Intuitive Session & Long-DistanceHealing Reviews

Yvonne from Australia...


"I had such a beautiful healing session with Kalia. The distance healing felt like Kalia was there with me. The energy started moving almost immediately when our session started and I could feel much clearing from my body and energy field particularly since I had been having some release symptoms prior to that.


Kalia is warm, sensitive and kind and connected with the areas that needed work in my body and energy field. I feel light, healthy and a have a clear sense of clarity.


Thank you Kalia, my session has been powerful! You're a gift to this world! Ahh, feels so good!"

Jan from USA...


"Kalia was wonderful to spend time with. I was so encouraged and uplifted through her loving skillful work. Looking forward to another session coming up."

Sufi from USA...


"I recently had a session with the lovely Kalia. What an amazing experience. I encourage you to seek Kalia for help- you won't be disappointed. I learned so much about myself and really was given accurate information - I resonated very well with what I was hearing!! I appreciate Kalia so much for her warmth and innerstanding and of course her connection with Source is very strong. Thank Kalia - much love♥️"

Steve from USA...



Thank you for recently meeting online with me. I was guided to seek your assistance from my higher self I am sure. You have a beautiful heart and great power. I am glad that you are on the Light side Lol.

I came to you with three questions and you answered the first one before I had asked it. My higher self was way ahead of me providing the answer. And during the session, you answered the other three in full.

To anyone who is reading this, if you think that Kalia can assist you, then then go for it. Not everyone is a fit for everyone, and there are many practitioners out there now, but in my case, she was the only one who could help me to continue on my ascension and help me clear some deep stuff…..things that I was terrified to face.

Thank you Kalia. Peace.



Jesse from Australia...


"Where to start, Kalia is such a beautiful soul with a nurturing and loving energy. This was felt immediately during the healing session as it felt like I was suddenly submerged in a bath of love, a very warm and blissful feeling coming over my body and all the physical aches and pains. I felt so free, flexible and relaxed and at peace throughout it, and safe and secure like I was being cradled in the arms of a loving mother. All my physical aches and pains flowing out of my body, immediately gone after the session, replaced with this feeling of freeness, flexibility and warmth, everything was flowing and moving as it should, not only in my physical body but my mental/emotional too, leaving me feeling like myself again aligned with my emotions. Before the session there was also a stone like feeling in my throat, Kalia with her ability to connect strongly with others and bring out their inner healer was able transform the blockage in my throat by bringing it to my heart center where it could be transmuted into energy of light, assisting my body take care of itself. This stone feeling was shrinking through the day and totally gone by the same time the next day.
It was such a magical loving and purifying expereince, that I was able to re live after Kalia told me about what had occurred and how the healing carried out. To know and hear about your guides and the ones that love you stepping forwards to assist/participate or watch the magical healing that Kalia was doing was just beautiful, swamped with love and the feeling of being supported and cared for. Definitly recommend a session with her, she is so very loving pure and caring and has an amazing magical skill set, wisdom and abilities. This was healing and perfect in so so many ways and I am so so grateful."

Laura from USA...


"Oh my goodness I can not recommend Kalia enough. As soon as I set my appt. with her the life changing wonderful work began!!"

Meg from Australia...


"I was very excited about my healing with Kalia, but it turned out even better than I expected. I came to kalia because I felt a constriction in my throat as in birth I had the umbilical cord around my neck. The instructions were very clear, I meditated for 30 minutes and felt buzzing and tapping in different parts of my body throughout the healing, ending with pure bliss that had me feeling like I was floating. Then in that pure joy I received a voice recording from Kalia explaining what had happened, what spirits and beings had come along to help, and how/what energy blocks in my system had been recharged and reset. It was so so beautiful and I cried of joy hearing the love that had surrounded me, and the gifts/messages I was given from Mother Mary, Archangel Uriel, my teams, my kids to name a few. It has been a month and my umbilical cord is not energetically wrapped around my neck anymore, I can breathe freely! I can feel my chakra system has been aligned as I can speak openly to people without worrying, i have more energy and think more clearly. I can't recommend Kalia enough, she is gentle but thorough, and so very strong in her love. I felt this through my healings and still listen to the voice recording now, its nice to peak into the spirit world and feel the love they have for you! I can't wait to do another one! 💜"

Christopher from USA...


"I have had Multiple Sessions with Kalia and the Magic gets better every session. Kalia is an extremely clear Channel which provides precise and accurate advice from Spirit. Kalia has provided me wonderful guidance that has assisted me with my current life situation and Kalia does so be providing an extremely Loving space.


I cannot recommend Kalia enough if you need assistance on your Life Path or am on the fence about which direction to take.

Kalia has really helped me with my current desire to remember who I am at a Soul Level. My past lifes and information that is important for me to know in this Now. So Kalia helping connecting the dots for me has been a blessing for me.


I also want to mention that during these sessions certain blocks or areas that need to be looked at shift extremely quickly.

I look forward to continue working with Kalia in the Future!!"