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JUNE 3, 2019


I usually don't talk about myself, but it's time to #celebrate me since I'm resetting much in my life, and kicking #breastcancer to the curb.


Fun facts about me:


* I have two daughters, 24 and almost 23, and this child, who is 5 going on 19. #singlemom


* I have #dualcitizenship for the USA and #Canada. I grew up in #Oregon.


* I am the second of three daughters.


* I have never been off the continent, and this is going to change soon because it's a life long dream! I need to be #backpacking in Europe with my daughters! I love to #travel.


* I have had 4 concussions (toboggan, baseball, dirt-biking, car accident). I like to play hard and also got rear-ended once in traffic.


* I received #internationalawards for my art as a teenager. I even published my own greeting card designs at age 14.


* I have overcome #depression and #anxiety, both of which I was told I would have for life. I didn't buy that story. I'm free of both now.


* I used to play #hardcourtbikepolo. So fun!!


* I play 4 #musicalinstruments - 5 if you consider a harmonica an instrument. The piano is my favorite instrument to play.


* I used to be a #longdistancerunner including marathons. I even ran what was touted as the world's hardest half-marathon -- straight up a mountain, and then straight down. It's why I'm #tenacious.


* I am a #dreamer, and I love big . I love to #write, to #composemusic, to create anything #artsy, including #wands and #acryliconcanvas. I love #cooking, #gardening, #hiking (11,700 ft highest elevation), #biking, #hugging, #singing, #camping and #drivingfast.


* I can #sew almost anything. I used to reupholster RV cushions, alter wedding dresses, and you name it, I've sewn it. It's one of the reasons why I love to create capes.


* I am trained as a #shaman and a #reiki practitioner, but what I do is so much more comprehensive. I see 'dead people', I channel spirit messages, and speak several dialects of universal #lightlanguage. I've always seen through the veil to the other side since a wee child, so I've always been connected. You can call me weird -- I don't care. 😉 I own it and I love what I do and who I am.








@ Calgary, Alberta

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