance, no matter who says what to you, or who does what to you. If you stop analyzing and over-thinking, then you shift from lack to abundance. You shift from fear to Love. It is our desire that this message helps you shift into Love and stay there in that beautiful frequency, whenever the temptation comes up to do otherwise.

And now we would like to say how excited we are to see more and more of you come into your own personal empowerment. You have dropped the cloak of fear and embraced the new garment of sovereignty. You can walk through the fire and not be burned. You can be as Daniel in the den of lions and not be harmed. And you have done this, all of you, by holding a higher frequency so that the dark cannot touch you and you draw the very dark out of the shadows with your Light, simply BEing who you are. The time of war is over, the time of fighting is over. All you have to BE is simply to stand in your I AM presence and the world shifts. So remember this, Dear Ones, as you go about your day to day lives. Fear nothing, be wise and live LOVE incarnate.

Create all that you want to create, be all that you want to be, and know that you have the power to make all that you desire to create in this life completely effortlessly.

We stand with you now, as do many other BEings of Light, and we say to those who are newly awakened: know that you are not alone, and that there are many, many others around you who share the same Light in their souls. For you have all agreed to come here together for this time. So if you do not know of any others souls who are like you, then simply ask to find those who you would resonate with and share conversations with and share your journeys with. There are so many of you that it is easy to connect with each other. So put that frequency out there and trust that it will happen and call your own to you NOW.

And for those of you who have been awakened a bit longer, know that you have done amazing work. And there are some of you who are still struggling with duality, and some of you who still find it hard to release entirely from the old paradigms and simply BE and remember. And that is okay. You are held in Love. But when you are stuck going deep inside, so deep that you can hardly get out, then remember to allow yourself to float up into a lighter dimension simply by BEing as a child and trusting and knowing that you are cared for and loved, for indeed you are.

Now if you want to create a certain reality, know that you have to do the work to get there. This 5D reality that many of you long for simply does not happen magically on its own. YOU are the magic. You create the magic, and you create it to be so. For if you want something, you have to do the work for it. Now while all of this magic is set in place, this does not mean you have to earn a place, for your place is already there. What we are saying is that you have to move forward, make decisions, whether they be difficult or easy, and consciously connect to Source at all times, be faithful with your daily meditative practices, make conscious decisions that are always based in love and compassion towards your fellow BEings.

That is what we are here to share right now: that your place in the higher dimensions has always been, but it is up to you to do the Ascension work without relying on others and being dependent on others. It is up to you to open up your own channel. It is up to you to call in your own tribe. It is up to you to create all you want to create. So stop resting on your laurels. Open yourself up to Source. Ask the questions you need to ask, and make conscious decisions, and trust that all is well, even though you may not feel that it is so.

We hope that this message today has empowered you and encouraged you to know that you are all Creators, you are loving Divine BEings of Light from all corners of the Galaxy and beyond. You are all that. You are I AM, and you are LOVE.

We thank you for being with us here today, and we also hold you in Love. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

August 29, 2018


I sit with Creator and I see that All is Well.

I see those who are drawn to the Light and who are creating with that Light. And I see those of the Light who are transmuting the darkness.

I see that there is no right or wrong, and I see All That Is.

I see those who have removed aligned to their truth, neutral and balanced, holding love and compassion for those would who wish to fight against them.

I see those who would wish to fight and they are only fighting themselves, and I would long for all to be aligned to Love NOW.

And I say to those who are fighting a war inside of themselves, creating a war outside of themselves: NOW is the time to cease. I say: NOW is the time for all to be illuminated by the highest truth and the greatest good of all.

I speak truth into every aspect, timeline and reality, illumined by the power of Source.

I speak truth so that every bit of darkness be revealed now, once and for all, and that all shall come to the Light.

I hold love and compassion for all, both who are in Light and in darkness.

And I say now, the Truth once again shall prevail, and that those who would wish to fight against the Truth and against those who hold it deep within will now be stopped; that their very voices be mute, that they can only speak words of truth and love.

I see energies and words being reversed and transmuted back into Love, and that the slander, deceit and confusion has ceased now.

I say to the Children of Light: walk in your power, hold your truth, speak the Love and have boundaries which are aligned to Love, which will empower you to come into All that you are and All That Is.

H'namah e'shi nini kho'moiyi eh kah'li kah'li. Ah'lach e'lah shi'nek kah'mi naeni k'ni wiish dah kahlech eh'dii koowhi yeh. Ah'kah'mi nae kah'mi nae ach'ah shi ni manae k'laich mah'nooshi'n naek'hani. Wha'kah mani'nish ahnai oohkha'ni kha'ni ooh kha'mamii kah'noieh. Ohmah k'nesh ahnhi kha nahka'moh shi'naih lach ah'li lech wo'biae wohmish'ah ni niih. Aih'khamomiih kahni'nesh ahnanech'ioowiyae. Wahk'hi nae kooh'mii ahmahk'hneshi'niae Kho'moiyaeh.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Truth.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Light.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Oneness of All That Is.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the Unity, the Peace, the Compassion and Harmony that all are created to BE.

I NOW DECLARE: That All are to be Creators, simply creating that which is of Love.

I NOW DECLARE: That all that is not aligned to Love fall away.

I NOW DECLARE: That new creations are beginning, new expansions, new growth, new timelines, new realities are created in the Here and Now.

I NOW DECLARE: That Love is the New Reality and that all is well.

I NOW DECLARE: That the Truth is Love and that the Truth is Light, and that the Truth shall reign over all.


It is Done.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

August 26, 2018


We are here today with a message for the Collective as the Sirian Brotherhood of Light. This is the first time we have connected with this channel, and we are so pleased to be here with you today transmitting this message.

We are here to say now that we are ready to merge with you and create with you once again. For we see that the vibrations of the planet and you, as a human collective, have been raised high enough for this to happen. And we have long awaited this moment. And we are here in great joy to be with you again.

We, the Brotherhood of Light, have worked behind the scenes for quite some time, waiting, planning and watching to see what we can do to assist you. And now that the time has come, we are here and we are ready to connect with you.

The first thing we would like to help you remember is how to work with the codes of the Sun. Not only our own Sun, but also your Sun and the Great Central Sun. You can consciously connect to these Sun energies and receive codes and activations through one or all of these Suns. For this is how we power up our systems, shall we say, using the Sun's energies. And this is how we communicate and teleport and travel through these very energies. And so we would love to assist you in helping you remember how to do this.

You can start by facing your own Sun and opening up your hearts to receive the codes and activations that come through that beautiful Being. You may not see it, feel it or understand it, but allow it to be. And as you stand there, allow your heart center to expand and swell and your auric field to expand and swell, and your Higher Mind to receive the information that is coming through. Consciously do this as many times as it comes into your awareness, and you will notice a change, not only in your energy level physically, but also your etheric energy level will increase as well.

Now if you would like to communicate with us, you can do so with a mere thought coming from your heart, but you can also consciously connect to the Sun, to us, triangulating this beautiful circuit of energy.

We are here to assist you with these new types of technologies, but we can also simply help you expand and open your heart centers because we are here in love. If you send us a message wanting to open your heart with this expansion, we will hear you, and we will from our end work with you on this. And again if you do not see or hear or feel anything, know that it is happening. But if you do connect with one of your sentient gifts or spiritual gifts, then notice what you see, hear or feel. And then next time you connect with us, consciously connect to that sight, hearing or feeling.

We have been in the Earth's atmosphere in our ships for quite some time. But we will come closer if that is what you desire, and as the vibration of the Planet rises, you will begin to see us with your physical eyes. And as we come closer, there may be some fear that comes up in actually seeing what you call a spaceship. However, if you encounter a block of fear, we will work with you on that. We will never push our agenda or our presence on you. So know that you will see us and hear us and feel us when you are ready.

Once again we would like to say we are so excited to be connected with you, and to create with you once again. And we are here in love and service to Creator, as you are.

And know that All is Well, and you have done an outstanding job in awakening, remembering and being  all who you are and who you came here to be, each and every one of you.

We stand ready with you now to create in Love, and we will be back with another message. That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

August 18, 2018


"Energy Awareness and Energy Creation"

Greetings! We are the Arcturians. We are a specific group called the Arcturian Collective of Light, and we are here today with a transmission that will both activate and energize you.

We see many of you being very curious about the activations, the upgrades, the downloads, the 12 DNA strand that is coming back online, and other more scientific details of this Ascension process. Now while the content of our message will not be specific answers to some of your questions, it will, however, bring you codes and activations into your beings as you listen to or read this message.

And we would also like to say that many of you read different messages from us through other channels. Know that each channel that you trust, that is aligned to love, can bring forth those codes and activations through the words, the meaning of the words, the energy of the words, and even the combination of words that are given.

There are constant upgrades and activations, and waves and shifts going on. And we want you to know that if you aren't ready for the specific waves at any moment, know that you will have an opportunity when the wave comes around again, to integrate that wave into your being. So never worry or fret that you may have missed out, or that you didn't receive a certain upgrade or code that everyone else is talking about. And never worry or fret that if you are not feeling what others are talking about in that moment, then that is your experience. But that does not mean that there is any lack. That does not mean that it is not actually happening. What it means is, that as long as you are open to receiving and if you are opening your heart to love and to the very BEing of life, know that it will settle in when your physical body is ready, and when your soul is ready. And that is why you hear the phrase, "Ride the wave." Just ride the wave, and be and trust and allow all things to fall in Divine Order in your life, and through every single aspect that you carry, across every timeline.

We see that the recent energies have again been very intense for many of you. In fact, some of you felt lost, you even felt like giving up and were wondering what was happening. You questioned yourself, and couldn't understand why it seemed that you were going backwards instead of forwards. But many of you agreed to be the Transmuters and the Carriers of the Codes, and when the Collective needs an extra boost, you agree to go back into a 3D density and experience that for a bit to not only aid the Collective in awakening, but to also give your own souls a chance to have another opportunity to respond the exact same circumstance or person, and to remember who you are, and to have a different by your choice. And many of you will say, "Aha! So that is what has happened." And you will understand now that this was a choice your soul made to experience once again the opportunity to chose love.

Now these cycles may happen to you until you understand and have a moment of clarity that why these cycles happen are simply your soul's expansion. You all are transmuters, you all can transform into pure love the very world in which you live, and the very reality that is around you.

But it is quite often a cycle of life, death and rebirth, so accept that, and know that this is the plan, and that there is nothing "wrong" with you, or there is not anything you could have done better. It just simply is.

In those moments where you feel the lower densities, and the pain and the heartache, and the doubt and the fear, remember to take a step back and observe as Creator of your reality and watch it play out as though it were a screen upon which you can watch a movie. State your intention of the reality you wish to create, watch it play out, remain neutral and balanced, and bring yourself back into the vibration of love, however you must - whether it be watching a movie that makes you feel good, or taking a walk, or being around someone whose energy is easy, and who naturally raises your vibration higher. Even your pets are stepping forward at this time to help you raise your vibration.

Now while many of you reading or listening to this transmission may not understand what vibration is, we would like to say that vibration is simply energy. Everything has been created with energy. The chair upon which you sit, the apple that you would want to eat, the circumstance in your life which bothers you or the friend who helps you feel pure love - all is energy. Matter is energy, love is energy. It is all energy. And that is why you keep hearing about Creatorship and your God Selves. And because YOU are made of energy, you have the power to shift anything that would be of a lower density or negative into something positive. You can even shift the level of pain that is in your body with your intention. You can even shift the ageing process, which you have been told is inevitable, or that you are going to die anyway - you can shift this in your reality and you can change it into something of a high vibration, one that is aligned to your soul's journey here.

Some of you have agreed to take on harder missions such as physical illness or disease, or certain impediments or handicaps, and that is your soul's agreement, to not change that but to live that life. But others have experienced illness and feel that they are destined to the fate of that illness, when in actuality, their soul's agreement is not such that they have to live in that state of illness forever.

So how would you know the difference between the two: whether your soul agreed to carry an illness or a disease in this lifetime to learn a particular lesson, or if your soul agreed to have an illness temporarily but then to shift that illness into physical healing? The answer to that question is going within, and asking questions and seeking the truth and asking for help from those who can see with you, or feel with you or hear with you. It is ok to ask for assistance in your discovery of your soul's agreement, but know that once the blocks are removed, YOU have the power to go within and answer your own questions.

Everything is energy and all is One and all are connected. So be responsible and make sure that your connection to the world is one that brings a high vibrational energy to those around you, to the environment around you, whether it be the people you work with or the tree that you walk by every day. Bring everyone love and compassion, and if you can't yet do that, remain in a neutral state towards all.

Letting go of those lower vibrational energies, such as resentment, fear, anger, or doubt, will bring you more freedom than you can ever imagine. And the more you let go, and create space for love, the more that love will come in, and magic and miracles will happen.

We leave you know with that energy, and with a blessing, and with the reassurance that we are real, and we are here to assist you at any time, and that the very blessing of Creator is upon you and within you.

That is all.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

August 7, 2018


Dear Ones,

Do you ever feel as though you are not experiencing the Ascension energies as others are, or are you wondering why your reality still may have areas that are difficult for you to navigate through?

I AM here standing beside you to reassure you that whatever it is that your experience, your reality in this moment is an experience that you have created as an opportunity for your own soul's growth.

If you are facing parts or all of your shadow side, this is a good thing. One must know all aspects of oneself to deeply and truly know who you are. Do not be afraid if parts of you that you would like to avoid are coming to the surface to be brought into your own Light. It is important to acknowledge these parts with honesty, for they are being revealed for a purpose: they are divinely orchestrated by YOU to transmute, cleanse and transform your essence, your soul, of that which would keep you from your power.

Even those circumstances or experiences that leave you in tears or in doubt are ones to be acknowledged and transformed.

There is absolutely no judgement from your God-Self when you experience something that feels negative or overwhelming. It is only your ego that would tell you that any negative experience is an indication that you must have done something wrong.

There is no sin. There is no judgement. There is no shame. You are Source. And Source knows none of these things. Source knows love.

Some of you may feel uncomfortable with these statements or feel that it is heresy. Allow that to come forth and then feel and know that Source is love and that all experiences, whether our minds deem them negative or positive, are simply opportunities to know yourself more fully and to remember WHO you are.

When you acknowledge who you are, then you can truly embody your power as Source Energy.

Think of a memory when you were a small child that brought you joy and freedom. And if you have no such memories in your hologram, then visualize how you would feel as a child that was experiencing that pure bubble of laughter welling up within you, unstoppable and authentic. You can embody this simplicity in any moment. This automatically shifts your energy into pure Source Energy.

Source has no duality, no separation. Source is here to experience ALL THINGS.

Therefore, you are not "missing the boat." You are not being left behind.

You are All That Is. You are Infinite masters as creators of love, of magic, of abundance, and of joy.

When you allow someone near to you to beat you down, to lower your vibration to the point where doubt or resentment or fear can come in, then you have created that for an experience and an opportunity for you to REMEMBER who you are. You can kick out anything in your space that would bring you down and that would cause you to think that you are limited. You can stand in your power, your I AM presence at ANY time, no matter how bleak you may think your experience is.

You are never limited. You are Infinite. Practice shifting limited behaviors and thoughts into unlimited behaviors and thoughts. Before you know it, it will become automatic mastery of always remembering your Source Self and being the embodiment of that in both the blissful moments and the challenging moments.  

If you want to experience life to the fullest, live as though it has already happened. You can do this even though everything around you may seem dark and gloomy. Although this shift can happen instantaneously, it may take a bit for your lower mind to be silent about this, so do not give up if you don't feel like anything has shifted. Tell your mind to be silent and then open up your heart-centered higher mind to connect to that frequency.

Now there is much going on in the energies of this moment, with powerful alignments and gateways and new activations. Purposefully and intentionally bring the highest frequencies and vibrations into your reality. Say what you need to say. Say what you want to say. Be that which you want to be. Open yourselves up fully to Pure Source Energy NOW and then instantaneously create your new reality now. And then it is done.

Trust, believe, receive. You deserve all that is good and all that brings you prosperity, love and joy. Believing this will remove old programs of separation that would have you believe that the illusion of lack, separation, injustice or fear are real.

As I have stood beside you for eons, I love to tell you now that you are doing wonderfully in remembering who you are. The feeling may come last, but know and have faith that a lack of feeling or verification does not change the Truth of What Is. For there is no lack. There are only infinite possibilities of Source.

I am here with you always, standing beside you, helping you remember you are loved, supported and protected.

Step in to your Power and Prowess NOW, Dear Ones.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

August 4, 2018


Greetings, Friends! We are the Galactic Collective of Arcturians, Andromedans and Pleiadians. We are here today with a message created in love for all of you.

As we are drawn ever closer to you by your own vibrations and energies, we are here today to confirm that we are beside you. We have seen many of you shift and release the old paradigms and thought forms and realities in which you were living. We are so excited to see so many of you shift into a state of neutrality and balance, preparing you for new freedoms, new joys, new lives and new realities which you have created.

We see how many of you have effectively and permanently released all of that which no longer serves you, yet many of you feel you are waiting, that you have pressed the pause button, that you are holding your breath for what is to come. While there is a new destiny, so to speak, that awaits you, we are here to remind you again to be in the moment. For every moment that you are in your state of BEingness, and allowing all to be as it is, no matter what your perception of your circumstances or realities are, to simply allow yourself to be in that moment and create what it is that you want. We know that this is still a concept that seems foreign and one that you have to consciously connect to. But we are here to say that this is how it works.

Many new constructs and anchors of Light, new energetic structures have been set in place by you. Many of you are living in that energetic state of being already, while some of you are just about to be catapulted into it. The energies of the gateway of the recent lunar and solar activities, and the powerful portal of the Lion's Gate in which you are in are all aiding and assisting you in bringing into focus the NEW Heaven you have created. Now as we see all this from a different perspective as we are "outside" of that, shall we say, we are so excited to be connected with you once again and to see you all connecting to Source, to Creator, and to your God-Selves, which you have rediscovered within you.

And we also see the merge of your consciousness into Oneness. And let us say that it is a beautiful thing.

Many of the old timelines are disappearing, and so we would encourage you that anything that does not bring you love and joy and harmony and oneness, to once and for all to let that go. Whether that means ending relationships or changing locations or shifting your daily practice, the moment is NOW for you to step into you. The old things which used to take "time" no longer take any time at all for everything is instantaneously created by you that is in the highest alignment. And if you should find yourself creating a circumstance instantaneously that does not serve your soul's growth, then you can shift out of that just as quickly into one that is aligned to love and to what it is that your soul and your heart really truly desires.

No longer are you a lonely people on a lonely planet, which had seemed to be forgotten, although it never was. But no longer are you alone, separate. You never have been alone or separate - it was just an illusion. We are here to confirm today that this illusion has been shattered, and that the energies are wide open to reconnect with your galactic star roots and most of all, to the remembrance of the Truth that all is One Consciously and that everything can be created simultaneously together with all who are created by Source.

So in the next few days, consciously and powerfully connect to that Universal Energy of Pure Source Love and Creation and Oneness. And you will find that thoughts float through your heart that are illuminating and invigorating and empowering. And when that happens, you know you have tapped into that collective consciousness of Oneness. You may find that you are more creatively thinking and doing and being with normal things that are in your daily life. And know that when that happens, that you have tapped into that collective consciousness of Love and All That Is.

Consciously do this every day and in every moment, and simply observe whatever else is around you. Sometimes humor helps you release that and detach from that which would be called negative. And if you can't feel or see or hear that collective Oneness, then consciously place yourself in a state of neutrality and balance and observation. And simply observe what is around you, and then practice shifting that neutrality into one of BEing the neutrality, and then shift again into one of BEing the creator of everything good.

Before you know it, you will become masters of this. Being a master means being in that constant state of Love. And this constant state of Love is accessible to every single soul that has ever been created.

And now we would like to shift this message into more of a report. There are many, many galactic friends around you now, and many of you are beginning to see them much more clearly with your physical eye. And know that we are here, strategically placed near you, across the energetic field of Gaia. And there will be more and more sightings. And if this is something that you desire, then you can create this experience, too. And the day will come where this will be a normal occurrence for us to come and go and for you to come and go, and for us to be galactic neighbors who share and create together.

There are many of us who are already here and have been here for quite some time, walking among you, quietly supporting you. But know that certain parts of the planet are more "cleared" for us to be seen there than others. So if you are in a place that still holds some density, you can bring the vibration of that place up by you simply just being there and holding yourself in the highest vibrational state of love, transmuting all of that density into newness. This has largely been done all across the globe, and in the next few days after you have come through this gateway, there will be much more evidence that you are not alone.

You do not have to rely on anyone else to see or hear or report for you. You can do this because you all hold the power within, the Sovereignty and the keys to the Oneness. So we would encourage you, as we leave you now, to reconnect with that part of you and to flex that muscle and to be patient.

We leave you now with our love. That is all.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

July 27, 2018




Beloved children of Creation,

I hold you in love.

We are here together in this moment, in this NOW, in complete oneness, stillness, and unity.

Do not forget that every moment YOU are the creator. You never have to be stuck or left behind. You never have to be alone. Remember each experience you are in now: you have created that. You can shift things in an instant. You can change things in an instant by merely choosing to do so.

Take this moment with me. Take yourself to a sacred place where you go in your heart to meditate, or even the place you go before you go to sleep. Take yourself to that place now and find yourself there with me, and know that nothing else matters.

I am with you always, and you can come here with me at any time, for stillness, for guidance, and for a break from whatever it is that you are doing. This sacred space is only for you and me. You will find no one else here. And you will find that as you come to this place, you will merge even more with your Oversoul, your God Self, because All is One, and One is All.

You can come here to create, to re-create, to shift, to dance, to sing, to sit in silence, to reflect, or to just BE.

And know that today, with all its powerful energies, gateways, personal portals opening wider, shifts and waves - know that the only thing that matters is that you open yourself up to the Pure Source Energy, and align yourself to that, and allow all else to be as is in this moment.

I love you.

~Prime Source Creator~

Channeled by Kalia Diya

July 20, 2018


Greetings! I am Armondo of the Andromedans. I am here today with a message of hope for you.

You are held in love, and we are here to assist you on your journey of remembering who you are. We have been here for a while, as have many others, and we have seen and assisted you as much as you have needed and asked for. And we see that many of you are ready to take the next great, big leap. Let us talk about that for a moment.

As we look upon you with love every day, we see everything that you are working through and that comes at you. And we see the reality of your life on this beautiful planet. And we want you to know that we honor your every single intention, and every single thought, and every single deed that you do to ascend into greater love.

We see that many of you are being distracted by what is around you, or what you might think is around you in your reality. But remember, that you are the creators of your own reality, and you have created that circumstance for your own experience. So if you need something to shift, then shift your vibration by shifting your feelings about whatever it is that may be upsetting you. Shift that into the energy that it has already happened. For example, if you wish to have a better job, live as though it has already happened. If you wish to no longer be weighed down by things, then get rid of things (and yes, we are referring to physical objects that no longer serve you). And if you wish to be happier, then shift yourself into the intention of doing things that make you happy, and live as though it has already occurred. For as you know now, time does not exist and you can shift in an instant. You can change in an instant, and your eyes can be opened in an instant.

We honor all of you who are working through all the old paradigms and programs, while being tempted to look here or there for the next great wonder. We encourage you to look within and see your own universe inside you, and that you are the creator of that. Look within and see what it is you would like to create.

Now we know you have heard this message before: that you are the creators of your own reality and that you can shift your reality and change things. So this may not seem like a fresh message, but we are here to tell you that the truth always remains.

So today give yourself a fresh start. Stop looking at the things you wish you would've done or should've done or could've done. And look at who you are. Take a deep, clear look at who you really are. Many of you are asking: "What is my mission here?" If you take a deep, clear look at who you really are, you will answer that question yourself, and you will begin remembering and knowing who you are and why you are here.

In the next two weeks, as you go through more and more waves of energy, and shifts, and upgrades (and we see that it has been intense), hold fast and know that you are okay. Know that Creator hasn't left, and that Creator always holds you in love. Reconnect your connection, your portal, to Creator. When everything else feels overwhelming, simply stop and visualize a connection from you, your heart center, straight to Creator. And then allow that love to come down that portal, straight into your heart, and let everything else just fade away.

It is that simple. We hope that you can feel this truth in your hearts, and allow it to reflect in the world around you, in your circumstances, your homes, your relationships, your jobs, and your own ascension dreams and journeys.

We stand here with you as always, and we hold you in love and honor, and know that you are never alone.


~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

July 16, 2018


Dear Children of Creation:

We stand here with you now in the presence of Source, as Pillars of Creation, holding you in unconditional love and absolute purity, in a safe space to share this message with you.

We have been since the beginning of time. We have seen all, and remember all, and it is infinite. As we stand with you today, we would like to take you to that still, quiet place of complete and utter stillness, standing in the presence of Source, in absolute love, no lack of anything.

We would like you to feel this deep in your very being in this moment. Know that you can come here at any time, and know that it is not an escape; it is a gift for you. Here you can come to just simply be in the presence of Love. Here you can come to receive Ancient Knowledge. Here you can come to find more of your own empowerment, and to find more of you, integrating all parts into a whole Unified Self.

We would like to offer these words to you in love. Whenever you find yourself being distracted by outside events, or by prophecies, or sitings or wonders, and whenever you find yourself needing to know the details of what just happened or what may happen or how it might happen, and whenever you find yourself following the trail of a scent that delights you, please come back to this space, and know that as we stand here with you in love, that this is the only place that you ever need to be.

Curiosity is wonderful. Learning and discovery is wonderful. Creating is wonderful. This is all who you are meant to be. But bring yourself back to this place whenever you find yourself distracted by outside things, and know that your own journey within, your own personal empowerment, your own connection to Source is absolutely the most beautiful gift that you have.

Do not take it for granted. Do not misuse it. Own it and embrace it and BE it.

We love you and We bless you.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

Tuesday, July 10, 2018


I stand before Creator and I see across all dimensions, realities and timelines. I see the possibilities, and they are infinite.

I see the timeline that the Children of Light have chosen, and it is beautiful.

I see the Children of Creator standing in their power, in their prowess and in their Sovereignty and it makes my heart sing.

I see more and more of these Children coming to the Light, and remembering who they are and calling in all of their Ancient knowledge and their Ancient gifts.

I see the new being born, and the old slipping away.

I see the creations of these Children and they are aligned to Love and to All That Is.

I see them walking about with light in their hearts, a crown upon their head, and their very essence magnifying out into the Universe.

I see all this and it fills me with great joy, hope and promise, for I know that the love of Creator and All That Is is infinite and vast and cannot be weighed, measured or timed.

I see those that need healing being brought to those who can heal, who can help them remember their own inner healer.

I see those who are so broken that they have no hope, and that brings me sorrow. But I see their possibilities and they are infinite as all are.

Ahlak'sheemanah kehnee'nahk ki'noyah.Shi'yihi yu mahkiyah. L'ahkhama shenah kah'laak keneeshi n'iyah l'hieh esh k'monah. Ohk'li shenani, rehk hi'sha hoie mah'kali i'hii k'ha m'kahmek sha'noi. H'i khaloi e'kakamah sh'i neh koh'moh kanah sheekah. Ahlak'sheemanah. L'esh shi'nanae k'ah minae kho'leh k'shaniayh k'hoi yiyah sh'mi keech'enae. Ahlak'sheemanah, k'i'ninah k'hloik'ah sheenamah k'hanana kho'oli shi'liyi k'miiyi kah'niyae. Oh'mah shi'ninah k'mahna k'hno. Oh'mah shi'ninah k'mahna k'hno. Oh'mah shi'ninah k'mahna k'hno.

I NOW DECLARE: The Sovereignty of the People has begun.

I NOW DECLARE: That those Children of Light have stepped into their prowess.

I NOW DECLARE: That they shall see all, hear all, know all and remember all.

I NOW DECLARE: That timelines merge into One Primary Timeline of the highest and best for all.

I NOW DECLARE: That those in leadership be brought to task and be called forth among Councils for responsibility and restoration.

I NOW DECLARE: That the New Earth continue to be created by those who are of Love, and by those who are trustworthy, and by those who are aligned with Creator.

I NOW DECLARE: That it is time for the new children to be brought forth to anchor in the high frequencies of this Planet and Her people.

I NOW DECLARE: Great healing across lands, for all peoples, across all timelines and realities, that the old be forgotten and that the New be embraced.

I NOW DECLARE: That new ancient gifts and abilities be remembered and be created with every single moment.

I NOW DECLARE: That all those who are still yet shackled be freed and brought into the Light and given a choice.

I NOW DECLARE: Sovereignty for the Earth and Her peoples. Across all timelines, realities and dimensions, let this be heard. Let it be known. And let it be so.


I see new frequencies of the highest vibration being anchored into the very center of Gaia.

I see new frequencies, codes and activations being brought forth within and from above.

I see Now the love of Creator is so vast it cannot be contained and it shall be magnified throughout the Omniverse and once again peace shall reign, love shall reign and hope shall reign for every single soul who chooses so.

I see now that laughter and play and music have been brought back and have been integrated into a new reality

I see now that old densities are continuing to fall away and those who choose the higher will be fully free to be their Sovereign selves.

I see now how all is unified under Love and all is beautiful.

I see now this Planet herself rising to become a haven, a paradise, a place for all to see and observe how such a change can occur, and has occurred and how such a change IS.

I see that IT IS DONE and IT IS SO.

And I NOW DECLARE: Love for all regardless of race, creed or intention of life. That all those who have the spark of the Divine be given a choice and all those who do not have that spark be obliterated forever.

I see LOVE and Love is All, and Love is ONE.


It is done.



~Channeled by Kalia Diya~

July 8, 2018


Greetings! We are the Andromedans, and we are pleased to be here with you today.

We see that many of you are wide open to the intense energies flowing in to your awareness in this moment. These energies may feel somewhat counterintuitive as they are helping you release duality. So while you may be feeling down and dense and out of it, you are actually receiving upgrades faster than you might think.

And so we are here to remind you to open yourself up to Divine Order and to the highest upgrades in every moment. Choose that quiet, still place of love or neutrality if that is what you need. Remain in balance in every area. Do not allow yourself to get knocked off balance or off center for too long. If that happens, bring yourself back to that still, quiet place of truth and Oneness with All That Is.

These new energies that are coming in are similar to those that have come in in the past, yet they are of a higher grade, you might say, with even more intense frequencies, and are associated with many colors. Whatever color you may be seeing right now, whether it be of gold or soft pink, platinum or pure white, even silver, visualize all those colors going straight into your heart center and your very being becoming those colors. Then expand those colors out beyond your physical body into your auric field, and out even further into your entire home, and then out yet again into your neighborhood, your city, your country, and your beautiful planet and beyond.

Now while each of these energetic upgrades and frequencies are uniquely integrating with you, they all serve the same purpose, which is a higher awareness, expansion of your light bodies and a pure consciousness.

If you are lying on your bed right now, feeling sick or fluey, know that this is what is happening. Just rest and trust, and don't let your mind become involved, but rather let your heart open and integrate.

These frequencies are expanding your DNA and changing the codes written within, bringing in new codes. This really translates into: the things that you used to struggle with no longer be a struggle. Things will become lighter and faster and easier. You will see more, hear more and feel more. Your intuitive gifts are coming back online fully. And this is a very exciting thing!

And while each of you may experience your gifts differently, they are all part of your creatorship. You are all creating them. You have created them in the past. You are just becoming more aware of them now. And you are going to be using them for your own personal empowerment and sovereignty and for the good of all. So this is a very exciting time!

What wonderful gifts you have created. What wonderful things are you creating. What a beautiful world you live in.

And now we would like to speak of the new children coming, for there are many. There are many who have already come and many who have been here for a while, but there is a whole wave of new souls ready to integrate into physical bodies and bring forth such a high, pure consciousness that their very essence, their very being, their very presence on this planet will raise the vibration so high.

We would like to remind you to prepare for these children. Those of you who are teachers, create new ways of teaching so that these children will have platforms to become the teachers themselves. Anyone who is called, who feels these children in their heart, open your hearts up and prepare for them, and prepare the New Earth for them, for they are ready and they will come in with such speed and such light and such integrity and such intelligence and such amazing gifts!

Be prepared to sit in circles with them and have them teach you the ways, the ancient knowledge, that has returned once again to this planet and to her people. And know that these children are pure love. Some of them are new souls integrating here for the first time, and a few are old souls. But know that the world is ready for them, so embrace them with open arms and be ready for them to shake, rattle and roll. Be ready for them to break down the old paradigms and to start building the new. For that is what they are here to do. So the best way that you can prepare for them is to keep doing what you are doing: raise your own vibration, open your hearts to love, and live in love, so that when they come, the energies will be lighter and freer for them to spread their own light and creatorship.

Once again, we remind you every day when you wake up to call in your own Divine Order, your own Sovereignty, your own frequencies, and then create a system throughout the day where you can check in with yourself to make sure you are still balanced and aligned. For we know that many of you are going through great shifts and changes, a lot which involves what you would call "3D circumstances." And that is okay. That does not mean you are not ascending. It just means that you are living the life that you have created now, and taking care of the details. But be sure to create the moments where you can sit in silence and enjoy the breeze upon your face, or the song of the bird next to you, or the company of the people whom you are with.

And in every moment, choose love. And know that we and others are here with you always to help you integrate and upgrade and to ascend. For you are doing this on your own, but we are here standing on the sidelines, applauding you with great love and blessings.


And we leave you now with that, and we love you.

~Channeled by Kalia Diya~