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The gift of the remembrance of Light-imbued wand making

Light-imbued & encoded wands

The idea of New Earth Wands was a collaborative union with the Andromedans, masters of scientific endeavours, and the creative inspiration of Kalia Diya at the beginning of 2018.


If you are drawn to creating anything of magical Light and Love, and of creation that is for the Highest Good of All, you have found this page for a reason.

Here you can create your own masterpiece wand, specifically imbued with light-encoded energies for the purpose that calls to your Higher Heart. The science comes into play with the choice and placement of the crystals, as well as the purpose imbued.


Wands may be used for bringing Source Light into the crystalline grids of Gaia, to aid in any Lightwork or Gridwork, to transmute negative energies (by bringing balance and neutrality), to raise your own vibrations, to help connect you to your Higher Self, to aid in healing, or to create magical everything of Light and Love that your heart and your inner child desires.


Each wand can be created with your power color(s), your power crystal(s), and your power purpose. All that is required is your intuition, your mastery and the responsibility of ONLY using it for the free will and highest good of ALL.


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Wands may be purchased separately from an intuitive reading, but all wands come with a complimentary 5 -10 minute voice recording of all Spirit messages that come through in ceremony (a $66 CAD value).

We can also be reached @newearthwands@gmail.com.


Much love and happy, magical blessings!


Kalia Diya




Wand Energy Readings

Highly intuitive to Spirit, Kalia can connect to Source and the spirit of your future wand to aid you in the present moment. The Wand Energy Readings, Wand creations and Light-encoded ceremonies are very powerful and insightful and will be life-changing. All wand purchases include a 5 - 10 minute complimentary intuitive recording of the wand ceremony, and all wands we create have an initiation ceremony!


Wand Uses

The purposes of wands is a broad subject. However, as long as wand usage falls within the Universal Law of One, which decrees the highest and best good for all, then there are no limits. Wands may be used for home cleansing, opening portals, personal healing, casting sparkles, aiding young children with sleep issues,  aiding pets to stay balanced and calm, aiding your connection to your Higher Self, and creating and inventing new lightbody technology or any lightwork.


We always encourage wand handlers to be creative! Wands are not toys, but are highly charged and very powerful tools which must be used wisely and with the purest intention.


Please see our Facebook page @newearthwands, for a video on FAQs.

Wand Prices

1 crystal-embedded wand -

Including pocket wand

$66 CAD

*current promo*

$44 CAD pet wands

*shipping not included

2 crystal-embedded wand

$99 CAD

*shipping not included

3 crystal-embedded wand

$133 CAD

*shipping not included

4 crystal-embedded wand


*shipping not included

Purchase of a wand includes a complimentary 5 - 10minute voice recording of spirit messages.

Please note: each wand is very unique because no wand is the same due to the wood being sourced completely naturally as it falls from the trees.

Each wand is created with many, many hours of artistic care, and then the wand ceremony commences. PLUS: you receive an intuitive voice message complimentary with the wand.

Wand Bags

Initiate - $25 CAD*

Handler - $40 CAD*

Master - $60 CAD*

*shipping not included

Wand Gallery

Thor wand
Faerie Queen wand
Faerie Queen Wand
shaman wand
purple wand
Pink wand
Liam's dragon wand
Faerie Altar Wand
Isis Wand
Faerie Wand point
Faerie wand end
Pocket wand
Goddess Wand
Goddess Wand grounding point
Working in Ceremony
In case of magical transient emergencies, I've discovered the travel wands are the ticket
Simple Quartz Crystal Wand
Red Dragon Wand
Elven Wand
Red Dragon Wand, point position
Red Dragon Wand, grounding position
Space Commander Wand
Viking Wand
Master Wizard Wand, garnet shown
A child's wand, aptly named The Green Dragon, was created for my son. It's simplicity is perfect wit
Masculine Energy Wand
Embedded onyxcrystal, wand creation
Elven Wand, close-up
Goddess/Angel Wand
Crown Chakra Wand
Luxurious Wand Bag
Raw Wand in ceremony
Travel Wand
Tools of the Trade

All sessions must be done via Zoom to ensure the most accurate results, excluding distance healing. Please contact us for any personal queries