Wand Reviews

Jesse from Australia...


"Wow! Thankyou thankyou wonderful Kalia. Just had a reading done and loved it! Was so great to have someone hold the space and be able to connect me to my guides, not only channeling the messages that were exactly what I needed but bringing through the love and emotion that came with them! Lots of new information about my aspects and heritage and very exciting news about how my wand wants to work with me. Looking forwards to getting out and working with it! Definitely recommend a reading and a wand session! Feeling empowered and good and happy in all that I am!"

Meg from Australia....


"There are no words that can encompass the journey of emotions felt and shared in my reading with Kalia. The messages of love from my higher self and guides, how your wand wants to be with you, the assurance of your reason for being here from such a humble and warm messenger is sunshine on a stormy day. If you feel called to book a session do, the love that fills your heart is eternal <3"

Brenda from USA...


"Kalia created the most wonderful wand for me! The entire process was magical. She intuitively reached out to my Spiritual team to fashion a one of a kind, beautiful tool that will help me become what I am meant to be here on Gaia. This process is a blessed gift that you shouldn’t miss."

Yvonne from Australia...


"Wow, how lovely to connect with this magical person and have a reading and wand created especially for me! This is so worth having done, the reading was spot on. Kalia brought forward messages of love, empowerment and guidance specifically for my life right now and this year. Many questions were answered and have since been validated. Thank you, Kalia!

What I found really special is connecting with how the wand is going to benefit me and work with me, and how it wants to be used. It's not about just buying another tool, it gives this tool purpose and living, breathing energy for its use with you. I've given Kalia creative freedom to create my wand and have had little input in the process. I trust her completely and now my wand is in transit, I'm so excited to receive this special gift very soon!"

Laura from Canada...


Kalia with her many talented gifts graced me with a special New Earth wand and of course resonated immediately with me.

"I just listened to your wonderful channeled message for my wand and soul. Happy blessed tears of joy."

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